Our Capabilities

Digital transformation for retail

Forbytes builds software for retail that helps conventional businesses move online and take a decent place in their market. We build online shops, retail management tools, and back-office systems of any complexity and scope. Our retail IT services are aimed to bring consistency to your commerce value chain, streamline business operations, increase efficiency, and facilitate management.

Custom e-commerce solutions

Our team can build powerful and goal-centric retail systems for back-office management, marketing, business automation, and efficient order fulfillment. From a retail management system and CRM to ERP and PLM tools, our software will offer growth opportunities that are currently locked for you because of operation gaps or ineffective management.

E-commerce website development

As a retail software company, we develop immersive e-commerce websites that are user-centric and offer a brand-unique client experience. Our business analysts and e-commerce consultants will help you choose the optimal e-commerce platform as well as integrations for smooth back-office work and marketing.

E-commerce startup development

If you have a startup idea, you need to test it before investing in full-scale product development. The Forbytes team helps eliminate project uncertainty for e-commerce startups. We can do market research or product discovery, build a beta version, MVP, or landing page to test the viability of your idea and improve it sufficiently before it goes public.

Our Expertise

Retail websites and custom solutions

Forbytes can help you with retail website development, optimization, and UI/UX design. We also build custom retail software and ensure end-to-end integrations with other solutions you use. If you want to save employee time for value-added activities and reduce manual workload, let’s discuss your pain points and find a solution.

Supply chain management software

You can streamline supply chain management and increase efficiency with retail IT support. Top retail management software for planning, sourcing, manufacturing, inventory management, and logistics optimization will facilitate your time to market, cut operation costs, and automate back-office processes.

Billing and payment integrations

We practice Agile retail software development and can integrate various payment methods into your website or build a billing management system for quick and effortless data exchange with your partners, warehouses, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Point of Sale (POS) systems

We build POS software that unites purchase management and store operations for offline and online shops in one place. Our PoS system can reduce the heavy workload imposed on employees and narrow the purchasing process to a few effortless and convenient steps.

Mobile apps for retail

We perform retail app development for different categories of end users. These can be apps for customers that enable them to do online shopping, applications for your staff that foster quick communication and collaboration, and apps for back-office that allow for real-time data visibility and connectivity.

Online marketplaces

Our software engineers are expertized in building B2B, C2C, and B2C marketplaces. We can build a marketplace that will have essential retail features, easily handle high traffic, and offer unique customization opportunities to your clients.

How We Add Value

Modern technologies

Retail businesses often face the problem of their tech stack getting outdated. They need to rewrite their websites to other languages to upgrade security and performance. Here at Forbytes, we work only with cutting-edge technologies with world names. We also provide post-launch retail IT support and maintenance of your custom retail software to help you stay effective.

Data security

Customer and marketing data are a source of competitive advantage. We know how important it is for a partnering company to provide data security assurance to e-commerce and retail clients. Forbytes offers different forms of agreement to our clients, which include multi-level data access and quality assurances to protect your retail management software from risks.

No guesswork

Our analysts combine market data analysis with deep tech expertise. We use a data-driven approach to developing a retail management solution and always make informed decisions concerning a particular feature, functionality, or design. This adds efficiency to retail software development, prevents resource waste, and gives our clients extra confidence in the final product.

Market fit

We provide IT services for retail for more than 12 years. Our clients are leading retail businesses in the Nordic region and the US. We have sufficient expertise and knowledge to offer full-scale retail IT support and help clients create software for retail that is a perfect market fit.