Our Data Migration Process

Our team offers a 6-step data migration service. It starts with designing the strategy and ends with support and maintenance. Here is what our entire data migration process looks like:


We start with designing the migration plan. For this, we analyze the data flow in your organization. We identify the data sources, dependencies, and formats (files, blocks, objects, etc.) and come up with the requirements for the new system to fully meet your business needs.

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The next step is to make sure the data are ready for migration and load them to the new repository, system, or another solution of your choice. To secure your data and prevent data loss, we use only recognized data transition tools and implement an effective backup strategy.

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After we fulfilled the data migration service, our team moves to data tuning, structuring, and organization. We review the data, transform them if needed, remove duplicates, fix all data issues, etc. to provide you with a solid foundation for data management.

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After we migrate data and cleanse them, our data migration company tests and verifies the load process. We also configure and test regular data synchronization to fully automate this process and prevent data errors. Besides, we can be involved in instructing end users and staff on the use of the new data management solution.

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As a data migration company, we make sure that each component of the system works well. Hereafter, we start exposing your data to BI systems for insightful analytics and integrating it with the third-party solutions you need.

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We will make sure that the IT infrastructure is up and running and that you face no issues when managing your data. Anytime, you will be able to approach our data migration team and ask for help. Together, we will address an issue and solve it in the shortest time possible.

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When Do You Need Data Migration Services?


You move from old to new

It can happen that the system you use for data storage and management gets outdated. Our data migration company can help you migrate your data from the old system to the new version or to a brand-new solution to help you increase the security, performance, and efficiency of your business.


You want to synchronize data

In each piece of software they use, companies store and manage some data. If the data points are disconnected, it’s hard to conduct a consistent and accurate overview of the business performance. Forbytes can help you synchronize diverse data from all data points in one central system.


You aim to get more value

If you collect big volumes of data that bring no value, data migration services can help you fix this situation. By moving all your business data to a secure and reliable place, you get the opportunity to visualize data and generate business insights from it.


You plan to move to the cloud

On-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud migration is a way to cut operation expenses, increase productivity, and automate data processes. Forbytes will be here for you to assist in this task. Cloud migration will ensure 24/7 access to data for your staff as well as supreme performance.


You need more control over data

Data migration companies can provide clients with role-based access to data. Together, we can review data-related processes in your business to understand who, when, and how leverages data. Hereafter, we will ensure role-based data access and full control over data management.


You strive at data-driven decision making

There is no point in storing data if they are not useful for your business growth. With data migration services, you can fully benefit from data-driven decision-making. The data stored and managed in an all-in-one system will be interpreted in the business reports and used for analytics.

Here’s How We Add Value

Data strategy

Our data migration service is not a one-time offer for your business. Instead, Forbytes strives to make a long-term impact on your ecosystem by developing a solid data strategy. It involves data migration, structuring, standardization, verification, and other processes that will be customized according to your needs.

Gap analysis

As a data migration company, we will help you identify the gaps in data flow and management. To improve performance, your staff should be provided with access to the right data. After the gap analysis, we will make sure that everyone is on the same page when interpreting the numbers.

Painless migration

Our team will organize a non-disruptive data migration process. Your staff won’t be affected by the start of the project and will be able to continue their work as usual. The data migration services won’t bring you financial damage as they don’t require you to put your business on pause.

Secure by design

Forbytes will ensure the secure connectivity of your data management solution with data sources (ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.) and other pieces of software you use. We are among data migration companies that use data encryption to protect an ecosystem from defects and third-party breaches.


Are there any risks of losing my data when migrating?

Such risks are excluded. If you choose Forbytes as a data migration company, you get a secure database migration service and quality assurance. Before starting data migrations, we back up the data to prevent any chance of data loss. All in all, our team will do their best to ensure an integrated migration experience with no damage to your business.

Can you mention a successful data migration case completed by your team?

Recently, we have performed data migration for one of our long-term ecommerce clients. The client is a big ecommerce enterprise that collects a lot of data across channels. We migrated all the data to one secure location with minimal downtime to help the client manage, store, and interpret it in a convenient way.

Check the case study for more.

How much does the data migration cost?

The costs of database migrations depend on many factors. These include project scope, the complexity of requirements, team composition, timeline, and others.

Contact us to discuss your project goals and get an estimation of the data migration project costs.

What to do if I face issues after data migration?

Your data storage and management solution will go through thorough testing by our team. We will multiply test how it performs, how the data are extracted, and whether they are synchronized properly with no duplicates or bugs. This way, we will minimize the chances of issues or problems after the project launch.

However, if you do face issues or problems after the database migration service, our team will be available for you anytime to help you fix them. Also, we are one of the data migration companies that offer support and maintenance services that are included in the project price. This approach will help you make sure that you get a quality and performant solution.