Development of eCommerce software solutions for the leading online marketplace in the Nordic region

CDON’s main goals were increasing revenue and expanding their business online. By building a digital marketplace and attracting more merchants to their platform, CDON was able to achieve the set goals, and grow into one of the largest online marketplaces in the Nordic region.

Business needs

  • Increase revenue and solidify CDON’s presence online.



  • Make the business more efficient by automating processes and reducing the amount of required manual work.



  • Improve eCommerce customer experience and increase the number of completed orders.

Forbytes solutions

  • Our teams worked together on building a digital marketplace that allowed other merchants to import and sell their products on the CDON platform. As a result, CDON was able to attract a large number of merchants to their platform, greatly increasing their profits and growing into one of the largest Nordic online marketplaces.
  • CDON integrated a digital signature tool that automated various back-office processes and reduced the amount of manual work required to establish partnerships with merchants. The feature allowed CDON to provide a quick and effective way for merchants to start selling their products on the platform. This, in turn, helped the business become more efficient even as the number of merchants that used the platform increased.
  • CDON decided to build a product recommendation system to further improve eCommerce customer experience on their platform. By combining it with constant improvements of various back-office processes (e.g. order handling), CDON attracted more paying clients to the marketplace and, as a result, increased the overall number of completed orders.

Key facts about our client

  • CDON is the leading online marketplace in the Nordic region
  • They offer a wide range of goods, from electronics to media, clothing, and food, with new types being constantly added to the selection
  • CDON is part of the Qliro group – a leading digital commerce group in the Nordic region with over 3 million customers annually

How we worked together

Both CDON and Forbytes teams worked closely together on building and implementing various eCommerce software solutions that brought value to the business and helped it achieve the set goals.

CDON maintained a large technical team on their side, which was assisted by several Forbytes backend developers. Both teams focused on providing support to the platform, as well as building and implementing new eCommerce software solutions. They maintained open and effective communication, resulting in high productivity and quality of completed work.

Our developers completed multiple business trips on the client’s side, further improving their professional relationship.

Implementation of various eCommerce software solutions brought value to the business in multiple ways:

  • Increased revenue from merchants selling their products on CDON platform. CDON’s digital marketplace provided other merchants with a convenient platform to sell their products, allowing CDON to increase its own revenue in the process.
  • Boosted business growth from attracting more merchants to the platform. By providing a quick way to import and update products on the platform, CDON was able to attract more merchants to their marketplace, boosting their own business growth and turning CDON into one of the leading digital marketplaces.
  • Increased number of completed orders with improved eCommerce customer experience. Implementing a product recommendation system and improving various back-office processes enabled CDON to create a smooth and memorable experience for their clients, resulting in more completed orders.
  • Efficient business management with a reduced amount of required manual work. The digital signature tool greatly reduced the amount of required manual work, allowing CDON to quickly establish partnerships with merchants and increasing the overall efficiency of the business.

Technologies we have used in this project




Search/Recommendation engine

Rhino Mocks

.NET Framework
Win services


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