IT Consulting Services We Offer

Forbytes offers consulting services at any stage of software development and business transformation.

IT solutions consulting

Our IT consultants devise strategies for software product engineering from scratch. Also, our IT specialists audit the existing IT environments and business processes to develop a comprehensive plan for reaching your business objectives and facilitating business growth.

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Advisory services for software startups

If you have an idea for a software product, the Forbytes team will analyze the market and evaluate its competitive power for you. Also, we will conceptualize your idea and provide you with a strategy for product development.

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Security consulting

Our team of software consulting experts can help you ensure the cybersecurity of your digital environment. We will provide business technology consulting services, detect the weak spots of your system, and develop ways to protect your IT environment against cyberattacks.

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Migration services advisory

Forbytes can help you develop a plan for effortless and cost-efficient cloud migration. We will start our software consulting services by auditing the infrastructure and choosing the right cloud option. Then, you will be provided with a comprehensive migration strategy.

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Digital transformation consulting

As a result of our information technology consulting services, we come up with a practical plan for digital transformation. Our information technology management consultant identifies areas of your business that need to be digitized and develops a strategy for process automation, site optimization, and enhancement.

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IT solution renovation

You share your business goals, and then we audit the code of your software product. After we detect areas for improvement, our team of information systems consulting experts will elaborate on the plan for the code/architecture/infrastructure change.

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Our IT Advisory Strategy



We start our technical consulting service with an end-to-end audit of your business. You share your business needs and communicate the desired outcomes. We dive into your vision to understand how to implement it in your digital product.



Our IT services consultants summarize their key findings on your business and use them as a basis for planning out the IT strategy. At this stage of IT systems consulting, we make sure that all your requirements are discussed and deeply analyzed.



Based on our information technology strategy consulting, we set the goals for the business strategy. These goals will form the basis of your action plan and serve as benchmarks for the strategy’s success. We take into account your capacity, resources, budget, and deadlines.



Our IT support consultant brings together all information, findings, and insights and develops a step-by-step plan for your business. You will get a comprehensive guide on how to reach your digital goals and increase business effectiveness.



Forbytes’ IT systems consultant presents the strategy and makes sure that the consulting process aligns with your expectations. The comprehensive strategy will consist of detailed and fact-driven steps, with all necessary resources, means, and tools described.



After you approve the strategy by our IT system consultant, our cooperation can go on. The Forbytes team offers project management services and can stay with you throughout the whole process of product implementation.

Here’s How We Add Value

Fact-driven approach

We do not make assumptions — we deliver a data-driven plan. Sure, our year-long experience has made us sensitive to market trends and business pains. But we do not rely exclusively on our business intuition. We combine it with profound analysis and strategic research.

Complex service

Our information technology professional services are not a one-time conversation. Forbytes uses a complex 6-step approach to designing a strategy for your digital solution. We will keep in touch at each stage and stay flexible to your wishes.


While working on information system consulting, we will strive for efficiency and optimization. Even if the latter is not your primary goal, we will use it as a principle for building your digital strategy and help you spend fewer resources on business management.

Business expertise

As an IT consulting company, we combine tech competence with commercial expertise to deliver high-quality service and give the right guidance. Before diving into product engineering, we apply business analytics to test the idea.


What are the main signs that I need the IT consultation?

Whenever you have doubts concerning your digital strategy or do not know what direction to choose, you may contact the Forbytes team and get a prompt response.

Hire an IT consultant if you see problems in your business that may be solved with emerging technologies. The professionals will advise you on the best solution to your pains and give you a clear guide on where to move. Also, IT consultancy will be useful if you want to undergo digital transformation and build software but do not have a plan. In this case, our experts in technology services will develop a strategy for your project.

Finally, IT consulting will come in handy if you have an idea for a commercial software project but doubt its chances for success. Business analysis and market research conducted by our IT solutions consultancy professionals will give you a clear picture of your idea’s strong and weak sides.

How can I benefit from IT consulting services?

Firstly, if you choose an IT consultancy company, you minimize risks. Advice from experienced consulting companies helps you develop a clear vision of your project and your core goals. IT specialists have vast experience in dealing with projects of different kinds. They know what mistakes businesses make, how to avoid them, and how to make a project better after information technology consulting.

Furthermore, IT consultants can help implement your idea in the right way. Suppose that you set a business goal and want to implement it with a software product. Yet, relying on intuition in making business decisions may lead to the wrong interpretation of goals. An IT consulting firm will help you choose the right way of idea implementation and make sure that your clients will use your product in the way you expect.

Can I hire IT consultants if I already have a software development team?

Sure. IT advisory services is a separate option that you can choose independently of software development. It’s never too late to save the situation if you see that your software development team needs help. After all, by getting valuable advice from information technology consultants, you can save money and eliminate risks.