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Data-driven SaaS solution for hotel management

Telic Minds looked for a company that can build custom hotel management software. The software was intended to connect hotels and visitors in one platform. Our senior developers helped the client build an intelligent SaaS system for hotel and property management that eases day-to-day administrative tasks and streamlines the user path to booking a hotel stay


Telic Minds

Product type:

Custom SaaS solution




Microsoft .NET

Scope of the project

We started cooperating with Telic Minds in 2012. The client came to us with the idea for hotel management software. They needed an experienced development team to work on the frontend part of the software while they worked on the backend part on their side. As the cooperation continued and the client’s trust in us, the Forbytes team took over the entire development of the solution while the client switched to more strategic business tasks.

A custom SaaS system we built allows for day-to-day hotel and property management for small-to-big hotels. It also enables users to book a hotel reservation, get in touch with a hotel, compare different hotel options, and more. The solution is hosted on one of the best cloud services — Azure by Microsoft. Basil365 can be accessed without installation and offers automatic data backup.

As a result of our cooperation, Telic Minds got an effective tool with features that make managing properties and hotels a lot more convenient and efficient. The module of Basil365 includes several systems: the functionality for property management, channel management, visitor’s side system, payment management, revenue management, reporting, and some others. Thanks to its powerful software, Basil365 became one of the Top 10 Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Providers.

Challenge 1

Telic Minds wanted us to build an all-in-one system with all the necessary features for effective property management that would be interesting to property owners.


Forbytes built an intuitive SaaS solution that allows users to create and customize bookings, manage prices and offer discounts, sell additional services and products for visitors during their stay, manage, change, and upgrade rooms, and more.

Challenge 2

The client expected us to integrate the software with hundreds of booking channels as well as social networks, which would increase the popularity of Basil365 and help them reach a wider audience.


We added HotelRunner, a leading channel manager, to the solution, enabling Basil365 to integrate with many external booking channels, such as, Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.

Challenge 3

As we developed the solution from scratch, Telic Minds needed to ensure supreme data security, create a reliable data backup, and enable secure access to the system.


Our team created role-based permission schemes that protect the system and enable automatic data backup, preventing data loss and third-party breaches.

Challenge 4

The system had to be accessible 24/7 for the hotel management staff who were supposed to use the system from any device and easily access system upgrades.


Our senior developers chose Azure multi-environment hosting for Basil365, which is a cloud-based solution with an advanced architecture that helps us ensure constant accessibility.

Technologies we have used in this project


.NET Framework
.NET Background Jobs










How We Add Value

Blue-green deployment

When working on Basil365, our team of senior software engineers implemented the blue/green deployment method. It made hosting a lot more secure and helped us prevent application downtime during updates. In addition, our developers implemented an automatic application deployment system, which made the creation of new features more time- and cost-effective

Real-time data sync

The system always provides accurate and up-to-date data about property availability. Users receive notifications triggered by certain events, which they can customize. The reception receives information on room cleaning, availability, and status, direct requests from the customer for changes/upgrades to their room bookings, as well as updated accounting documents that can be exported for further calculations or changes.

Reporting and analytics

The software includes powerful reporting features that can be customized and tailored to specific business needs. This allows property owners to become even more effective at analyzing the performance of their business. Insights gained from reporting help hotels develop data-driven decision-making strategies, track their KPIs, and use data to analyze the effect of marketing on user engagement.

New marketing opportunities

We integrated Basil365 with Channel Manager and additional marketing tools. The hotel staff can link the system to external sales channels and online travel agencies (OTAs). The system shares hotel data across channels and synchronizes prices as well as hotel reservation info. The hotel staff can use multiple tools, including the system’s guest page, to promote their offers, engage clients with welcoming or thank-you messages, attract users from other platforms, and more.

About Telic Minds

Telic Minds is a consulting company that builds solutions for the hotel industry. They help hospitality businesses acquire a competitive advantage and develop customer-centric strategies by leveraging the power of technology. We have been partnering with Telic Minds since 2012 and providing them with senior-level software engineering expertise.

  • Founded in 2011
  • Sweden-based Agile company
  • Build solutions for the hotel industry
  • Offer senior consultancy services

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