Project Management
as a Service

Forbytes is experienced in leading projects of any volume and scope. We will gladly provide you with project management support and help you ensure adherence to a plan from start to finish.


We discuss your project idea. Forbytes analyzes your business case, compiles the list of stakeholders, and sets SMART goals for a project lifecycle.



We explore your expectations. A project manager considers your budget baseline and develops a project plan with clear responsibilities and scope.



You witness how your idea starts turning into a new, powerful product. A project manager allocates and manages all resources and workflow.



You keep track of effort and cost. Forbytes team regularly reports on the project progress and presents project milestones. Together, you discuss issues if any and fix them.



We review the project deliverables and introduce changes as per your request. You check the final report, approve the results, and your project goes live.


Project Management Benefits


Result-driven approach

Project management services optimize the workload across the team to ensure the shortest possible delivery time. PM solutions facilitate effective communication, keeping everyone focused on the objectives and delivering results.


Clear delivery date

Professional project management services remove bottlenecks and facilitate all the workaround dependencies. An experienced project manager who focuses the team’s attention on delivery also keeps cost and scope under control.


Wise resource management

You save on time and money. A good project manager with excellent time management skills will make sure that the time of each team member is not wasted. The same goes for resources and budget.


Effective collaboration

The project management process allows everyone in a team to understand their role and responsibilities. There is no mess in task execution. People involved in your project have a deadline, success metrics, and requirements set.


More time for strategic decisions

A project leader leverages task management, allowing you to focus your attention on long-term goals. You have more time for the development and improvement of your business strategy.


Fewer risks

You will be kept informed regularly and there will be no unexpected pitfalls on your way. Having a clear view of project workflow, your team will be motivated to show stable results. The risks are lower, the quality is higher.

Forbytes Project Management Principles

We say no to guesstimates

Project managers at Forbytes do not rely on guesstimates. We base our estimations on the profound analysis of project scope, timeframe, and resources. Our goal is to maximize project efforts and comply with the set budget.

Forbytes is flexible to changes

In case you want to introduce some changes to your project, Forbytes will adjust the workflow and planning to your needs. With effective collaboration, our clients and partners are ensured flexibility and freedom.

We have a strong corporate culture

To manage projects successfully, we start with our own. We always make sure that Forbytes employees are motivated to work. The strong corporate values of our company help them realize their importance for a team.

Our company cares about details

Our project managers have an eye for detail. They do not ignore even the smallest shifts in the workflow and make sure that the development process unfolds in accordance with the approved plan.

We personalize your experience

Forbytes makes use of a variety of project management tools and approaches. Depending on your project goals, peculiarities, and personal references, we will choose the best combination and the most effective project management methodology.

Forbytes adopts easy-to-follow processes

Simplicity is the key — we can start our cooperation in just a few steps. Our project managers adopt easy-to-follow processes for reporting and accountability. You will not waste your time figuring out what is going on with your project.


Can I hire a project manager if my project is already in progress?

To remain competitive and finish your project on time, look for a project manager at the stage of project initiation or even earlier.

But if you are in the middle of your project and struggle with time, resources, or money management, feel free to contact the Forbytes project management team. A professional PM will optimize processes regardless of the stage. After all, it’s never too late to add value to your project.

How to choose the methodology and tools for project management?

No worries — a company offering management services will help you to choose. Together, you will select the right methodology and tools based on your project requirements, expectations, and the communication style you prefer.

However, if you already know what approach is preferable in your case, you are free to share your ideas. Our consultants will make sure that you choose the best one and in case some adjustments are needed, they will gladly help.

What are the outcomes of ineffective project management?

The most evident outcome is a cost overrun. That is, a company’s expenses go beyond the budget because of irrational decision making process and unrealistic estimations. Other bad outcomes include missed deadlines and the waste of resources. These two are complemented by worsening reputation and demotivated team.

Yet, the worst consequence is the total project failure. Lack of clear goals (37%) and poor communication (19%) are the common reasons for this happening.