What Is PES?

Product engineering services (PES) denote the process of product design and development with the help of cutting-edge software, hardware, and IT tools. The product engineering service empowers businesses to raise their profits, establish themselves on the market, and optimize workflow.

Custom enterprise development

Customized enterprise solutions encourage users to turn back to you again and again. By choosing Forbytes’ software product engineering services, you can:

  • Personalize client experience
  • Highlight your uniqueness
  • Win the competition
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Web solution development

Web software solutions provide you with the chance for scaling up and finding new clients across the globe. Web products can:

  • Automate mundane work
  • Enable 24/7 product accessibility
  • Centralize your business effort
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Mobile software development

Mobile products allow clients to access your services anytime and anywhere. With mobile software development, you will:

  • Improve customer relationship
  • Drive sales
  • Reach a big audience
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Cloud-based solutions

With cloud-based software, you will make use of the computing power of world-known cloud vendors (Azure, AWS, Google). It will allow you to:

  • Boost mobility
  • Enhance performance
  • Ensure security
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AI & ML development

AI and ML help people make informed strategic decisions and automate mundane tasks. By choosing AI/ML development services, you will:

  • Get meaningful analytics
  • Make informed decisions
  • Eliminate human error
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Data science product development

With data science, we build performant products that process unstructured and structured data and run self-serve analytics. Forbytes can help you to:

  • Extract value from data
  • Solve complex business problems
  • Predict customer behavior
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Product Engineering Services Life Cycle

Software product engineering is a complex process that requires deep technical, managerial, and communicative expertise. PES life cycle consists of 6 phases:


Idea conceptualization

An engineering service provider conceptualizes and validates your idea for a product. Product engineering consulting helps us define the viability of your idea. If the idea is viable, we document the product specifications, scope, and requirements and move to the second stage. If not, we work on idea improvement and adjustment to ensure product success.


Product design

Once we validate the idea for your solution together with our team and stakeholders and agreed upon the budget, team composition, and time frames, the product development team moves to product design. We create a plan for the technical and functional architecture of your solution and build a prototype of the user interface.


Development process

This stage of the product development cycle forms the core of project engineering services. At this step, a product development engineer builds a product using a specific methodology. In our work, we stick to the Agile product development cycle because of the numerous benefits that this approach offers.


Testing and quality assurance

Your solution will go through multiple quality checks to ensure that it is bug-free, user-friendly, and performant. In case any faults are detected, we eliminate them and launch the user acceptance testing phase again.


Product release

After product development teams make sure that a product is flawless, we release it into the market. We analyze how the piece of software works in real life, how users interact with the solution, and what should be done to make it better.


Support and maintenance

After your product goes live, our cooperation continues. As an engineering service company, Forbytes offers support and maintenance to our clients. We update your product, introduce new features per your request, and keep improving its performance.

Why Product Engineering?

Stay safe

Covid-19 has shown us how important it is for companies to be present online. With digital product engineering, your business will stay safe regardless of the circumstances.

Navigate complexity

Modern consumers want to get a variety of offers in one place. Product engineering allows you to provide complex services to your customers.

Highlight brand identity

A digital product engineer can help you create a unique product that will differentiate your brand, highlight your brand identity, and attract user attention.

Reach wider audience

By choosing software engineering services, you get the chance to reach more clients. They will interact with your product regardless of time and location.

Scale up easily

If you plan to scale your business, high-performing product engineering solutions will speed up the process and enable you to conquer new markets.

Reduce repetitive tasks

With the help of a product engineering services company, you can automate workflow, order management, analytics, and more. By doing so, you’ll save time for more value-added activities.

Here’s How We Add Value

Continuous improvement

We keep improving your product after it goes live. The Forbytes team has an eye for market changes. With our help, you will keep pace with trends and promptly implement them in your software solution.


When we set a goal, nothing can distract us from its completion. Forbytes shows high dedication to the projects we work on. Our clients’ success is a vital part of our own success.

Lean approach

Our professionals will add value to your project with the help of Lean methodology. We will eliminate inefficiencies and ensure on-demand production that will be relevant for you and your audience.

Business savvy

Forbytes employees are known for their business savvy. We know the formula for building competitive software solutions. Once you get in touch with us, we will start working on your performant product in the shortest terms.


For our product engineers, the process is as important as the final results. Throughout the product engineering life cycle, our team will assist you in optimization and making your solution more efficient.


The Forbytes team is a community of dedicated and experienced software developers. They see their mission in empowering businesses to grow with digital. The success of our clients is the reflection of our expertise and commitment.


What's the difference between software product engineering and traditional software development?

In fact, we use these terms interchangeably. But there’s a slight difference between them. Vendors are moving away from the term software development as it is quite narrower than product engineering. Traditional software development is the development of enterprise software. As a rule, such software is used in-house by employees.

Meantime, product engineering development is building commercial products targeted at a public audience. The goal of software product engineering services is to help a company raise profit from the product, reach their business goals, and earn recognition in the market. Product engineering services are more consistent and allow you to get a software product as well as commercial benefits from it.

What's the difference between a software developer and a product engineer?

Technically, these terms mean the same. Both a product engineer and a software developer build engineering solutions and products. But practically, there is a distinction. A software developer aims to create a software product according to the client’s requirements. Meanwhile, product engineering firms care not only about the product but also about the impact it will produce.

In product engineering, a great emphasis is put on user experience. User experience defines how well users will interact with a solution. This, in turn, determines the profitability of the project. Therefore, the main difference between these two lies in the approach to building solutions. In product engineering, professionals apply a more sophisticated method.

How to find a reliable product engineering services company?

Make a list of candidates that you saw on review platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms or were told about. Explore testimonials and check case studies of these product engineering companies. The latter may tell you a lot about a company’s reputation and achievements on the market.

If big, recognized businesses cooperate with the product engineering company, it is a sign of their reliability and trustworthiness. But if product engineering services companies have little to show in the portfolio, it may be a sign of lacking experience. In this case, exclude the candidate from the list.

The next step is to get in touch with a service engineering company. Pay attention to the following factors:

  • reply waiting time;
  • quality of communication;
  • business ethics;
  • transparency.

These are the factors that demonstrate the professional level of your candidate. Analyzing them will help you choose the best partner from the list of product engineering services companies.