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Helping the B2B and B2C retailer drive higher sales with dedicated development

North European Trust is one of our long-term clients and partners. Our cooperation started with Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration of the client’s websites and upgrading their back-office systems. This time, the goal of our dedicated experts was to enhance ecommerce stability by migrating to a secure cloud service provider, improve UI/UX for one of the solutions, and enable all-in-one management for client e-stores.

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North European Trust

Service type:

Dedicated development team




PHP, Magento

Scope of the project

Our first goal was to improve the security and performance of all the client’s websites. A previous cloud hosting provider proved itself to be ineffective under the conditions of high traffic. This is why we decided to migrate all the solutions to AWS. Our team reached cost-effectiveness, high website productivity, and robust security essential for ecommerce success.

Next, the client’s desire to scale and grow resulted in the emergence of Dinhoj. The ecommerce management platform used on this website initially brought about some obstacles to the client’s management, efficiency, and productivity. We migrated the website to Magento, a platform trusted by numerous famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Jaguar, Liverpool, etc.

Together with the client, our dedicated team works stably to ensure a flawless end-user experience. For this, we decided to renew the UI of the Dinhoj website. Pursuing business goals with a target customer in mind helps the client grow and reach new markets.

Challenge 1

After a negative experience with a previous cloud hosting provider, the client aimed to migrate to a secure and stable solution.


We performed a full-scale migration to AWS. It’s a future-proof technology that ensures robust security, high productivity, and efficiency for ecommerce businesses.

Challenge 2

The client wanted to integrate their new website (Dinhoj) into the infrastructure and have one ecommerce management platform for running all their businesses.


Forbytes engineers migrated all product and customer data of Dinhoj to Magento 2 and worked on website stability to ensure that they could handle high traffic during peak seasons.

Challenge 3

North European Trust expected their websites to have the capacity for autoscaling and the ability to deal with growing traffic.


Our team enabled proactive event-based autoscaling by improving the system’s infrastructure and performance.

Challenge 4

The company aimed to increase the conversion rate by improving the end-user experience. Easy navigation and an engaging look of Dinhoj were the keys to this goal.


Our dedicated experts upgraded the front end of the solution, enhanced website performance, and decreased page load time. A new front-end theme of Dinhoj now facilitates the team’s marketing effort and helps them drive more sales.

Technologies we have used in this project


Magento 2.3




Knockout JS
Require JS

and search engine

Trustpilot extension





VPS Server

Financial management solution


Other tools
and integrations

Payment providers
New Relic
Scrive eSign

How We Add Value

From stability to growth

One of the challenges to client growth was unstable website performance. The more users visited the website, the less performant it was. The goal of our team was to ensure website stability first and then move to scalability.

During the 2021 high sales season, the website proved itself to be able to cope with high loads. We are now targeted at growth seen in the increased number of website visitors and higher sales. The client can sleep soundly without the fear that their website is down under big traffic.

Better user experience

We build our products with the end user in mind. Improving website performance metrics was halfway to a better user experience on client stores. Another part of this goal was to make a website visually appealing. The look of the action buttons, website intuitiveness, and overall design determine if a customer prefers you over competitors.

To stay up-to-date, Dinhoj needed a front-end renovation. Improving the UI/UX of the website enabled the client to deliver better services in a laconic and visually appealing form. What’s more, we are going to do the same with the rest of the websites to help the client deliver a quality experience across all digital channels.

Streamlined catalog management

Forbytes software engineers redesigned the catalog to ease the manager’s work and achieve a better user experience. Ineffective catalog structure was one of the vulnerabilities of the client’s websites. There were lots of category and subcategory duplicates that complicated product search for both user and employee.

We introduced a clear and manageable catalog with a hierarchical structure. Now, the user can easily find the needed spare parts based on vehicle type, brand, model, year, etc. We applied the same logic for product filtering on the user side. In the admin panel for managers, we introduced improvements that ease catalog management based on product filtering and search.

Satisfied clients

Our software developers improved some vital aspects of the journey a user takes when buying vehicles from NET. We integrated new payment methods that are popular in the Nordic region (Klarna, Swish), added the function of a wishlist, enabled a cookie policy notice on the websites, and more.

To ensure compliance with regulations and laws, our team also added the module that validates if a user is 18 or more years old and is eligible to buy a vehicle. Last but not least, we built a personalized shipping feature that suggests the best shipping methods based on the weight and size of the purchased products. A user can choose the one that is the most convenient and efficient.

About North European

North European Trust is a B2B and B2C retailer of motorcycles, electronic bicycles, mopeds, and spare parts. It provides sales, maintenance, and repair services for clients in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The vendor offers over 20 000 products through several channels and grows its own scooter brand Viarelli. North European Trust is aimed at digital growth, business renovation, and first-class client experience.

  • Operates in B2B and B2C sectors
  • One of the biggest niche wholesalers in the Scandinavian region
  • Owns several e-commerce stores
  • Offers more than 20 000 products
  • 20% of all moped sales in Sweden come from the client’s e-store
  • 18.8% of ROA in 2020

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