Our Digital
Transformation Strategy

Here are 6 digital transformation steps our team follows to help businesses get second wind:

1. Discover business needs

Our digital transformation team explores your business processes and needs. We study how digital transformation efforts can solve your pains and bring you commercial benefits.


2. Analyze a strategic vision

Our digital transformation leaders make sure that your business strategy aligns with digital transformation principles. In case some adjustments are needed, we advise you on the strategy renovation.


3. Map out the transformation plan

Applying our wide-ranging tech expertise, we develop a roadmap for digital transformation initiatives. We consider your expectations, share the plan with you, and start working after the approval.


4. Transform the processes

Our engineers start digitizing the clients’ business models. We build a user-friendly and easy-to-manage infrastructure for the convenience of your employees and customers.


5. Optimize business management

We form the digital ground for efficient and effortless resource management. Employees get access to powerful data processing solutions and analytics, while customers enjoy excellent service.


6. Build a responsive culture

Forbytes makes sure that the digital transformation journey brings you long-term benefits. We prepare your employees for scaling up and check whether your software is still up for a challenge.


How Digital Transformations Empower Businesses


Better productivity

Digital tools will help your employees reduce the volume of mundane and repetitive tasks. With digital business transformation, you may combine different collaboration tactics to produce more economic value for your business.


Effective collaboration

Digital transformation projects presume the use of solutions tailored to a particular business environment. It forms the ground for effective cooperation and interaction in the digital space.


Higher profits

Digital transformation trends involve using the new technologies to let you gain a competitive advantage across various digital channels. You will be able to run low-cost experiments within your ecosystem to find ways of increasing revenue.


Enhanced data management

Forbytes is a digital transformation company that helps businesses get a return from their effort. We build systems that drive insightful business intelligence and turn raw data into practical information.


Insightful analytics

Digital transformation services allow for extracting insights from the system. You learn more about client behavior and power higher engagement. If you understand your client well, you unlock the potential for digital business growth.


Increased efficiency

Instead of multichannel business management, you are given a central repository where all the necessary tools are integrated. The digital transformation approach helps consolidate your resources and improve efficiency.

Here’s How We Add Value


We start by analyzing your goals and only then move to action. This helps us to produce long-term business value. With our assistance, companies get user-friendly and performant digital products.

Aimed at efficiency

Our primary goal is to turn your one-time investment in digital transformation into wide business opportunities. While building a digital space, we aim at efficiency and process optimization.

Focus on the audience

The knowledge of client behavior helps us set the right focus for digital transformation. Forbytes experts make digital products that are responsive to market trends and sensitive to rising customer expectations.

Innovative technologies

We use technology power to create scalable and flexible business environments. Forbytes drives digital transformation using artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, data science, blockchain, etc.


What is digital transformation in plain language?

In the digital time, business requirements become more complex and client-oriented. Digital transformation is the use of emerging digital technology to make big changes in the business context. Technology’s function is to renovate, change, or build business models in order to meet growing market demands.

What are the basic goals of successful digital transformation?

The main goals of digital transformation projects usually include:

  • automation (reducing the daily volume of work to be done by employees);
  • cyber security (protecting data);
  • agility (encouraging the proactive business approach);
  • data analysis (generating insights based on the collected data);
  • error prevention (reducing the effects of the human factor on business outcomes).

What benefits does digital transformation bring to ecommerce?

A digital platform is an indispensable part of e-commerce growth since more and more customers start shopping online. Digitizing your business makes your product available to a wide audience. It also reduces the effort to be put to make your product more visible.

Besides, business outcomes heavily depend on customer experience. The digital transformation process aims to improve customer experience and make business-client interaction more effective. Using digital technologies, companies increase the productivity of their employees and optimize back-office operations.