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Digital transformation strategy for the international fashion brand

Forbytes team took part in developing a digital transformation strategy for Stenströms – a respected fashion brand with over 120 years of history. Stenströms is well-known in Europe and has a wide distribution network in the United States and Canada. During project discovery, we helped the company get a clear vision of the digitalization process that would reduce manual work and open new opportunities for business growth.

Business needs

  • Create a digital transformation strategy that covers all business needs and production processes.


  • Structure information flow and project components in one clear system.


  • Get a strategic overview of the solution and plan out a project timeline, scope, and resources.


  • Validate the visual concept of the interface.

Forbytes solutions

  • During the discovery phase on the client’s side, Forbytes dove into internal processes of the company and came up with a clear plan for developing a solution tailored to Stenströms requirements.
  • We introduced new systems that will structure business information and create effective flow and exchange of information between departments. Expected that it will increase the efficiency of completing orders for items with custom measurements.
  • Stenströms got a clear understanding of the project structure and obtained the documentation necessary for the development stage: project scope, schedule, budget, team structure and more.
  • We provided a clickable prototype that represents user interaction with the future system that could be analyzed, adjusted and improved.

Discovery phase is very important. When you are a programmer or a representer of the client’s company, you only can see your part of the job. Discovery phase helped us to see what is needed for all business processes.


Forbytes team was so professional on the Discovery phase and in all the following. It was easy to communicate even if we were far away from each other.

Kristina Alderbrink Head of Production at Stenströms

Key facts about our client

  • Founded in 1899, Stenströms has always focused on quality and comfort. Their brand has been known and trusted in many countries for many years.
  • Today Stenströms has approximately 150 employees in Sweden and Estonia.
  • Fabrics for their products are produced in the Chech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.
  • Besides Scandinavia, the company has a wide distribution network in the United States (70 stores) and Canada (40 stores).

How we worked together

Project discovery helped both sides understand business needs deeper and design a clear digital transformation strategy.

We started the Discovery phase on the client’s side. Forbytes team spent a week in the Stenströms’ office in Sweden analyzing their business. Our main goal was to create a digital transformation strategy for the Made-to-Measure production process. Producing unique shirts for individual client measurements required retailers to fill in a paper-based form with client’s data, scan it and send it to Stenströms office in Sweden. There the order was put in the business system manually and sent to the factory in Estonia, where managers had to convert the information again so it could be used in their own system.

Stenströms and Forbytes teams worked together to design an application that reduces manual work and combines business processes in one system. This decreases the number of mistakes in Made to Measure orders, helps control fabric availability in different warehouses, frees up retailers’ time to allow them to handle more orders.

It is expected that the application will double the number of produced Made to measure shirts per week.

Results of the Discovery phase

  • We gathered all information about project components and their interactions to create understandable and easy to use Product breakdown structure;
  • Forbytes team visualized the deliverables sequence in a Roadmap to align the solution vision with the business objectives;
  • Our project manager created a Project Schedule to keep all processes in clear timeframes;
  • We validated our ideas for user experience by creating a Clickable prototype;
  • We chose a Project management approach that satisfied both teams and made communication transparent during the development stage;
  • We agreed on the Project team structure with the necessary skills to ensure better results at an optimal cost.

Technologies for project implementation

.NET Core
.NET Framework
Entity Framework
.NET Rules Engine
.NET Background Jobs

SPA Vue.js


Windows Services
MS SQL Server

Azure DevOps

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