Report Examples You Can Get

As a data analytics services company, we can create any report template that your business needs. The structure of reports will be fully customized to your requirements. Here are some examples of the report types you can get with our team’s help:

Sales performance reports

You will get the overall sales performance reports plus the segmented reports for various metrics. This includes the historical data analysis on the total revenue, average order value, conversion rate, sales by product/category, and sales trends over time (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, etc.).

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Inventory management reports

Our data scientists will configure and automate reporting on the inventory levels, stock turnover rate, stock-out occurrence, advanced business analytics on the days of inventory, product margin by product, and more.

master data management

Customer lifetime value reports

After integrating AI analytics tools into your business infrastructure, you’ll access both historical and real-time data analytics. The data can be leveraged in different report types. These include reports on average order value, average order frequency, average customer value, average customer lifespan, etc.

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Advanced Google Analytics reports

This type of report is of utmost importance if you have several revenue streams or run multiple businesses. With such reports, you will be able to analyze data and blend data from different GA reports for a 360-degree view of your overall performance, business trends, and more.

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Comprehensive reports on your strategy

With the AI-driven data analytics process a data analyst configures for you, you can create comprehensive reports on your strategy. For example, you will enable cross-selling analytics, pricing strategy analytics, and profitability analytics for all of your sites and platforms or each one separately.

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Any type of custom reports

Apart from the default reports, we can add any report type your business needs. The features and functions of your business intelligence tool will also be expanded as per your request. Our technicians can proceed with more advanced analytics and add any data sources you wish to the list.

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Suggestion for Data Analytics System Design


Exploring the data sources

We explore all the sources where your data are generated, stored, and managed. Then, we make the list of the systems to be integrated with the data analytics solution via API or other protocols.


Launching the ETL process

Our team starts the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process to prepare the data for analytics and reporting. Using AI, we cleanse, organize, and format data to enable historical data analysis and configure automatic data collection.


Configuring and integrating the data storage

The Forbytes tech specialists choose an effective all-in-one repository where all your data will be stored. In most cases, the client gets two types of data storage: the main one and the supporting one.


Exposing the data to BI systems

We then expose the repository to BI systems that enhance insight generation. The main use cases of leveraging BI solutions include access to smart analytics, extended reporting capabilities, streamlined decision-making processes, data monitoring, and AI-driven predictions.


Creating a reporting portal (optional)

Forbytes can create a reporting portal where all your reports will be stored and managed. You will be able to share the AI analytics with your partners or other stakeholders to evaluate the cooperation results, track trends, make data-driven predictions, and give them better visibility of the business processes.

Here’s How We Add Value

AI-driven insights and predictions

We can integrate your solution with LLMs (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT, which will transform the way you interact with the system. Instead of manually looking for the data or making assumptions, you will activate an artificial intelligence algorithm, ask it a question, and get a prompt answer or forecast based on your historical data.


Off-the-shelf predictive analytics tools typically charge recurring fees and offer a limited feature set at the given cost. Refer to our team for help and get the data analytics system you will own and manage with no extra payments or obligations. Software upgrades, optimization, and improvement will be ensured within the project.

Quick launch

In the shortest terms, you’ll get a business intelligence reporting tool that will bring all your data to one location, secure your historical data, streamline reporting, and enhance insight generation. You will face no downtime and will keep running your business while we take care of your data-related processes.

Wide compatibility

The predictive analytics software we create is compatible with Google Analytics, Google Ads, ecommerce platforms that have API for fetching data (like Shopify or Magento), systems that provide access to DB, etc. If the client needs some other software types to be connected to the system, our data analysts and software engineers will do the task and ensure the solution’s integrity.


How much does it cost to develop a data analytics system?

The cost of developing AI tools depends on the needs and business objectives of each particular client. We offer different cooperation models to choose from (Time & Material, Fixed Price, etc.)

Contact us to get the project estimate.

What happens after the project ends?

After the project ends, you get a full-scale system for business intelligence and data analytics that can be used and managed without the involvement of the technical team. The AI-powered tool will require no specific knowledge or expertise to be operated and used. The Forbytes technicians will offer support and maintenance to help you make sure that the whole data infrastructure works smoothly.

Can I request adding new features to the solution after the release?

As your business grows and you collect big amounts of data, you may need more features in the solution. In that case, we will be ready to help you complete the task. Our business intelligence engineers can integrate new features, customize the existing ones, or add new report types as per your request.