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We’re a global company with clients and offices around the world. For that reason, we are dedicated to consistent, safe, and transparent IT development and sustainable progress in each country of our presence. Moreover, we commit to the local communities by establishing partnerships with local NGOs and taking part in charity initiatives.   

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Forbytes for Resilience

Delivering Quality
Products and Services

Building the product timely with quality is our top priority. Besides that, we share risks of deliverability of the product we have committed to build for our client. 

Our main goals when cooperating with businesses are consistent delivery of our services and transparent communication throughout the whole process. 

We choose a personal approach to each client’s needs and requirements. Our teams offer flexibility and constant support at each stage to exceed expectations and deliver the best possible result. 

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Workplace with equal opportunities  

There is no place for discrimination of any kind in our company’s hiring or corporate policy. We consider every applicant equally regardless of their sex, age, race or beliefs. We strive to create a comfortable work environment, where everyone can achieve their best results without facing any prejudice. 

One of our priorities as an employer is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We understand the importance of a stress-free environment and are dedicated to minimizing the risk of burnout at work for our employees. 

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to Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, we recognize pollution and climate change as one of the most burning issues. Therefore, we incorporate appropriate action into our everyday activities.  

We regularly recycle in our office, optimize our resources, and try to reduce waste. We promote the responsibility toward the environment among our employees and make eco-friendly behavior part of our corporate culture. 

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Fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 global pandemic is another issue that we feel responsible to address as a company. We are a part of the IT cluster initiative and provide support to the region’s medical system. 

Additionally, we create a COVID-free environment in our office: there are always facemasks and antiseptics available. Also, only vaccinated employees are permitted to work from the office to minimize risks. 

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Supporting local

Regarding the fact we consider ourselves as an inseparable part of the local community, we feel the responsibility to regularly support it and make a contribution to its development.

Moreover, we take part in charity initiatives and encourage our employees to participate in charitable events. 

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Standing with Ukraine

We condemn the russian invasion of Ukraine and understand the importance of European business providing constant support for Ukraine. Therefore, we regularly make financial contributions to Ukrainian voluntary organizations.  

Additionally, we prepared a BCP plan for our company to ensure its continuous operation and an emergency plan to ensure the safety of our employees. Those who found themselves in dangerous areas receive our assistance in moving to safer regions or abroad.  

We have formed the Emergency Response Group, which supports our employees around the clock and helps them relocate from dangerous regions. All employees who had to move to safe places receive financial assistance and support from the company. 

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    Forbytes has a strong process-oriented way of leading the company, with good respect for themselves and their managers. They made a choice not to become too big but build slowly on more qualified people, which is paying off.

    Niklas Hammar

    Niklas Hammar

    COO & Business
    Development at Offerta.se

    Forbytes has established strong project management. Their entire team is knowledgeable about appropriate processes and project expectations.

    Julia Noack

    Julia Noack

    eCommerce Manager
    Motorsweden & Swebike

    The Forbytes team has been loyal and dedicated in their partnership. The team provides management as needed but allows flexibility for direct work with developers.

    Thomas Andersson

    Thomas Andersson

    Ecommerce Manager & CTO

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