Data Science Services We Offer

We know how to turn untapped data into applicable and actionable insights. Here is what we can offer:

Data Science app development

Our data scientists build enterprise apps aimed to store, process, and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. Such apps leverage the collected data and consolidate it into a holistic environment. This, in turn, boosts insight generation and greatly improves business outcomes.

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Data Science consulting

If you want to invest in data science development but do not know what focus to choose, start with a consultation. Data science consulting firms will help you figure out whether such an investment can be profitable for your business.

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Predictive modeling

Predictive modeling implements data to forecast trends and generate insights. As a data science company, we help with developing, training, configuring, and deploying machine learning models for pattern recognition and prediction generation.

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Data mining

An expert data scientist can build software that mines data and turns it into business information. Such software detects patterns, enabling businesses to better understand client behavior, market tendencies, etc.

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Big data for processing

Our team can help you benefit from big data analytics and integrate big data processing models into your business environment. You will use large-scale data for making the right decisions and facilitating the chosen strategies.

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Analytics model development

Our data engineers apply powerful Math statistics and probability theory tools for data visualization, data collection, and calculation of probability. Using advanced analytics, your employees will be able to make insightful goal-oriented decisions.

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Data Science Development Benefits


Increasing predictability

The tendency of data diversification makes it harder for businesses to manage unstructured data. Cutting-edge data science algorithms allow them to stay both reactive and proactive in regard to ever-changing market trends.


Staying competitive

Data is one of the main sources of knowledge for enterprises. Data science keeps you alert to growing demand and gets you notified about decreasing demand so that you can always maintain a competitive position in the market.


Being responsive

Real-time intelligence powered by data helps you be more responsive to your audience’s needs. With predictive analytics, you get to know your client better and can improve your business offers to fully catch their interest.


Finding the perfect fit

Data science facilitates your decision-making. Businesses start doing better after they solve in-house challenges associated with team effectiveness, recruiting, performance measurement, and detecting gaps.


Favoring marketing effort

With data science capabilities, businesses can polish their marketing strategies. Data-driven insights allow them to use the right communication tools and tactics that appeal to the target user and pave the way for a flawless client journey.


Optimizing business processes

With data science, you can audit business operation costs and detect areas of unnecessary money waste. You will know what investments work for your business and what type of expenses can be reduced with no effect on the quality of your services.

Here’s How We Add Value

Acquaintance as a starting point

If you come to us with a particular idea for data science integration, we will test its viability first. Our data science experts start by discussing your request and analyzing whether data science can satisfy it.

Competency and tech stack

As an outsourcing software development partner, Forbytes has access to a wide talent pool. Our specialists are competent at cloud development and other technologies most relevant for data science development.


We apply segmentation to let our data science solutions serve customized needs. We consider the weaknesses and strengths of each business segment you are operating in to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the data science consultancy.

Risk assessment

Our data science consultants prioritize transparency in their work with the clients. Since investing in data science can be a challenging decision, our data science team will inform you of both gains and risks to make sure that you consider two sides of the coin.


How much does data science development cost?

There is no fixed price estimate for data science development services. A data science project may differ in scope, time, budget, difficulty, team composition, etc. Depending on the mentioned aspects, the price for data science development is calculated. To give you a clear answer, we need to discuss your goals in detail. Contact us anytime, and we will tell you more about our pricing and tips to make data science development more efficient.

Do all businesses benefit from DSaaS?

Nearly every business includes three main components: 1) marketing and sales; 2) finances; 3) value creation and delivery. Data science allows businesses to generate benefits in each of these aspects. Data science analytics enables you to generate business insights about your audience, make predictions on market trends, optimize financial operations, ensure cybersecurity, and streamline manufacturing. Thus, if a business already has a solid digital presence, data science can help them make their service better.

What technology to use for data science development?

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services are among the technologies frequently applied in data science. These three are used for cloud computing, data storage, analytics, and machine learning. To know what technology to use to satisfy your business goals, refer to advisory services for digital. Our data analysts will help you develop an effective strategy for your project, with all risks and gains considered.