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Digital transformation for one of the biggest online retailers of furniture in Scandinavia

Our software development team has developed an entire eCommerce system for our client Home Furnishing Nordic — one of the largest online retailers of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia. We regularly build and implement new features and tools that make the business more efficient and help them scale up and grow.

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Home Furnishing Nordic

Service type:

Digital transformation




Microsoft .NET, React, Node.js, PHP

Scope of the project

We began by creating a flexible platform that became the foundation for further development. Eventually, it transformed into an eCommerce system that now supports separate eCommerce stores for 4 markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. One of the main tasks of the Forbytes team was to build a back-office solution for order management. The system we built is used by different categories of managers to process orders from all digital channels plus offline stores.

The functionality of the back-office system enables managers to facilitate order fulfillment and respond to orders promptly. For this, the managers use the function of dashboards that display real-time data on critical order issues. For example, if there’s a frozen order or order that requires a manager to get in touch with a user, these are displayed in dashboards. The manager doesn’t have to go through endless order lists manually — orders requiring particular attention are already visible in the dashboard.

Using the system, the managers can see orders made by users on public websites in real-time or create such orders by themselves (if, for example, the user makes an order via phone). Apart from the back-office system, we built a service purchase system and product information management system that facilitate the work of the brand. Besides, our team maintains and improves the client’s public websites and adds new functionality as they scale up.

Challenge 1

Our client had to undergo a full-scale digital transformation that would result in better user engagement, more website visitors, and increased sales. They wanted to improve what was already done and build new tools to facilitate back-office work.


We completed a full digital transformation and built an eCommerce system that handles different aspects of the business, from content management to logistics, accounting, and more.

Challenge 2

HFN aimed to offer a growing variety of products but prevent outstocking and money waste. The new ecommerce solution was expected to provide managers with all essential data on stock, pricing, and product availability from warehouses.


The managers use the system to check product availability in real-time, manage stock, configure pricing, etc. There’s also the 3-step function of requesting products from warehouses. The progress on the request can be tracked in the system as well.

Challenge 3

The client wanted to streamline the work of managers who daily deal with thousands of orders of different kinds. For this, they needed an effective functionality for order search and management based on order categories.


The back-office system built by our team displays all essential data on orders for a manager. For each order, they can view info on a customer, delivery status, gift cards, products included, etc. What’s more, they can create and save custom filters that ease order search based on the channel, date, customer, etc.

Challenge 4

HFN wanted us to regularly introduce new features and make sure that they are integrated properly into the system and cause no negative effect on performance and user experience.


We always monitor the system and look for new ways to make it faster and more efficient. We integrated the most popular Shipping and Payment methods, built an intuitive checkout page, redesigned the website’s UI, added the website search tool, and much more to ensure flawless user experience.

Technologies we have used in this project





Cloud orchestration


Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Continuous integration

GitHub Actions


Postgre SQL
MongoDB (Atlas)
ElasticSearch (Elastic Cloud)

Recommendation and search engine

Apptus eSales


Google Cloud CDN
Verizon CDN



Other tools and integrations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Payment providers
Google Pub/Sub
POS terminals


New Relic

How We Add Value

Black Friday campaigns

Each year, our team is responsible for maintaining Black Friday campaigns on the client’s websites. We create unique product pages dedicated to Black Friday and add engaging banners, product sets, blocks, images, and more. After each Black Friday, we provide the client with a report on the effectiveness of the campaign and sales revenue by user category.

Insightful analytics

Apart from building user-friendly functionality, we integrate third-party tools that collect data on website performance. The tools we integrate gather data on user behavior on the website pages, user clicks, sessions, orders, the conversion rate of new and returning customers, and more. These data are used by the HFN managers to craft effective marketing campaigns, improve website usability, develop engaging user journeys, etc.

A/B testing

Through the years, our cooperation with HFN has been brought to a new level. Our software engineering team works hand in hand with the client’s team to improve user experience on their digital channels. We regularly conduct A/B testing of features and functions provided to a user. The data collected from A/B testing show us what option works better for users and how to improve user experience to encourage them to order more.

Stress factor

One of the interesting features we’ve implemented recently on the client’s public websites is the stress factor. The stress factor is aimed to encourage the user to purchase by showing them that the product is limited. We do this by setting a discount time, product availability limit, showing the number of people viewing the same product, etc. Our joint effort leads to an increase in user conversion, which, in turn, helps our client grow sales.

About Home Furnishing Nordic

Home Furnishing Nordic (HFN) is one of the biggest online retailers of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia and one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. The company started as a family business in 2008. In 4 years, they decided to acquire a new technological partner – Forbytes. Since then, both enterprises grow hand in hand.

  • Leading online furniture and interior design store
  • #7 top online store of furniture and appliances in Sweden
  • $72.7 million NET sales in 2021
  • 400 000+ satisfied clients
  • $40 million NET furniture and appliances sales in 2021
  • Owns 19 physical stores

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