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Robust JS library for building state-of-the-art business solutions

We use React for building supreme user interfaces and engaging visuals. If combined with performant back-end technologies, React can make a true difference on your project, helping you reach and retain your prospective clients.

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React Benefits

Reusable code

The development process is complex. To stay efficient, you need to choose the right tech stack. If you want to reduce the development time and save money, pick React. This JS library allows web developers to reuse React components for building the same functionality. Each React component that you reuse reduces development time and decreases costs.


If a React developer changes some piece of code, they do not have to go back to other parts of the user interface and replace the code manually. Changes are updated automatically. The declarative nature of React developer tools helps engineers introduce data modifications effortlessly and improve code whenever needed.


The old-time businesses that started with HTML websites often decide to migrate to React. This is because React is a JavaScript library that makes the whole process of coding easier. One of React’s features is that HTML elements are converted into functions. This adds simplicity to a project and allows React developers to focus their effort on a single technology.

Strong community

React.js was developed by Facebook. If their technology was ineffective, the company would pay for this with their reputation. This is why React is a high-quality technology powered and supported by the worldwide React community. New editions, updates, and improvements are added regularly, enabling React engineers to feel safe about the reliability and security of their projects.

User experience

This technology uses the virtual React DOM. This facilitates the creation of feature-rich interfaces that inevitably catch the user’s eye. Besides, the technology ensures that your solution stays performant and fast-loading. The combination of speed and elegance leads to an increasing number of satisfied users.


Search engine algorithms find it difficult to read complex pieces of code written in JavaScript. To get higher on Google, you need to make sure that your solution is read well by the search engine. Google likes React. The latter renders pages in a bug-free manner, which increases your SEO potential and CTR.

How We Add Value

Data safety

We take all critical measures to ensure that your data is 100% protected. Our hardware is fitted with data protection and verification tools. We guarantee the secure work of software engineers and other experts. Also, we work according to the agreement where we define data-related responsibilities in front of a client.

Focus area

We deal with React for many years and create enterprise solutions for customers across the globe. The requests of our clients are very different. We are those who tested React under diverse circumstances: from building a single-page React application to creating PWA and ecommerce stores.

Iterative development

This is one of the cost-effective Agile methods adopted by our React team. In iterative development, we break down the product development process into small chunks. This enables us to deliver results continuously, detect gaps and issues promptly, and prevent resource waste. For a client, such an approach reduces development costs and boosts quality.

Step-by-step cooperation

We start with the acquaintance with your product idea, business case, and React project goals. Thanks to deep involvement, we detect the weak spots at the early stages and prevent clients from investing in an ineffective idea. Our joint effort and strong partnership help us go through all stages effectively and build a product that really appeals to the audience.


Do you sign an NDA with your clients?

Sure. There is no problem with signing an NDA when you decide to work with Forbytes. Many of our clients work with us under the NDA agreement, and we ensure 100% confidentiality and data protection. Sometimes, customers feel comfortable about working without NDA, which we also accept. Thanks to their consent, we have managed to compile an interesting portfolio of the products we’ve built. Check them out to see what we can deliver.

What's the difference between React and React Native?

React.js is a JS library that is mainly used for building UI components of web solutions. React Native is a framework used for building native mobile apps. A great example of a React app is Walmart or Facebook. If you want to create a React app and need a consultation — reach out.

Name the examples of famous websites that run on React.

The 2020 list of top React websites included Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Airbnb, Salesforce, Uber, Netflix, The New York Times, and many others.

How much does it cost to build a React solution and how to know whether this is the best technology for my product?

Our consultants can answer all your questions about React, its applications, and the pros and cons of using it on your project. So, the best way to get all the answers is to request an IT consultation. This is a 6-step process of analysis, research, and planning the project.

As for the costs, this depends on your deadlines, the scope of work, and the complexity of requirements. Contact us to get the estimation.

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