ML Services We Offer

Forbytes is a machine learning services company that can help you with the following:

ML software development

Forbytes experts build machine learning solutions that drive actionable decision-making and automate repetitive tasks. Besides, ML-powered software can be helpful in risk management, malware removal, and increasing efficiency.


Advisory services

Our machine learning consultants will analyze your operations, processes, and challenges. As a machine learning consulting company, we can help you navigate the digital landscape and suggest what solutions to integrate to make it more client-oriented and profitable.


Processes automation

Process automation tools developed on our machine learning projects can make your system more effective. Artificial intelligence can do mundane tasks instead of your employees, saving them time for achieving strategy-oriented goals.


Building custom ML models

Our team builds machine learning models and natural language processing algorithms for effective business management or customizes the existing ones to meet your business needs. To choose the right route, machine learning as a service starts with the analysis of your business case.


Data analysis

Data analysis clarifies the correlation between different business parameters and datasets. We can either build a data science solution for your business or present you with tools for data collection and processing, predictive analytics, and insight generation.


Data engineering

We build advanced data pipelines to expand the applicability of your data. Using top-notch technology, Forbytes performs data discovery and assessment with the aim of further data structuring, standardization, and management.


Machine Learning Benefits for Businesses


Marketing automation

Machine learning tools help you stay in touch with your clients. Such tools can analyze your client behavior and send them personalized emails instead of applying generic marketing approaches that are less effective for the segmented audience.


Easy document management

With a smart machine learning project, you enable document clustering and deep learning. Machine learning tools are capable of analyzing thousands of parameters at the same time and structuring your documentation accordingly.


Financial security

Machine learning consulting services may help you train ML models to spot network vulnerabilities, notify humans, and instantly take the right risk management measures. Detecting frauds and suspicious account behavior will help you to feel safe about your finances.


Real-time market predictions

Machine learning software processes data quicker compared to humans, which also reduces the possibility of error. Almost instantly, you can access the detected patterns and check out the generated market predictions.


The right product recommendations

Traditional data gathering tools can only store and retrieve content. On the contrary, ML-powered tools generate insights into your clients’ preferences and habits and make more personalized product recommendations.


24/7 service for your clients

ML consulting services help your client get answers to their questions. The analysis of client inquiries enables ML tools to anticipate their needs to be solved by your services.

Here’s How We Add Value

Forbytes encourages employee education

Our company is always supportive when it comes to the desire of our employees to learn new things and perfect their skills. This is why our experts are always aware of ML trends and innovations to be implemented in our software solutions.

Machine learning is one of our focus areas

Market research shows that smart software is the future of business management. Our specialists show a keen interest in the development of ML, AI, DS tools that will serve client needs in the long run.

We offer flexible services

Forbytes can either develop ML models tailored to your business needs or integrate the existing ML tools into your network. The decision depends on your wishes, tasks to be solved by ML, and the scale of your business.

We use the tools we build

Forbytes’ software engineers create tools that our team uses daily for internal management. It is the best demonstration of the quality of our products and the commitment of our team to build challenge-solving software.


Can you share the most common myths about Machine Learning?

Myth 1# ML solutions work only for large-scale businesses.

Machine learning consulting companies can help you simply and automate traditional business practices such as checking documentation, managing statistics, sending emails, storing client data, etc. These business processes are inherent to businesses of different scales. That is, ML can be used by any business and in any industry.

Myth 2# Machine learning protects your data from biases.

Machines indeed perform learning in an unbiased and objective way. However, if your data and the training model you use are based on bias, the results of machine learning will contain biases, too. Machines do not make mistakes, but humans do. This is why it is exceptionally important to adopt the right models and principles at the start.

Myth 3# “ML” and “AI” mean the same.

Not exactly. Artificial Intelligence is a broader term denoting the ability of machines to perform tasks that require smart problem-solving. In their nature, AI-powered tools simulate human behavior and thinking. Meantime, machine learning is the subfield of AI denoting the ability of machines to learn from data on the basis of the trained models.

How to know that my problem can be solved with Machine Learning?

You should clearly formulate your problem or task to be solved and analyze its nature. Machine learning usually solves the problems that require automation or learning (or both). Automation-related problems can be solved by delegating tasks to machines instead of involving humans. Learning-related problems presuppose the existence of data that powers learning and can be solved by training machines to analyze and process data.

To make the right decision about machine learning and prevent money waste, start with machine learning consulting. ML experts deeply specialize in software engineering and know for sure whether ML can help your business grow.

What are some real-world examples of how Machine Learning is used in business?

Many of the well-known brands have built their success on Machine Learning power. Users are frequently impressed by the ability of Pinterest to know what people want to see in their feed and make the right suggestions. It is possible because of the right machine learning algorithms in place. Apple integrates ML technology in health tracker tools, on-device dictation function, keyboard predictions and suggestions. Here you may check out the whole list of famous companies using ML.