UI UX Services We Offer

Our UI and UX services will help you establish a connection with your client and engage them with a catchy visual representation of your product.

UX and UI design for web

Our team of UI and UX designers can help you with building complex user interfaces for the web. The results of customer behavior research enable us to ensure a memorable visual experience on a web product.

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UI/UX design services for mobile

Forbytes knows how to find the happy medium between standardized user experience practices and authentic visual appeals. With our help, you will get a well-crafted mobile product tailored to your audience’s aesthetic preferences.

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Digital product design

We are always ready to implement a complex value proposition in a visually pleasant and user-friendly digital design. Together with our UI/UX experts, you will build a top-notch digital product for your audience.

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UX audit

User experience design services and audit help you improve user interaction with your product. Forbytes UX specialists will analyze the main user flows to spot usability problems. We will rank the issues on urgency and suggest ways for problem elimination.

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Wireframing and prototyping

Our research-based practices enable us to deliver the best UI design services and create spot-on designs that please both brands and their clients. Forbytes will do wireframing or build a prototype that fully complies with your vision and your customer interest.

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UI UX consulting services

We apply a holistic approach to consultancy on user interface design services. Our elegant and revolutionary designs will help you establish an emotional connection with your customers and emphasize your brand identity via a great user interface.

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Our UI and UX Design Strategy


Discovering your case

Our first task is to deeply immerse into your business, vision, and brand identity. We conduct user research to discover your problems and tasks to be solved by the design process. We analyze your customer behavior and market competition and move on.


Wireframing and prototyping

With your target audience in mind, Forbytes brainstorms UX UI design ideas for wireframes. You get a dynamic and clickable prototype demonstrating what your product will look like. We discuss the prototype and make adjustments if needed.


UI/UX design

After you approve the prototype, we turn it into the UI UX design that goes in line with your brand identity. We prepare the documentation on UX services specifications and customer journey map that is shared with your development team.



Usability testing is where we test the functionality of your product/app design. User experience and user interface are tested against any errors, inconveniences, and misinterpretations to ensure high customer satisfaction and flawless interaction with your service.



We finish the work on your UX/UI design and introduce improvements to the UX strategy. Our UI UX service is ready for implementation. If you seek help with product development, Forbytes experts can also help.

Here’s How We Add Value


In UX and UI services we offer, Forbytes focuses on compatibility, usability, and accessibility. Accessible products destroy the barriers and allow diverse groups of people to make use of your services.


Before moving to design, we analyze your business and provide you with professionals that have dealt with similar cases. They know how to solve your problems and exceed user expectations with top-notch UX UI services.

Branded design

The task of UX design services is to highlight your distinguishable brand characteristics with design. When using your product or app, a customer will get a memorable and pleasant experience that will make them return again and again.

Sense for trends

The UI/UX designers know what is trendy today and what will be trendy tomorrow. Our UX design company finds the balance between trendy and classic designs and builds attractive, relevant, and future-proof digital solutions.


What’s the difference between adaptive and responsive design?

Responsive design is flexible and adjusts to the screen size regardless of what device is used. With the help of CSS media queries, responsive designs adapt the style to the display type, screen width and height, etc. Meantime, adaptive design uses layouts to adjust to the screen size and browser. The breakpoints that are loaded do not respond, and adaptive design chooses one of the ready-made layouts.

What to choose: adaptive or responsive design?

The starting point of your considerations of UI/UX service should be the time perspective. If it is better for you to invest more finances and resources one time, choose the responsive design. If you prefer to introduce improvements gradually and regularly, opt for the adaptive design.

The thing is, creating responsive designs is a more responsible task in terms of coding and requires more user testing to be done before it goes live. Developers should pay a lot of attention to the hierarchy of visual elements when the content is shuffled and adjusted to specific screen metrics. Such a process takes time and development money.

Meanwhile, adaptive design involves using several layouts, which decreases the development workload. But once you introduce changes to your mobile apps or website, your layouts will have to be adjusted accordingly. That is, you will have to spend money and time on improving your product.

Can Forbytes help me if I am looking only for 1 designer?

Of course, we can. You can hire one person, a few people, or the whole team specializing in UI/UX design services for ecommerce or some other industries. Everything depends on your business goals, capacities, and deadlines. Also, there is an opportunity to scale your team in the course of cooperation whenever you need it.