Our Capabilities

Fleet management software

Providing logistics and transportation services is a costly business. You need to stay as efficient as possible to generate profit while ensuring good vehicle maintenance. Digitizing fleet management is a good idea if you strive to forecast service demand, plan routes wisely, avoid errors and mistakes, and reduce the hustle imposed on drivers.

Digital transformation for logistics

Off-the-shelf logistics management software lacks features essential for the functioning of logistics businesses. Using such software is costly and insecure and can lead to privacy concerns, data losses, and performance drops. Developing logistics software can eliminate these risks, allowing for full-scale customization, automation, and stable growth.

Integration with your partner’s software

Transportation logistics software that connects you with partners is a real must for businesses that work together with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. Our software development team can integrate your solution with the tools that your partners use to share logistics data in real time, automate invoice generation and management, manage and request documents, and more.

Urban mobility management solutions

If your vehicles operate in urban areas most of the time, you need to take care of urban mobility optimization. This will allow you to spend less on petrol and car maintenance, reduce transportation time, and increase client satisfaction. Urban mobility management done with the help of software gives you access to leading GPS technologies via API and AI-powered algorithms for efficient route planning.

Our Expertise

Transportation management software (TMS)

Transportation software solutions ensure end-to-end visibility of the current situation on the road. TMS providers empower managers to monitor cargo and check the progress at any stage of the supply chain. Real-time access to data gives them flexibility and ensures that freight is transported according to rules and regulations.

Route planning tools

Custom software solutions for route planning are helpful to those who want to increase efficiency. Our software can give you the chance to visualize and plan routes effectively, adjust routes in real-time using GPS technology, integrate AI-powered route management tools for making traffic predictions, etc.

Urban mobility solutions

If you are a new Uber-like business or plan to open a car-sharing service, urban mobility solutions will help you reduce the time to market and reach clients faster. To ensure a flawless city experience, you can refer to TMS software providers, like Forbytes, for help and get an urban planning tool that will help you optimize city navigation.

Asset tracking apps

Asset tracking can be useful both for you and your clients. Transportation software solutions enable users to track their assets throughout the transportation route. You can implement real-time tracking by building software integrated with various sensors, beacons, GPS-powered technology, etc.

Warehouse management systems

Effective tools for warehouse management will offer access to real-time data on stock movement, storage, and shipment. By using such a tool, you’ll find new ways to optimize your storage space, speed up product delivery, and get rid of the problem of outstocking as well as understocking.

Fleet management solutions

In a fleet management app, you get access to all relevant data associated with your vehicles and their functions. You can visualize, collect, and analyze end-to-end data on the location of your fleet, analyze driver behavior, manage transport maintenance and diagnostics sessions, plan and optimize routes, etc.

How We Add Value

Optimal involvement level

You choose the extent to which you want to be involved in transportation software development. If you wish to get maximum control over all the details, we will agree upon daily or weekly sync-ups and reporting. If you want to see the results of work at the end of each development stage or sprint, then we won’t bother you when unnecessary and focus on delivering results.

No rush

As a transportation software development company, we conduct market research and the analysis of your target audience before building a product. Such an approach enables us to build intuitive solutions with the right features and functionalities. It also prevents you from investing in building irrelevant software that your clients or employees dislike.

Consistent approach

We do not aim to build transport management software that users will grudgingly open just because it’s a new obligatory rule. Instead, we want to help you develop a solution that will streamline employee work and will be fully integrated into your business ecosystem. From the logistics software development process to choosing the right design, features, and security measures — everything will be done with your business needs and goals in mind.


Forbytes is not among the TMS providers that waste client resources. We understand that the more efficiency we provide, the more the client trusts us. We choose only cost-effective approaches to building transportation logistics software. If we see ways to shorten the development process or save your resources and money, we happily share them with you.