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Forbytes is a software development company that crafts digital solutions to enhance business efficiency and customer interactions. We offer expertise in software engineering, data engineering, AI,
e-commerce, and system integrations, aiming to build enduring partnerships with our clients and deliver value beyond the development process.

Client success stories
<p>years of experience</p>

years of experience

<p>professionals and tech experts</p>

professionals and tech experts

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average annual team growth

<p>of developers are senior-level specialists</p>

of developers are senior-level specialists

Forbytes Today

Forbytes today is a team with more than 13 years of experience, comprising 100+ IT professionals in a range of areas. Our focus is on creating high-quality, scalable, and efficient software products that meet the specific needs of their clients, which range from startups to large enterprises.

Our services

How It All Started

Our story began in 2011 when Forbytes’ founders decided to start a company aimed at helping ecommerce businesses in Sweden go through digitalization and obtain a fair share of the online retail market. In order to achieve this, Orest and Taras decided to hire the best people they could find. In 10 years, Forbytes has become a trusted software development partner in dozens of domains and industries. Now, we deliver products for e-commerce, proptech, edtech, logistics, gaming, and more.

Our Mission

We help businesses solve non-technical challenges with technical solutions. Forbytes aims to change the way people perceive technology and feel about the integrity of services provided. Our company cares about the respect paid to the collaboration between businesses and providers of custom software solutions. We task ourselves to deliver quality over quantity, provide our clients with intelligent solutions, and thus exceed their expectations.

Our Vision

We envision our future in being a global provider of IT innovations. Today, we can name ourselves a global provider of software development services across a variety of business domains. We believe that our expertise and diligence have enabled us to help companies in the US and Europe outperform their competitors and deliver better products to their customers. With an effective team and the right skillset, we are able to expand our services across industries, facilitate our own growth, and keep conquering new markets.

How We Add Value

Forbytes is a community of experts with a strong culture. Efficiency, a big idea behind a product, and excellent quality — we know how to combine and implement these in our software solutions. We appreciate our clients’ trust and our joint effort to move towards a better, tech-driven world.


We are happy for our client’s success as much as for our own. The ability to grow a strong and long-lasting partnership is the main sign of the quality services we provide.


The values we promote translate into a caring attitude to a client and a big commitment to their goals. Our business communication is always respectful and transparent.


To achieve the best for our clients, we strive for maximum efficiency. This approach helps us earn their trust and make the “before/after” difference even more impressive.


As a tech-driven company, we appreciate the chance to contribute to client digital success and establish effective decision-making processes that satisfy their business needs.

Forbytes Senior Management

Our founders have brought their year-long experience together to build a skilled, supportive, and committed team. The strong leadership of our senior management inspires us to build awesome software products and help businesses solve their challenges with technology!

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