Step-by-Step Collaboration:

1. Discovering your needs

We discuss the project goals, scope, budget, and deadlines. Based on the analysis, our experts present the suggested dedicated development team model and the plan for software development.

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2. Recruiting the best fit

Forbytes hires dedicated software development teams according to the agreed-upon estimates and goals. You can either entrust this to our professionals or take part in the hiring process.

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3. Assembling a team

The goals are set; the requirements are communicated. A composed dedicated software team is ready to start working on the development process. Infrastructural costs, management control, maintenance expenses, cybersecurity assurance are all from our side.


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4. Tracking progress

You can manage the team and track progress by yourself, or hire a project manager — whichever option fits your needs better. If your project scope changes, Forbytes accommodates the team to deliver the results on time.

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Hire a Dedicated
Development Team If


You witness the skill shortage

By hiring dedicated software developers, you get experienced professionals who bring value to your in house team. They have gained experience working with various businesses and can share their professional expertise with your company.



You deal with tight deadlines

Under a dedicated team model, your outsourcing partner takes responsibility for team management and maintenance. That is, you can devote your time to high-priority strategic tasks and goals.


You lead a long-term project

Hiring a dedicated development team involves task management, enabling your in-house professionals to stay in the loop. Meantime, the former focus solely on your project and are not distracted by any other tasks or duties.



You aim at scalability

You can easily change and adjust team size and composition if the scope of your project changes. We build teams that persist through challenges and stay with you when you decide to scale your project up.


Here’s How We Add Value


Forbytes applies the Agile approach to cooperating with partners and clients. It allows us to deliver quality more consistently. Relying on Agile methodologies, we won’t let unpredictable circumstances hit your project.


Dedicated project teams at Forbytes maintain a clear focus on the project’s goals. They have a high level of expertise, understand the importance of innovation, and keep up with tech industry trends and requirements.



Ensuring that everyone in the company is heard and valued is our top priority. As a result of our effort, you get a team of motivated and engaged professionals who willingly share their expertise with clients and commit to their goals.


Clear responsibilities

Forbytes implements effective management principles to build healthy teams. Before moving to work, we make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities on the project.



For what kind of projects should I hire a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team allows for scaling a client’s project up or down. This is why it works for any type of project. Both small businesses and world giants choose this outsourcing model. BBC, for example, once hired an outsourced team to merge two online stores into one eCommerce platform. Similarly, Skype’s core team collaborated with an external team when they had the task to introduce Skype calls to 2G phones.

Can I change the dedicated team composition if the project scope changes?

Dedicated development teams allow you to stay flexible. In case your project requirements change, a software engineering partner can adjust the software development team composition to your needs and capacities. There will be nothing extra: you will pay only for the results you need.

How to reduce the risks associated with managing a remote dedicated team?

To eliminate the risks, look for a reliable bespoke software development company with year-long experience. Checking Clutch reviews can be a good way to start. Here, pay particular attention to the reviews of the clients who have similar business goals as yours. Make sure that you hire dedicated developers who implement effective in house processes and procedures. From getting in touch with a client to presenting a project overview — you should feel a sense of professionalism of a dedicated software development team at each stage of your cooperation.