Our Capabilities

Digital transformation for retail

Apart from building apparel software, our industry experts offer digital transformation services. This type of service is in high demand among conventional businesses that need tech renovation, digitization, and business automation. We have experience crafting effective digital transformation strategies that start with product discovery and end with building user-friendly and transformational business solutions.

Business automation software

Fashion and apparel management software is aimed to facilitate business management and automate manual tasks. Our team can build business management tools that will help you reach operational efficiency, get 360-degree business visibility, and enable error-free omnichannel fulfillment. If your team gets tired of manual progress tracking, human-made errors, supply chain delays, and data management limitations, we can solve all of these problems with our next-gen solutions.

Product lifecycle management

The fashion and apparel business runs in a very competitive environment. If you want to facilitate time to market, unite all back-office operations in one place, and deliver products on time and budget, our team can help. Product ideas, manufacturing, inventory, distribution can be managed and accessed in one performant system. Such software can help you earn more satisfied clients by reducing waste, preventing outstocking, and increasing data accuracy.

Industry analytics and insights

We integrate AI and ML analytics with apparel ERP systems and other types of software. Customized dashboards will visualize data on key business aspects to help your managers keep track of all operations and processes. Technology-driven forecasts can be used for demand-supply planning, risk strategy development, and more. Besides, data on changing customer behavior, market trends, and user needs can be used by your team to improve your e-commerce sites and applications.

Our Expertise

Apparel ERP system

The apparel ERP system is used for performing day-to-day business activities that involve everything from season planning to accounting, production, and inventory management. Fashion ERP systems save time, ensure 24/7 data visibility, and free up resources for more value-added activities.

PLM software

Our team can build product lifecycle management (PLM) software and integrate it with other solutions like CRM, e-commerce platforms, ERP, etc. This type of apparel software is used for all-in-one product management, covering everything from product conceptualization to product library management and the development of colorways and palettes. PLM systems help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

PIM systems

Product information management (PIM) systems give your sales and marketing teams full control over stock distribution and management. Unlike PLM systems that focus mainly on product journey, PIM streamlines catalog management and cross-department cooperation. Forbytes has experience building a custom PIM solution for our long-term client and one of the leading e-commerce businesses in the Nordics.

Mobile solutions for fashion and apparel

If you need a mobile solution for your apparel business system, our team can help. Forbytes has more than 12 years of experience in e-commerce product development. We can develop an app for your customers to increase mobile commerce sales or an application for in-house use that will provide your team with real-time data and streamline management.

E-commerce site development

If you want to upgrade your e-commerce site or build a new one from scratch, do not hesitate to leave us a note. A fast-working fashion and apparel website will help you increase the number of satisfied customers, reduce chargebacks, and adjust to changing user needs. A unique UI/UX design of your website will emphasize your brand identity and make the user journey more exciting.

Third-party integrations

Sometimes, third-party integrations provide better outcomes than building solutions from scratch. We can plan and perform integration with the software used by your partners, suppliers, warehouses, etc. Fashion product management will become easy and hassle-free as you won’t have to leave your business ecosystem to access real-time supply chain data.

How We Add Value

Work with international brands

Apart from building garment manufacturing software and retail ERP system, we have experience in digitizing recognized fashion brands. One of our accomplishments is the digital transformation for the luxury fashion brand Stenströms. Together, we’ve developed a business automation strategy that reduces paperwork and ensures operational efficiency for their team.

Feature-rich software

If your business needs custom functionality for clothing management, we are ready to build one. Our team avoids a one-size-fits-all approach to building ERP for the apparel industry. We will carefully listen to your business needs and then meet them with a performant customized ERP solution. You will get the right tools and functions to boost performance and achieve sustainability and agility.

An eye on competitors

In apparel industry management, you should keep an eye on competitors. Before building garment management systems, we conduct a deep analysis of the market. It’s always a good idea to do better than competitors to make your business stand out. For this, we need to have an understanding of the context your business operates in and study the market response to changes, economic and political conditions, and trends.

Confidentiality and security

Data is a real asset for business, particularly for apparel retail ERP. Forbytes always provides data security assurance and signs a formal agreement with clients. The agreement prescribes the responsibilities and rights of each party, including the data security assurances. Secure development of fashion ERP systems is our duty and our ultimate goal.