As a unit of digital information, a BYTE is one of the cores of the digital world, or the modern world, as it is now. A byte underlines all information technologies that we work FOR. So we use this core to bring up-to-date changes to your business and carry you through your digital transformation.

FORBYTES — technology to grow your business.

Forbytes office with a developer working
Forbytes office with a developer working

Our vision

To deliver excellence and quality service with dignity, to be the most trusted outsource supplier for our client-partners.

Our mission

To show our client-partners the full digital potential of their businesses and bring this possibility to life. We want our client-partners to be satisfied with new-age technological experience and our employees to feel fulfilled in their work.

Our principles

  • Be respectful by being punctual, attentive & honouring commitments
  • Be reliable by providing proactive, quality & accurate work
  • Be relevant by driving learning, upskilling & empowering knowledge
4.3 years
average duration of partnerships with clients
70 +
53 %
40 %
7 %
41 %
average annual growth of hiring new employees
miles travelled together
business trips every year
4 offices
located in Europe
released projects during the last 2 years
visited conferences, workshops, hackathons
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Our founders

In 2011 Forbytes began with the intention of helping businesses understand technology and how digital transformation can be used to grow their business. Our founders, Don Lowe, Taras Demkovych, and Orest Chaykivskyy, brought their experiences from various industries together to create a business that focused on helping clients harness their technological advances.

Don Lowe
Don Lowe
Chief Executive Officer
I enjoy being part of a team that has fun working together to achieve something that is challenging like doing a 30 km day hike in the mountains, then enjoying a relaxing evening together. We try to use the same concepts from our free time, to make the best of our work. We work as a team and take on the challenge to go the extra mile to help our client-partners.
Don Lowe, Chief Executive Officer
Taras Demkovych
Taras Demkovych
Chief Operating Officer
Technologies are the main core of any business process, and this is where we can make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. We aim not just to produce high-quality software but also to make a difference with every decision we make. I’m happy to have a team that shares my ideas, and I’m thankful to every one of them.  
Taras Demkovych, Chief Operating Officer
Orest Chaykivskyy
Orest Chaykivskyy
Head of Business Development
We founded a company where employees understand business and our clients' needs. The secret has been in creating the right culture and environment — where people and their knowledge are our greatest asset and drive every process. Having everyone in a company believing and living up to the mission and vision helps in moving a company forward
Orest Chaykivskyy, Head of Business Development

What sets us apart from any other outsource software company


Our client-partners and employees can and will tell you it is our focus on individuals and our drive to build long-lasting relationships that makes us trustworthy software partners. The founders are still running the company and their values of delivering reliable and relevant software development services in a proactive and respectful way permeate the company today.

High-End software is not the only service we provide. We aim to deliver business development practices to help your company grow. We take an interest in your business and your processes and find out how we can provide the best business development service to you. Whether it be project management tools, a portfolio management plan or a full-scale digital transformation, we want to make a difference in your business.


Office locations


E-commerce Park
Vasatorpsvägen 1
Helsingborg, 25457
+46 (0) 73 612 22 79

United Kingdom

22 Cross Street
Dysart, Kirkcaldy
+44 (0) 75 808 38 127


59, Kulparkivska Street
Lviv 79015
+38 (0) 32 232 97 70

13a, Shvabska Street
Uzhhorod 88018
+38 (0) 32 232 97 70

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