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Forbytes is a software engineering and product development partner based in Eastern Europe. For years, our team leads businesses through digital transformation and help them scale up. Satisfied clients are the best confirmation of our high-quality work and our biggest pride.

Forbytes - a Custom Software Company
Forbytes - a Custom Software Company

Our mission

To solve non-technical business problems effectively with technical solutions.

Our vision

1. Dedication

We give our full undivided attention to the project and help your business reach its full potential.

2. Competence

We help your company become more efficient and create new possibilities for its growth.

3. Optimization

We come up with more effective decision-making approaches and release people from routine work.

4. Fulfillment

We create digital transformation solutions that satisfy all of our clients’ needs and make our employees feel fulfilled in their work.

Our story

Forbytes story started in 2011. At that time, ecommerce sales worldwide jumped at 19%, marking the beginning of a whole new way of doing business and trade. Forbytes’ founders decided to start a company aimed at helping ecommerce businesses in Sweden go through digitalization and obtain a fair share of the online retail market. In order to achieve this, Orest and Taras decided to hire the best people they could find, compromising neither cost nor value.

Soon, the team’s potential unlocked in our daily effort enabled us to expand our expertise. In 10 years, Forbytes has managed to become a trusted software development partner in dozens of domains and industries. Now, we deliver products for fintech, ecommerce, proptech, education, logistics, healthcare, etc.

Ever since the foundation, our software outsourcing company has been focusing on using technology to help businesses become more efficient. We apply our solid expertise in software engineering to support client-partners on their way to success, from small family businesses to market-leading enterprises.

Trust your business development to Forbytes —
a reliable software outsourcing company


offices in Europe


years of expertise

80 +



months as average duration
of partnership with client


projects delivered
for last two years

41 %

avarage growth of
new employees

7 %

Junior level developers

40 %

Middle level developers

53 %

Senior level developers

Forbytes’ Senior Management

Our founders have brought their year-long experience together to build a skilled, supportive, and committed team. The strong leadership of our senior management inspires us to build awesome software products and help businesses solve their challenges with technology.

Orest Chaykivskyy

Orest Chaykivskyy

Head of Business Development
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Taras Demkovych

Taras Demkovych

Chief Operating Officer
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Volodymyr Svinchuk

Volodymyr Svinchuk

Chief Marketing Officer
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Natalia Dubova

Natalia Dubova

Talent Manager
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