CRM Development Services We Offer

Do you want to get control and real-time visibility of all customer touchpoints and interactions? Consider hiring an experienced CRM development team that offers the following services:

Custom CRM software development

Our team builds custom CRM solutions for small to big businesses with the opportunity to scale the product as your company grows. Custom CRM systems are fully tailored to your requirements and needs.

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On-premise CRM system customization

We offer customization CRM services for on-premise solutions. Customizations can help you adjust CRM features to your brand-specific and customer-centric activities and marketing efforts.

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CRM integrations

As a CRM development company, Forbytes can offer seamless integration of your CRM platform with other turnkey solutions you use. We can also integrate it with third-party products that enhance case escalation, expand your knowledge of each client, and help you influence customer journeys across different channels.

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Mobile CRM app development

We are competent at building custom CRM apps. Mobile CRM apps are used for quick access to dashboards and analytics, calendar management, interactions with clients, email management, account updates, and more to help your managers facilitate successful deals.

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CRM migration

We can migrate all client data, media files, and other resources from one customer relationship management software to another. You’ll be ensured 100% data security and provided with CRM data backup. We’ll also conduct profound testing and data validation before your CRM program goes live.

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CRM consulting

Contact us to discuss your business needs together with our business analysts, product designers, AI specialists, and other experts. We’ll come up with a project plan outlining the key features of your own CRM, custom CRM development cost, timeframes, and measurable project goals.

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CRM Capabilities


Account and case management

A custom CRM system is used for managing user cases and user accounts. Such tools enable you to automatically collect data on your clients to increase customer satisfaction. The customer data include user contact information, activity history, social media behavior, data from email integrations, etc.


Customer engagement opportunities

A CRM developer builds effective solutions for opportunity management. They provide real-time data visibility on client engagement level and stage of the deal for you to find client needs and gaps that can be covered with your services.


Sales data centralization

Customized CRM solutions can be integrated with third-party extensions and tools. Your sales reps and sales managers will get access to all-encompassing sales data in one place, facilitated by effective sales process analytics and AI-powered market forecasts.


Workflow automation

Forbytes can build a custom CRM solution that will automate approvals, workflow, and task management. You’ll use such software for 360-degree visibility of the role-based workflow, business processes, cross-department interactions, and more.


CRM extensions

If your team uses on-premise solutions, those can be integrated with custom solutions for your convenience, data centralization, and easier management. Our team of software developers can integrate back-office systems, analytics tools, third-party plugins, etc.


Analytics and reporting

Customizable CRM software provides businesses with extra value. Apart from real-time data on client conversion, lead generation, sales value, the tool can offer the function of creating customized dashboards with critical data on users that require extra attention from a manager.

Here’s How We Add Value

Wide range of services

Forbytes offers flexible CRM development services for small to big enterprises. You can outsource the product engineering to us or augment your existing team with skilled CRM developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and more.

Lean development

As a CRM vendor, we implement lean software development. This helps us achieve maximum team involvement in projects, prevent resource waste, and enrich the development process with knowledge-sharing and feedback exchange.

Agile best practices

Forbytes is among the CRM development companies that apply Agile practices to software development. We aim to build a healthy and productive collaborative environment for CRM users to reach the best business outcomes.

Cross-functional teams

Business objectives related to CRM require a consistent strategy and planning. For this, we involve our cross-functional teams with industry-specific experience, brainstorm ideas, and come up with relevant and valuable initiatives.


What is CRM developer?

A CRM developer is a software engineer who builds, customizes, integrates, and maintains CRM solutions. CRM developers can build custom CRM software from scratch (this one will be fully tailored to your business and marketing needs) or customize on-premise software (which will ease management, lead to better data visibility and insight generation, etc.).

If you look for a CRM developer for building your own CRM system, you have 3 options. The first is to find freelance engineers, which will be a cheaper decision but put quality assurance and data security at risk. The second option is to hire in-house product engineers. This is a good solution if you have people with a tech background who can manage your project effectively. If you have no such employees, consider outsourcing. This type of cooperation will provide you with expertized product developers, effective management, and full control over the project.

How to build a CRM application?

This is a process consisting of several steps. First, you need to plan your project out. This stage involves analyzing your business needs, market research, and requirement specifications. The data will help you define the project scope, team composition, technology stack, etc. Then, you need to find a reliable CRM development company that will provide you with quality service according to your budget and deadlines.

After you approve the design of a custom solution and CRM’s functionality, the development stage will start. The product will be built, tested, and maintained by an expertized team of software engineers. As soon as your custom-built CRM goes live, the team can improve it and add some new functionality based on your employee feedback.

What is custom CRM development cost?

The cost of CRM development services depends on your request (if you want to build a product from scratch or customize an off-the-shelf one). The more feature-rich solution you plan to get, the more it will cost you to build it. To get a quality bug-free solution without compromising on quality, look for a reliable tech partner in European counties. For example, Poland or Ukraine. There, a high level of developer expertise is topped with optimal pricing and effective business ethics.