Adding ChatGPT to the PDE System

Seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into the custom-built Product Data Exchange (PDE) platform to automate content generation and translation.


E-commerce enterprise

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System integrations, AI development

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Project Scope

The client approached us with the request to integrate ChatGPT with their PDE system via API. While some of their brands are targeted at one country, another part operates in other countries and regions. This raises the need for automatic generation and translation of product descriptions for international sales.

The project scope was broken down into 2 stages. The first stage was the ChatGPT integration with the PDE system to generate error-free product descriptions in any language. The second stage was the regeneration of the existing descriptions as our client aims to regularly update the descriptions to keep them relevant and catchy.

As a result of this project, the client’s managers can generate unique product descriptions using data from product properties, categories, brands, series, and product identifiers. A manager can prepare a product list by sorting the products, export the list, select the preferred language, and automatically generate the content via ChatGPT, all without leaving their PDE system.

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Projects Results


Save managers time by automating product description generation and description translation.


Forbytes integrated ChatGPT with the PDE system that employees use to manage products, enabling automated content creation in a few clicks.


Change the integration method used by the client because of long loading and response time.


We applied a multi-threaded way of connecting ChatGPT to the system, which significantly increased the speed of response generation.


Enable managers to use ChatGPT without leaving the PDE system.


We added an intuitive UI, enabling product description generation directly in the PDE system, with the opportunity to export the output in any convenient format.


Give managers the opportunity to change the AI’s prompts depending on the needs of different e-stores.


Managers can easily customize the prompts to meet the needs of each audience’s segment, from selecting the target language to choosing the tonality and style of the output.

Technology Stack

Backend: PHP 8.1, Lumen 9
Frontend: Vue.js 2
Database: MongoDB
CI: Jenkins
Cloud Platform: Google Cloud
Search Engine: Elasticsearch

About the client

Bygghemma Group is a leading Nordic online retailer specializing in home improvement and garden products. The company offers a wide range of products through multiple e-commerce platforms. Bygghemma Group has expanded its presence across 25 countries, becoming a significant player in the European home improvement market.

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  • Leading Nordic online retailer
  • More than 12 years on the market
  • 100+ online destinations under the BHG umbrella
  • 25 countries with the BHG presence
  • 411 million site visits in 2021
  • 39% annual CAGR last 6 years

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