Expert Team Extension Story

Working with the client’s team to build custom tools, optimize the website, and make it capable of handling high traffic.


Online marketplace provider

Service type:

Team extension

Core technologies:

Microsoft .NET

Project Scope

CDON maintained a large technical team on their side, which was strengthened by several Forbytes backend developers. Both teams focused on providing support to the CDON platform, as well as building and implementing new e-commerce software solutions.

Our task was to improve the platform’s features that affect the client journey. We integrated a product recommendation system into CDON that collects data on the past experience of a user.

Based on the data from previous sessions, a user gets personalized product recommendations, which increases the total order value per user and helps them find the needed products quickly and effortlessly.

We helped CDON attract more merchants by building functionality for product import, update, and management. Besides, we needed to make sure that back-office operations function well.

To ensure a flawless manager experience, we added the feature of order handling, integrated digital signature for business automation, and streamlined the procedure that managers need to go through to partner with new merchants.

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Projects Results


Augment the client’s team with certified .NET developers.


Forbytes’ .NET developers joined CDON’s team and started working together, building a digital platform, and solidifying their online presence.


Attract more B2B and B2C users to the CDON platform.


The enhancements to user experience and features for convenient stock management introduced by our team helped CDON increase the number of B2B and B2C clients.


Automate operations and reduce the volume of manual work.


A digital signature feature integrated by Forbytes allows managers to save a lot of time when interacting and partnering with suppliers.


Grow the number of sales by adding user-centric features to the platform.


We added a new product recommendation engine to the platform, ensuring that the products suggested to customers comply with their interests and needs.

Technology Stack

CI/CD: TeamCity, Octopus
Database: MS SQL
Search/Recommendation engine: eSales
Tests: NUnit, Rhino Mocks
Backend: .NET Framework, Web API, Win services
Logs: Elasticsearch
Host: On-premises

About the client

CDON is a leading B2B and B2C online marketplace in the Nordic region with millions of products available on their platform. Using the CDON platform, merchants can sell their products to the Nordic audience. Consumers, in turn, use CDON to look for a product, compare offers, and choose the best one for the optimal price.

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  • Leading Nordics’ marketplace
  • Founded in 1999
  • A part of the Qliro Group
  • B2B and B2C focus
  • $51.6 million NET sales in 2021
  • $43.7 million of revenue in 2022

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