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Project management is more than just tracking tasks and deadlines. A project manager (PM) takes responsibility for a project from its initiation to closure, ensuring that the initiatives and goals closely align with the strategic business objectives and a project plan. Proper project management maximizes the benefits delivered to a business.

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Clear Focus and Objectives

PM’s guarantee a realistic plan for achieving business goals, clear expectations of what can be delivered, by whom and when. Project Management ensures the right people do the right things at the right time by following appropriate processes throughout the project lifecycle. Project manager is in charge and controls what is going on in a project.

Scope Management

One part of our project management services is ensuring that the activities from the project scope will be executed and the deliverables can be completed within agreed time and budget. Scope changes are common in every project, therefore PM’s job is not to prevent scope changes but to manage them effectively to avoid scope creep.

Time Management

Time Management is the process of planning and controlling the time spent compared to the progress made on project tasks and activities. It is a key aspect of project management and involves skills such as planning, setting goals and priorities for greater productivity.

Cost Management

Cost management is the process of estimating, planning and controlling the project costs. PM helps to estimate project costs as well as predict upcoming expenses to understand how to manage the project to stay within budget. If the total project costs do not exceed the budget then your cost management is successful.

Risk Management

Risk management is crucial for project success. It requires project managers to analyze all potential risks thoroughly. Risks should be prioritized according to the probability of occurrence, impact to decide on the appropriate response strategies.

Communication Management

Communication is key for successful project execution. It is not only about exchanging information between stakeholders. It helps to understand the emotions and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is less about speaking but more about listening.

Project Closure

Project closure is a critical step that allows business to validate if all the original objectives are met and deliverables are accepted. The project should have a clear end with a proper handover of information and responsibility to the client to prevent never-ending expenses.

Continuous improvement

PMs constantly evaluate the decisions and actions taken during the project. This approach empowers a continuous improvement process to drive the project in more productive and effective ways.

They’re good at leading and helping set up development processes, development flows, and working with feedback, which is a key strength. They’re helping us evolve our own development process so they can be more productive, which is really taking responsibility and doing more than just selling development time.

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