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.NET is a time-tested technology with a big name. It is used for building web, desktop, and mobile applications of any complexity and scope. Forbytes has a proven record of using .NET for building performant self-serve SaaS platforms that cover all business needs of small to big enterprises.

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Microsoft .NET Benefits


Microsoft technology has evolved from a basic web development platform to a consistent system with lots of tools and a vast API set. The technology consists of 3 main implementations (.Net Framework, .Net Core, and Xamarin) and supports C#, F#, and Visual Basic programming languages.


Microsoft .NET development services are a must if you want to build a performant product. Thanks to asynchronous programming, the technology is fast, productive, and able to process more than 6 million requests per second. LINQ and generics also add to productivity and performance.


Microsoft .NET work based on OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) — a programming paradigm that allows for parallel development and reuse of existing code. This reduces the development time, which, in turn, decreases the costs you need to spend on building a product.

Stable and secure

The technology has a few built-in security measures that can be extended by various integrations. The two basic ones include Code Access Security (CAS) and the process of verification. Besides, Microsoft always monitors and improves the platform by releasing patches, updates, and new editions.


.Net software development is not dependent on any architecture. This allows a .NET development company to reuse code multiply and increase development efficiency. Moreover, they can add external functionality to the language by integrating additional technologies. For example, by using Edge.js, they can bring Node.js functionality to a .NET-based solution.


Microsoft has a large worldwide community of dedicated Dot NET developers. This is an open-source platform with a support team of more than 3700 representatives and more than 60 000 contributors. All these people keep the technology relevant, competitive, and effective for building innovative .NET solutions.


How We Add Value


Working with us is more than just building and testing a software product. We apply strategic analysis to each business case, covering the tech and market demands of your niche. By choosing us, you will get better scalability opportunities and implement your mission in a digital product.


Working with Microsoft .NET is one of our core competencies. You can be sure that you’ll get a solution with supreme code quality and an environment focused on hyper-growth. Our full-service team has 100+ active experts, including many .NET developers with hands-on knowledge and experience.


We foster growth, professional development, and creativity in addition to our .NET development skills. Forbytes encourages our employees to grow professionally by covering their education expenses. As a result, we have built a strong expert team with a good command of English and robust tech background.

Staying in touch

We will adjust our reporting and meeting schedule to your time zone. It will make it convenient for us to stay in touch and give you as deep access and control over the project as you wish. If you have preferred communication tools or practices, our software engineering team will also adopt them for better convenience.


The pros of Microsoft .NET technology are clear. What about the cons?

As mentioned before, Microsoft pays close attention to innovation and tries to implement new technologies as soon as they appear. Besides the obvious benefits, it comes with one issue. Proper documentation is sometimes provided at a later time, not at the moment of implementation. Therefore, if your .Net developer implements some new and exciting updates, they have to be prepared to do some research and try things on their own. However, if you hire Dot NET programmers who are experienced, this will not be an issue.

What tech skills do Microsoft .NET developers need?

If you want to hire Dot NET developers, you need to test their expertise. As a rule, Dot NET developers need to have experience with the Visual Studio family. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment by Microsoft. It is useful because of the lots of extensions and integrations available. To integrate different APIs into the solution, your .NET development team needs to possess the knowledge of Roslyn. Also, .NET programmers need to be acquainted with ASP.NET. It’s a .NET framework for using code multiply and keeping it clear.

How to know whether I am right in choosing Microsoft .NET for my project?

You need to know for sure that this technology fits into your project. For this, we recommend hiring an IT consultant. The consultancy is not just a talk about your project. It’s a multi-step process that involves communication, research, and analytics. This will help you pick the right technologies and combine them in a way that brings performance, stability, and security to your solution.

How many Microsoft .NET developers do I need for my small-size ecommerce project?

It all depends on the requirements and goals set. We need to talk and discuss details before moving to numbers. Forbytes offers flexible services for small to big businesses so that everyone can find the best combination of .NET developer skills and tools for their project.

If you choose the dedicated team model, you will be charged for the hourly work of your Dot NET developer and other team members. Forbytes also offers staff augmentation, meaning that experienced .NET engineers may complement your in-house team on a full-time or part-time basis, while we will cover all administrative tasks.

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    Forbytes has a strong process-oriented way of leading the company, with good respect for themselves and their managers. They made a choice not to become too big but build slowly on more qualified people, which is paying off.

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    Forbytes has established strong project management. Their entire team is knowledgeable about appropriate processes and project expectations.

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    Julia Noack

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    The Forbytes team has been loyal and dedicated in their partnership. The team provides management as needed but allows flexibility for direct work with developers.

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