Mobile Development Services

Businesses come to us with different requests. As a response to their needs, Forbytes offers a wide range of mobile application development services:

Native mobile app development

We offer custom mobile app development and build Android and iOS apps for different audiences and industries. Our mobile applications help businesses stand out with their service, promote their products, and find loyal clients.

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Cross-platform app development service

Our cross-platform mobile app development service helps businesses reach a wider audience in a cost-effective way. Cross-platform apps use a single code base and are easy to maintain, which optimizes the development costs.

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PWA development

Progressive Web App (PWA) is an efficient alternative to native apps. If you have a website, building PWA will adjust your product to the needs of the mobile audience and reduce the development expenses compared to building native apps.

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UI/UX design for mobile

As an enterprise mobile app development company, we offer UI/UX design services for mobile. Our design services are aimed to increase conversion and user engagement. Forbytes specialists conduct a UI/UX analysis and come up with solutions for an attractive user interface and flawless experience.

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MVP development

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps you test the viability of your idea. It is the best choice for businesses that doubt their chances for success and want to get the audience’s feedback before investing in full-scale app development.

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Mobile development consultancy

No matter at what stage your software development is — you can get in touch with us and get a consistent 6-step consulting service. We can advise you on planning, development, management, UI/UX, product commercialization, etc. at any stage of custom mobile applications development.

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Our Mobile Development Strategy


Business analysis

Our mobile developers and business analysts discover your idea and conceptualize it. To turn it into a successful app, we study your business goals and expectations and define the core features of your future product.


Project planning

Forbytes is a mobile app development company that always considers your budget, capacity, and deadlines to create a project roadmap. We divide a project into stages and outline the needed resources, timeframes, and people involved.


UI/UX design

We start following the plan. Our UI/UX designers create a design for your application. We choose user-friendly, laconic, and minimalistic styles that suit a particular industry and engage users in the right way.


Product development

Mobile application development starts with building the backend. Then we move to API and the frontend of your application. We develop apps using Agile methodologies, which enable us to be more efficient and productive.


QA Testing

Your app goes through a series of testing to ensure the highest product quality. We combine automated and manual testing and assess the app’s performance, security, responsiveness, functional and non-functional characteristics, and more.


Delivery and support

After thorough testing, your product is ready to go. We offer maintenance and support and regularly improve your application. When introducing updates, our team also makes sure that it is bug-free and performant.

Here’s How We Add Value

Agile development

Our cross-functional development teams use Agile methodologies to reach client goals. Agility in the mobile development process allows for quick delivery, effective problem-solving, responsiveness to change, and continual improvement of your app.

Scalable apps

To stay competitive, you will have to update your software product regularly. We are a mobile application development company that builds scalable applications. We will easily integrate new features and functions into your app anytime.

Elegant design

Our task is to provide you with a powerful and error-free software product. But we also care about its visual appearance and attractiveness in the eyes of a client. We think about design as a way to catch user attention and differentiate.

Adaptive management

Forbytes is flexible to your capacities. No matter how big or small your project is, we will find ways to help you in achieving your goals. Our mobile app developers will effectively manage resources and stay efficient at all stages.


What are the benefits of custom mobile development?

The app development process provides you with new opportunities for making revenue. Modern customers always have their mobile phones at hand. They want to have the chance to order goods or get service via mobile, no matter the location and time. This is how mobile development services help reach a wider audience and earn more appreciators of your service.

Moreover, mobile app development services help you stay in touch with your regular customers. The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes. That is, by building a mobile app for your business, you improve brand visibility and expand market coverage. Your clients will promptly get updates and engage in long-lasting relationships with your company.

What to choose for my business: website development or mobile app development?

The 21st century dictates new rules, and the perfect option is to build a multi-platform digital environment that involves both mobile and web presence. But to give a precise answer, we should study your business model, goals, and capabilities.

What industry are you operating in? What are the characteristics of your target audience and your product? These and many other questions should be answered before we choose the best mobile development approach for your business. You can contact our team anytime and we’ll discuss your business case.

On the one hand, if compare mobile app and website engagement, mobile will win. Let’s take the promotion aspect as an example. Nearly 44% of Apple users and 90% of Android users allow for push notifications. Meantime, website notifications are accepted only by 12% of visitors.

On the other hand, website development is better for big businesses aiming to reach a global audience. Also, there is an alternative for those who cannot decide what to choose. You can build a Progressive Web App (PWA). It combines the features of an app and a website in one product and makes it convenient for a user to access a webpage from their smartphones.

What is the difference between native, hybrid, and cross-platform app development?

Native apps run on one operating system. That is, you will have to choose whether you want to reach iOS users or Android/Windows smartphone owners. Cross-platform applications support different operating systems at the same time. Meanwhile, hybrid apps are websites packed into the form of an app that also can run on different OSs. A mobile development company will analyze your audience and help you choose the best approach.