The effects of the pandemic are changing everything, from the way we behave and communicate to how we work and go about our daily routines. Businesses have been affected by the pandemic as well. They have to change and adapt to the situation to stay viable. It’s a daring task that can be made easier with technology, more specifically, with digital transformation solutions. Implementing such solutions will not only allow businesses to make the best out of a bad situation. It can even create some positive changes.

Efficient business management and remote work

One of the most noticeable effects of the pandemic is quarantine. Most people cannot come to the office, they have to stay at home and work remotely. If a business is not properly prepared for this, it can create quite a bottleneck.

People still have to do their jobs and business still has to be managed. Without proper means, this can really slow down all internal and external processes or even grind the business to a halt. Especially while the popularity of eCommerce grows.

Countries using ecommerce to products you would usually buy in store

This is where digital transformation solutions come in. Implementing a software solution into your business processes will make management a lot easier. What’s more, you can tailor and adapt the solution to all of your needs. As a business owner, imagine having a platform that handles your accounting, finances, marketing, etc., and allows you to manage your products, prices, and website content. And on top of that, it can be accessed remotely from almost anywhere. It will completely change how you manage your business and help your employees stay efficient even while working from home. — one of Sweden’s largest online furniture stores — went through something similar. We have helped them develop an entire e-commerce ecosystem — a digital transformation solution that handles all of their business processes, both internal and external. They became a lot more effective at managing their business as a result and greatly increased their profits. The system they obtained is quite flexible and allows them to quickly react to changes in the market.

Automation and decrease of manual work

The pandemic has led to another headache for businesses: how to handle product information and document flow. Many e-commerce businesses require their employees to handle tons of paper forms, documents, etc. With people staying at home, this becomes problematic.

Not to worry, though, as businesses have already found a perfect way out of this situation — automation. By automating and digitizing the information flow within the company, many have greatly decreased the amount of required manual work. Some took it even a step further and used automation to not only become more effective, but more profitable too.

Our client Stenströms — an elite fashion brand from Scandinavia, for example, is in the process of implementing a digital transformation solution into their handling of orders for custom shirts. It is expected to greatly reduce the amount of manual work, digitize all information flow, and allow them to produce more shirts at a quicker rate.

If you are still on the edge about whether digitization is a good idea — now should be the time to act. According to research by McKinsey Digital, approximately 60% of all occupations can have at least 30% (or more) of their activities automated. That’s a significant increase in both efficiency and saved revenue.

ecommerce automation statistics

Effective online marketing

People staying at home have not changed the fact that they still have to shop for various goods. The only thing that has changed is where they choose to go shopping. Supermarkets have seen a steady decrease in foot traffic as people turn towards ordering goods online.

US-based retailers statistics

In order to ride out this storm, your marketing would have to be quick, flexible, and on point. You must be able to effectively analyze your campaigns and make appropriate changes as soon as they are necessary.

This is where digital transformation solutions can really shine. A tool or software specifically engineered for your business will allow you to always stay on top of your marketing.

One of the main reasons why Desenio became one of Sweden’s leading eCommerce businesses last year was just that – effective marketing. Their business strategy was always focused on marketing, so they decided to develop a digital transformation solution and make it even more effective.

After partnering up with Forbytes, they obtained a marketing report tool that provides them with information not only about their campaigns but also about customers, their behavior, and shopping habits. The marketing team can quickly adjust its strategies and reach its audience more effectively.

In times like these, it’s very important for businesses that want to prevent losses in revenue.

What’s next?

Foremost — we should not panic. This is not the first global pandemic that has affected the global economy, and, just like before, we will come out of this situation stronger than ever. The best minds are working hard at developing and testing vaccines while many companies are doing what they can to help. We at Forbytes could not stand aside and are also trying to give a boost to the fight by offering our software development services to medical researchers at zero business profit.

As for businesses and their next steps, implementing digital transformation solutions to quickly adapt to current circumstances should become their top priority. If you require any assistance or simply do not know where to start — we can help. Book your free 1-hour advisory session with our business and tech experts to get started!

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