About us

Forbytes – the most trusted outsourced software developer. 

Our vision when we founded Forbytes was to be the most trusted outsourced supplier for our client-partners’ software development needs. This has remained our vision and on a daily basis we work to deliver on that vision.


Forbytes was founded in 2011 and from humble beginnings has now grown to a company of over 65 employees.  We are a Swedish company with offices in Helsingborg and in the Ukraine (L’viv and Uzhhorod).  Most recently we also established an office in Edinburgh in the UK.  This growth allows us to help more companies both locally and with cross-border business.  


We know that the success of our company depends on the success of our client-partners.  The growth of the company has been steady and is a result of the growth of our client-partners, facilitated by the digitalization services provided by Forbytes. Our long-term partnerships with client-partners that have grown to multi-million dollar businesses have allowed us to grow, invest in our people – our greatest assets – and spend time understanding the businesses we are assisting.


The founders, Orest, Taras and Don are still running the company and their values of delivering reliable and relevant developments in a proactive and respectful way permeate the company today. Our teams live up to the Forbytes mission of delivering excellent and quality service with dignity.  Our principles are:    

Be respectful...

by being punctual, attentive and honouring commitments.

Be reliable...

by providing proactive, quality and accurate work.

Be relevant...

by driving learning, upskilling and empowering knowledge.

Our people are YOUR greatest asset 

There is an art to recruiting the team members that work with our client-partners.  They must not only have the skills and ability to deliver excellent results, they must also fit the culture of our client-partner as well as Forbytes.  This is where the magic happens!  


We are extremely proud of our team members and what we have achieved together.  More importantly we are proud of our culture that brings expertise, energy and enthusiasm together to solve the business problems of our client-partners. We do this in a proactive way, seeing opportunities that perhaps our client-partners have not even identified, and delivering real business value through our work.
Dedicated development teams working together

Our teams are your teams – just outsourced

Following our rigorous recruitment process in which our client-partners are also involved, team members with the right attitude, knowledge and skills are rapidly involved in your project, contributing expertise, problem solving capabilities and creating value for you.  High quality delivery, exceeding your expectations, is what we strive for and is the foundation of our success.


Your business is unique and the retention of knowledge in your team is key to delivering long-term business value.  We pride ourselves on having a very low turnover of staff compared to industry standards, ensuring your team members really get to know you and the challenges you are overcoming using our services. We do not swap people in and out of dedicated teams, but make sure there is progression and learning potential within those teams for our staff.  We offer a true partnership for the long-term– which is why we are also very careful about which customers we choose to work with.

Meet our founders


Orest Chaykivskyy



Taras Demkovych



Don Lowe