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Magento is downloaded 5000+ times daily. This technology gives businesses all the essential tools for building feature-rich online stores. Our Magento development services can help you grow online, from creating a brand-new ecommerce website to adding engaging features to your existing e-store.

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Magento ecommerce development can have a big impact on user conversion. With the help of a Magento development company, you can prevent your customers from waiting too long as your website will load quickly and in a bug-free way. This is because Magento ensures the high speed and performance of ecommerce websites when using minimal resources of a server.


The technology provides robust functionality for product, inventory, and order management. Magento developers can integrate numerous third-party tools with your ecommerce website. From different payment methods to CRM systems, such tools will make your software more convenient both for a user and an employee.

Data analytics

Reporting is critical as it helps businesses learn lessons from their experience and get practical insights. 20+ types of reports are available in the system. The data from various reports will provide you with the ground for ecommerce metrics analysis and effective decision-making.


With Magento web development services, you get unlimited opportunities to make your ecommerce store stand out. This is a highly customizable technology offering different methods for making payments, managing product categories, and personalizing client experience.


Choosing custom Magento development services is a good solution for those who plan to scale. The Magento platform allows for adding up to 500,000 products to one website. Moreover, you will be able to process more than 80,000 orders hourly. This gives a lot of opportunities for growth and business progress.


You’ll feel safe about your store and customer data with numerous Magento security extensions. You will be able to advance your data safety by implementing multi-layer security measures. On top of that, the Magento team constantly monitors the platform and effectively reacts to any ecommerce security threat.

How We Add Value

We are ecommerce nerds

Our team specializes in ecommerce website development for more than 13 years. We’ve built solutions for some of the biggest online retailers in the Nordic region. Many of our clients stay with us for years, and our project cooperation has grown into a trusted and long-lasting partnership.

Getting informed promptly

Transparency is one of our strong sides. If you choose our Magento development services, you can be sure that you won’t face any twists or bad surprises at the end of the project. In case of any problem or issue, you will be promptly informed, and we will solve the obstacles together.

Hassle-free cooperation

You define how often you want to get in touch with the team and what form of accountability and reporting you prefer. We won’t bother you when there is no need for that. This will free up your time for managing strategic business tasks, while we will take care of the rest.

Focus on branded experience

There are lots of identical ecommerce stores on the Internet. Building an e-store for the sake of building — this does not work anymore. This is why we pay particular attention to designing a user interface that emphasizes your brand identity, highlights your strengths, and differentiates you from competitors.


How much does it cost to build Magento websites?

The cost of building a Magento store depends on many factors. What Magento version you prefer (open-source or paid), how many customizations you need, how many third-party tools you want to integrate with your Magento site, etc. If you do not know the answers to these questions, you can request an ecommerce consultation with our experts to develop a blueprint for your Magento ecommerce project.

Is Magento always the best option for ecommerce businesses?

Not necessarily. Shopify, Magento, 3DCart, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are among the best ecommerce platforms, each with its pros and cons. In our blog, you can view the detailed comparison of Magento vs Shopify. Or, contact us to discover our vision of the best e-commerce solution for your business.

Is it possible to change one ecommerce platform to another?

Yes, and this process is called ecommerce replatforming. If you pay for unnecessary functions, are dissatisfied with the platform’s features, or are unable to scale your online store, consider replatforming. Our Magento developers offer ecommerce migration services where you can upgrade your store to the latest platform’s version or completely change the platform for more effective performance.

Is Magento free of charge?

Magento has different versions: Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, and Magento Commerce Cloud. The open-source version can be used for free. The other two versions are paid but provide a lot of useful Magento functions and integration opportunities. Contact our Magento web developers to discuss what solution fits your case the best.

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