Our Capabilities

Learning management and administration

Automation of learning management processes with the help of an eLearning software development company is a win-to-win decision for educational institutions. You can reduce paperwork, save employee time, increase efficiency, and reach higher effectiveness of learning. Custom eLearning software for management and administration will centralize in-house operations that increase the quality of education. This includes schedule management, eLearning content creation, student assessment and management, etc.

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Fostering professional growth

It’s easier to teach your reliable and long-working employee new skills than to find a person who’ll fit all your requirements. Professional training is vital for reaching higher revenue per employee. The more growth opportunities you offer to your team, the better returns you will get. eLearning development services enable you to offer quality educational services to your team using one centralized hub tailored to your needs, brand identity, and business specifics.

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Building learner-friendly spaces

If you own an educational organization or run a business, the learning process is something you cannot ignore. Your learners need to have a user-centric space for getting knowledge, collaborating with teams, gaining professional expertise and competence. Custom eLearning development by Forbytes gives learners the chance to self-improve without leaving your business ecosystem.

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eLearning for commercial goals

The growth of the eLearning industry motivates ambitious vendors to try themselves in this niche. More and more businesses build eLearning applications, online training software, websites, and portals for commercial purposes. The possible revenue channels include subscription plans of different levels, advertising, feature-based payments, and more. eLearning software development becomes the ground for opening a new business and earning money.

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Our Expertise



Our educational software development services include building LMS and LCMS. A learning management system (LMS) is used for content generation, role-based educational process management, and integrations with other systems. A learning content management system (LCMS) is a simpler tool for producing and storing educational materials and multimedia.


Gamified learning solutions

We are an education software development company that builds responsive and interactive gamified apps. With such an app, users get new knowledge in a gamified manner. They can earn badges, compete with other learners, get awards based on the scorecards, and more.


Learning administration and management tools

As an eLearning software company, we build custom eLearning solutions for management and administration. Such tools are used by employees and educators to manage curriculum, student progress and attendance, learner enrolment, perform student assessment, gather analytics, etc.


Mobile learning apps

Each e-learning software development company will tell you that mobile learning is a huge trend. It provides 24/7 access to education for users no matter the location. Together, we can develop a mobile learning app for language learning, corporate training, and more.


eLearning platforms and portals

As a part of our education software development strategy, we develop learning portals and education platforms. These are public spaces where users access courses, learning materials, interact with each other, assess their progress, etc.


Corporate training software

E-learning platform development by our team involves the creation of corporate training solutions. Such solutions facilitate professional growth, ease the onboarding process, offer role-based training opportunities, and streamline employee journey to getting promoted.

How We Add Value

01. Personalized learning

AI-powered models integrated into your eLearning solution can make the learning process more personalized. Individual recommendations, customized dashboards, personal stats, and automated notifications can make the learner’s path more engaging and productive. Also, AI can be used for the interpretation of progress stats and the creation of growth plans for each employee.

02. You choose the team

We are an eLearning software company that gives you flexibility. You can hire 1 developer, a few ones, or a whole team of cross-functional experts. It depends on the requirements of the project, the complexity of the work, and the deadlines. The last word about a team always belongs to you. If you choose Forbytes, you won’t face any unexpected expenses or twists in the eLearning software development services.

03. Learner-centric approach

The learner-centric approach is a golden standard for us as an e-learning software development company. It saves the trainer’s time and makes learning more dynamic. This approach lies at the core of our software development strategy and results in intuitive, user-friendly, and convenient tools for corporate or personal learning.

04. Compliance with standards

In the education software development services we offer, our engineers follow specific standards (xAPI, SCORM, AICC, etc.). We will make sure that your solution is compliant with industry-specific requirements for e-learning platform development. Our team is also good at accessibility. We will make your product adjustable and accessible to different categories of learners and different cognition types.