Development of custom SaaS solution for property reservation and management.

Our development team helped our client Telic Minds build a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for hotel and property management – Basil365. We built intelligent software with features that make managing properties and hotels a lot more convenient and efficient. As a result of our cooperation, our clients became one of the Top 10 Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Providers of 2018.

Business needs

  • An experienced team that would assist in developing the frontend part of a software solution.


  • A SaaS solution with all the necessary features for effective and convenient property management that would have high demand among property owners.


  • Integration with popular booking channels to increase the reach of property owners.


  • A flexible solution that would be accessible and easy to use by several users.

Forbytes solutions

  • At the beginning of the project, our team was entrusted with frontend development of the solution, while the client took care of the backend part from their side. However, as the cooperation continued and grew stronger, we gradually took over the entire development of Basil365.
  • As the development continued, we implemented more and more features to Basil365. The end-solution allows users to completely manage all of their properties, from bookings, pricing, and payments, to discounts, housekeeping, and notifications.
  • During the development stage, we implemented one of the best Channel Managers on the market – HotelRunner. It, in turn, allows Basil365 to integrate with various booking channels, such as, Airbnb, Facebook, Expedia, etc. The tool gives owners full control of their property by synchronizing price lists and availability and providing accurate and up-to-date information.
  • The end-solution supports multiple languages and an unlimited amount of users. It is hosted on the Azure cloud service, does not require installation and can be accessed virtually from anywhere and any device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Forbytes has done a good job delivering features and having code-review discussions with us.


Their Azure expertise was excellent during the project. The process was good and they were able to collaborate as one team. If the client was unhappy at any point, they tried to solve it. They delivered features with a customer-oriented mindset.​

CEO/CTO Telic Minds AB

How we worked together

Forbytes team developed an intelligent property reservation and management system. Effective communication with the client allowed us to constantly receive feedback and improve the solution.

When we partnered up with TelicMinds, they already had an idea of what their custom solution for property management should be. They needed an experienced development team to work on the frontend part of the software while they worked on the backend part from their side. However, as the cooperation continued and the client’s trust in our expertise grew, Forbytes team took over the entire development of the solution while the client switched to more business-related tasks.

Right from the start, we have managed to establish effective communication between the team and the client. This way, we always had access to user feedback and could quickly introduce new features, make changes or adjustments to further improve the solution. As a result, our client was very satisfied with our cooperation and the software that we have developed.

Basil365 includes numerous useful features:

  • Full property and reservation management in one system. Basil365 allows users to create and customize bookings, customize prices and offer discounts, sell additional services and products for visitors during their stay, manage, change and upgrade rooms. The system always provides accurate and up-to-date information about property availability. Users also receive notifications triggered by certain events, which they can customize.
  • The software possesses powerful reporting tools that can be customized and tailored to specific business needs. This allows property owners to become even more effective at analyzing the performance of their business.
  • Basil365 can be integrated with other popular booking channels, such as or Airbnb. Information is synchronized all the time, so users always have the most recent and accurate information about prices and reservations across all channels. This allows property owners to extend their reach and attract more customers that use different platforms for booking.
  • A convenient and easy-to-use solution that can have an unlimited number of users and supports multiple languages. The solution is hosted on one of the best and most popular cloud services in the world – Azure from Microsoft. Basil365 can be accessed at once without installation and offers automatic data backup.
  • Blue-Green deployment method was used by our team during development. It made hosting a lot more secure and prevented application downtime during updates. In addition, our team implemented an automatic application deployment system. This made the introduction of new features a lot more time and cost-effective.

Technologies we have used in this project.

.NET Framework
.NET Background Jobs





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