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Purchase service system for the big Scandinavian marketplace

Home Furnishing Nordic needed an effective solution that would streamline the interaction with suppliers, facilitate supply chain management, and enhance the work with warehouses. Forbytes team built a purchase service tool that meets all these needs and enables the client to scale, grow the partnership, and ensure uninterrupted workflow.

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Home Furnishing Nordic

Product type:

Purchase service system




PHP, Node.js

Scope of the project

The goal was to build a new purchase service system that would ease managers’ work with suppliers, purchase orders, and warehouses. The client needed intuitive and user-friendly functionality for employees. Our team of software product engineers built the features for purchase order management. With its help, managers can send orders to a supplier, track if an order is confirmed, exchange order documentation with a supplier, and receive the payment and shipping details.

Our purchase service is a tool connecting managers with suppliers and warehouses. Using one centralized system, they can keep track of order progress and react to delays or issues. The system helps managers prevent supply chain interruptions and make sure that the right products are in stock. To make the manager’s work more convenient, we built a dashboard with real-time order data. The dashboard displays data on pending, unprocessed, canceled, and unreceived orders. Instead of checking long order lists manually to detect issues, a manager uses the dashboard to work with the orders that require extra attention.

Another important feature of the purchase service is the automated import of data from warehouses. Earlier, managers received warehouse reports on stock and had to check them manually to maintain the demand-supply balance and replenish the assortment. We integrated the system with warehouse management software and automated the function of reporting on the manager side. The system automatically creates purchase orders based on the received reports, which saves nearly 40 hours per week for HFN employees.

Challenge 1

The previous supply chain management system used by HFN was outdated and unable to process growing volumes of data. The client couldn’t increase the number of suppliers as it would lead to the system’s overload.


Our team of dedicated software engineers built a brand-new purchase service that is used to manage unlimited volumes of data and opens new growth opportunities.

Challenge 2

Managers responsible for different categories of products found it difficult to keep track of orders. Mistakes and issues in orders led to delivery delays, incorrect calculations of expected delivery time, and lowered client satisfaction rates. To prevent this, managers had to check endless order lists manually to detect mistakes and issues.


Forbytes built a dashboard that automatically displays data on orders that require the manager’s attention. This prevents the business from getting stuck with orders and provides managers with on-hand information on order progress, confirmation rates, the total number of confirmed orders, and more.

Challenge 3

HFN wanted to facilitate the work of managers who create orders, interact with suppliers and warehouses, track progress, and make interventions when necessary. For this, managers needed a one-in-all solution for supply chain management that would be easy to use and flexible.


Our purchase service covers all steps of the interaction between managers, suppliers, and warehouses. HFN employees use the system to track the complete order lifecycle: they can request the order, receive a response, check shipment details, view payment info as well as receipts, etc.

Challenge 4

Manual work with documentation was effort-consuming and ineffective for the client. Managers had to spend hours reviewing order lists, validating the documentation, and double-checking if there was no error which could cost time and money.


The client got a solution for purchase order management that automates document validation and informs managers if there are problems that lead to supply chain issues and can affect the client satisfaction rate.

Technologies we have used in this project




Vue 2/Vuex


Google Cloud CDN

Frontend vendor portal

Vue 3

Continuous integration

GitHub Actions


MongoDB (Atlas)

Cloud orchestration

Kubernetes (GKE)

Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform



Other tools and integrations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


New Relic

How We Add Value

Custom widgets

There is a set of standard widgets created by our team for the manager’s convenience. They cover the most urgent issues such as pending orders, invoiced but not received orders, and so on. However, if managers responsible for a particular product category need a deeper look into the orders, they can create custom widgets and hide the automatic ones. Custom widgets cover all orders from one supplier or company, orders made on the same date, and more.

User-friendly order filtering

The system is used by managers to process more than 40,000 orders daily. Without effective functionality for filtering, it would take a lot of time for managers to find the needed order and detect issues. To streamline their work, we created the function of applying filters to purchase orders. Managers can access orders based on the supplier, label, date, company, currency, storage, and more.

All-encompassing interaction with partners

Our software is integrated with other back-office solutions used by Home Furnishing Nordic via API. For the work and communication with suppliers, partners, and warehouses, a wide range of protocols is used. These include API, XML, EDIFACT, CSV, and PDF document interchange for business. This ensures the system’s integrity in the client’s business ecosystem and increases the convenience of work for managers.

Tutorials and instructions

When we introduce something new to the system, our team makes a video tutorial and informs the managers about new releases. Using the tutorials and instructions, the managers of HFN can easily learn how to use a new function and understand the value it brings to their work. Besides, tutorials and instructions from Forbytes ease the onboarding process for newbies in HFN who have to learn how to use the software from scratch.

About Home Furnishing Nordic

Home Furnishing Nordic (HFN) is a Sweden-based marketplace that operates in the Scandinavian market. It holds several nationally-focused digital channels selling furniture & appliances. Launched in 2008, HFN now is one of the biggest ecommerce retailers in the focus industry. Its NET sales crossed $40 million in 2021, whereas the number of products offered by the client is more than 300 000.

  • Leading online furniture and interior design store
  • #7 top online store of furniture and appliances in Sweden
  • $72.7 million NET sales in 2021
  • 400 000+ satisfied clients
  • $40 million in furniture and appliances sales in 2021
  • Owns 19 physical stores

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