Business automation software for the international fashion brand

Stenströms, an elite fashion brand well-known in Europe and North America, needed digitalization to reduce manual work and increase the production of custom-made shirts. Forbytes software development team took part in developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy. We created business automation software that reduces the number of mistakes and delays in the current paper-based process and makes it more efficient.

More about Stenströms digital transformation strategy.

Business needs

  • Increase revenue by doubling the production of custom-made shirts.


  • Reduce the time and resources needed for order validation and processing.


  • Support the brand by improving customer experience.


  • Develop a system that will automate and structure information flows.

Forbytes solutions

  • Forbytes developers created a Made-to-Measure (MTM) system to automate order processing. The app will save time for retailers, increase production speed, reduce mistakes in the information flow and lead to a higher number of produced shirts.
  • MTM allows instant order and client measurements verification and validation. Retailers can use correlations between shirt elements and rules for measurements to provide clients with perfectly tailored products.
  • Our business automation software reduces mistakes caused by manual work in the production process and allows Stenströms to provide their clients with high-quality products in a more convenient way.
  • We integrated all business systems in one app. MTM is connected to the ERP system for importing orders and CRM for saving customers’ data. The tool helps to manage stock of fabrics via the admin panel and generate order-based instruction files for the factory.

It is good that you as a supplier still dare to ask the right questions and not compromise when something in the system is not clear for you.


I recommend working with Forbytes. They have the expertise, and you can be sure of what you will get as the end result.

Fredrik Nelson Chief Information Officer at Stenströms

Key facts about our client

  • Founded in 1899, Stenströms has always been focused on quality and comfort which earned a good name for the company in many countries.
  • Today Stenströms has around 150 employees in Sweden and Estonia.
  • Fabrics for their products are produced in the Chech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.
  • Besides Scandinavia, the company has a wide distribution network in the United States (70 stores) and Canada (40 stores).

How we work together

Forbytes’ team built business automation software that will help our client grow production volumes of custom-made shirts.

Stenströms and Forbytes teams started the project from the Discovery phase to choose the right digital transformation strategy. Stenströms got a clear understanding of the project structure and obtained all documentation necessary for the development stage: project scope, schedule, budget, team structure, technical approaches and more.

According to the project plan, Forbytes software development team needed to digitalize the production process of Stenströms custom-made shirts (Made-to-Measure, or MTM). Previously, retailers used a paper-based form to create unique shirts with special measurements and style for their clients. This form was scanned and sent to Stenströms office in Sweden first, and then to the factory in Estonia. The process required a lot of time, lead to mistakes in measurements, and became a bottleneck for company growth.

In four months, Forbytes team finished the MTM app according to initial business requirements. To ensure work transparency, we used Jira for setting requirements and tracking time. This provided Stenströms with full control over project progress.

The new app is connected to required information flows and after testing will be integrated into the business. The expected benefit – the number of produced Made-to-measure shirts per week will double.

More benefits for the business:

  • Improved customer experience. MTM will speed up the order flow and allow reusing measurement data. The app will reduce the number of mistakes in order processing which will lead to a better quality of the delivered product. Also, customers will be able to see the estimated delivery dates of their orders.
  • Automated measurements. The app makes filling out the form simpler and reduces the risk of mistakes.
  • Live fabric stock information. MTM displays materials and components currently available in warehouses and sends notifications about out-of-stock fabrics to retailers.
  • Automated system of order processing. All information flow is gathered in one central system. Retailers can view all MTM orders and save customer measurements and information for later use.
  • Improved support from the Stenströms team. The team can review orders made by retailers and assist them.

Technologies we have used in this project.

.NET Core
.NET Framework
Entity Framework
.NET Rules Engine
.NET Background Jobs

SPA Vue.js


Windows Services
MS SQL Server

Azure DevOps

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