Choosing the Suitable Cooperation Model

Whether you need to extend your in-house team or hire developers to build a solution from scratch, we offer flexible engagement models to meet your project needs.

Business Need
Project Control
Team Management
Scope Definition
Expertise Access
Risk Management
Extended Team (Outstaffing)
Scale your engineering team with flexibility in costs and timelines.
Client has high control over the project and team, making decisions.
Client directly manages the team, integrating them into internal processes and culture.
High flexibility in scaling the team up or down as needed.
Client decides project scope and can change it.
Choose team members with the skills you need.
The client bears most of the project risk, from management to execution.
Direct communication with the team, requiring internal coordination.
Predictable costs based on team size and duration: more cost-effective for long-term projects.
Managed Team (Dedicated Team)
Delegate your development to an independent team within your organization.
Control is shared: Forbytes manages the team with client input, using transparent management practices.
Forbytes handles all HR, administrative tasks, as well as product development process.
Changes in team size and composition require coordination.
Scope is set together, with some flexibility for adjustments.
Forbytes manages diverse skill sets, but specific expertise request might need adjustments.
Shared risk management: Forbytes handles operational risks, with client input on project direction.
Forbytes facilitates communication with regular updates and meetings.
Fixed monthly rate for the team: transparent budgeting but may be expensive for short-term projects.

Need expert skills to accelerate your projects?

How We Can Extend Your Team

Step 1: Establishing requirements and identifying your needs

Share your vision and expectations to help us better understand how we can effectively assist you. We will assess your requirements, identify any skill gaps, and determine staffing needs. Plus, our team will pinpoint specific areas where additional expertise is required.

Step 2: Selecting candidates

Once all the requirements are set, we will select the top-tier professionals whose expertise aligns with your needs so they bring their exceptional skills and knowledge to the table. Then, we facilitate technical interviews with relevant engineers, empowering you to make more informed decisions regarding your team extension.

Step 3: Onboarding and integration

After selecting software engineers, you can start the onboarding process for our extended team. We are responsible for establishing transparent communication channels and using best project management practices. Forbytes also supports you in integrating our developers, ensuring they are well-informed about the project objectives and scope of work.

Step 4: Development of your solution

Now, our extended team is ready to kickstart the development of your software solution. Whether you need to build a new app from scratch or upgrade an existing one, by rebuilding a system or adding new features – our seasoned developers are here to reinforce your capabilities and help you deliver advanced, robust, and efficient solutions on time.

15 000

Software engineers available for collaboration


Days from the initial call to the first interview


Weeks to fully close a senior position


Experienced recruiters

How You Can Benefit from Team Extension Model

By scaling up your team, you will enhance your company’s workforce with our developers and build all the solutions envisaged.

Devoted team

Our devoted team will focus on diving into the details of your project, delivering value, crafting solutions, and solving real problems. You can expect high commitment from the Forbytes team, who will be a reliable tech partner, actively supporting your success.

Transparent pricing model

Businesses that opt for team extension can significantly save costs and enhance project outcomes. At Forbytes, we offer seamless budget calculation, and you can choose between transparent hourly or monthly rates without any additional hidden costs.

Timely communication

At Forbytes, we focus on the quality of communication and make sure that our experts are fluent in English and punctual for smooth and timely collaboration. Our developers will work as a part of your onsite team, reporting directly to you and attending all your meetings.

Swift hiring process

We can assist you in finding top technical staff faster than if you were to hire in-house developers. What’s more, we provide our clients with the CVs of our team members, enabling quick collaboration start and increasing your chances of crafting a unique product.

Quick and easy start

You can hire our extended team within one week thanks to our talent base, strong recruitment skills, and reputable employer brand. With our efficient hiring and sourcing processes, you can seamlessly onboard experienced developers to start your project without delay.

Scalability and flexibility

We offer you flexibility in size, working hours, pricing, and cooperation models to scale your team effortlessly and hassle-free. You can request part-time developers for specific tasks or you can hire them for full-time projects.


Why Opt for Forbytes?

Whatever challenges you’re facing — building a software product from scratch, upgrading an existing app, or integrating third-party systems — we have a professional team to help you succeed.

Expertise and experience

With years of experience and a diverse skill set, our team brings unique expertise to every project. We can handle any tech task, ensuring the project’s success from start to finish.

Loyalty and reliability

We always reward the work of our developers, nurturing loyal relationships. When hiring our experts, you can trust they deliver top-notch results and help with product maintenance.

Business-oriented approach

With an extended team, you can expect more than just swift software delivery. Our fresh technical expertise will assist you in building competitive, relevant, and scalable products.

Faster product development

By extending your team with Forbytes’ specialists and delegating tasks to our experts, you can speed up the product development process and significantly reduce time to market.

Success Stories of Our Clients

Our reputation is built on the success of our clients, including industry leaders like InPost, Sharkmob, Guesty, Starweb, and Stenströms. We’ve helped them achieve remarkable outcomes, such as:

Strategic Team Extension

Strategic Team Extension

Empowering the client’s software development projects with Forbytes’ tech expertise and cross-industry competencies

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Dedicated Team Integration

Joining the client’s dedicated team to help them improve the SaaS platform and enrich it with new user-centric features

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Expert Team Extension Story

Working with the client’s team to optimize the website, make it capable of handling high traffic, and build custom tools

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Our Featured Partnerships

What Our Clients Say

Extend your team with Forbytes’ developers to create a perfect technology solution of any complexity!

Valentin Berg CTO at GardenStore

The Forbytes team was very professional and demonstrated a great understanding of the business aspects. All tasks were completed above expectations. Their experts were always available, and we never needed to wait for a response or a suggested solution.

Valentin Berg

CTO, GardenStore

Niklas Hammar COO & Business Development at

Forbytes has a strong process-oriented way of leading the company, with good respect for themselves and their managers. They made a choice not to become too big but build slowly on more qualified people, which is paying off.

Niklas Hammar

COO & Business
Development at

Nazar Lytvynenko Group Manager in Guesty

Forbytes’ engineers and team leads worked as part of our RnD group and were directly managed by our company directors. They were both proactive and adaptable, qualities that perfectly match our needs in our fast-growing and constantly evolving environment.

Nazar Lytvynenko

Group Manager, Guesty

Thomas Andersson Ecommerce Manager & CTO Trademax

The Forbytes team has been loyal and dedicated in their partnership. The team provides management as needed but allows flexibility for direct work with developers.

Thomas Andersson

E-commerce Manager & CTO, Trademax

Julia Noack eCommerce Manager Motorsweden & Swebike

Forbytes has established strong project management. Their entire team is knowledgeable about appropriate processes and project expectations.

Julia Noack

E-commerce Manager Motorsweden & Swebike