Imagine the situation: your customer calls a helpline, but instead of getting a response, they have to listen to never-ending music. They’re indignant and irritated, but don’t give up. At last, someone answers, but all they get are unclear responses that fail to help them.

Or perhaps your customer needs to clarify something about a product or service, but they’re unsure whom to contact to get relevant support. Such customer service leaves the space for negative feedback. For you as a business owner, such situations are unacceptable. But as the number of your customers grows, you can’t guarantee that your audience is protected against such inconveniences.

Don’t ignore these issues, allowing them to push customers away. Excellent customer service is a must if you care about your business reputation.

“Men are rich only as they give. He who gives great service gets great rewards” (Elbert Hubbard, Artist and Writer)

Fortunately, with AI customer service, you can say goodbye to unhelpful agents and forget about inconvenient communication channels. By powering your client service with AI, you can be sure that your audience will be happy and satisfied.

But what AI customer support solution should you opt for and what benefits will you receive? We’ll cover that further down in our article. Just continue reading.

The Role of AI in Customer Service

Today, the role of AI in customer service is increasing, transforming approaches to interaction with clients. The shift from traditional client service is driven by the desire of businesses to avoid the problem of inconsistent support, repetitive tasks, and long wait times. Plus, the emergence of AI trends also changes approaches to customer support.

According to Forbes Advisor, 56% of business owners use AI-powered solutions in client support to enhance customer experience by offering personalized talks, instant responses, and flexibility. From simple chatbots to sophisticated AI models capable of understanding customers’ emotions, AI in customer service is a tool for more efficient interaction.

Ways AI is improving the customer service

Another reason why the role of AI in customer service is growing is that clients want to have more control over their experience. This interest in such AI implementation is especially pronounced in younger generations.

According to SurveyMonkey, 52% of consumers need AI to go through a website. 47% of customers are keen on personalized deals while 42% of customers appreciate AI-driven product recommendations.

What does it mean? Businesses shouldn’t ignore these tendencies and start transforming their customer support service to stay ahead of the pack.

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How Businesses Can Benefit from AI in Customer Service

The big question you should consider before making an investment decision is how you’ll benefit from AI in customer support. Indeed, AI-powered customer service offers numerous advantages for companies. So, let’s focus on the most compelling ones.

Benefits from AI in customer service

Boosted productivity

With AI in customer service, human client support agents can delegate their routine tasks to artificial intelligence, focusing on more complex issues. AI speeds up resolution times and optimizes the use of human resources.

As a result, for businesses, AI serves as a tool to achieve cost efficiency by automating interactions with clients and strategically allocating resources. According to Forbes Advisor, 64% of business owners implement AI to boost productivity and streamline workflows. For customers, AI offers instant help and reduces wait times. So, companies and clients win from AI integration into customer service.

Personalized interaction with clients

McKinsey & Company found that 71% of consumers want companies to deliver personalized conversations, while 76% feel frustrated when businesses fail to make their experience customized.

AI can analyze customer data as well as past interactions with them. Using this, AI-powered client service makes the customer experience more personalized, offering tailored recommendations.

Having AI customer service, companies are armed with sentiment analysis, allowing a better understanding of users’ emotions and needs, responding to their feedback, and improving their satisfaction. Clients receive more human-like and more personalized interactions and become more attached to the business.

24/7 availability

What do customers appreciate the most? The answer is pretty simple: when you’re available for them anytime. With AI in customer service, you can provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that your clients get instant assistance at any time. Customers can also ask for help in their preferred languages.

As a result, by providing 24/7 customer support, businesses get more regular clients returning to them repeatedly and leaving positive reviews.

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Streamlined operations

With AI in customer service, it’s possible to achieve better efficiency and automate many manual processes. For example, tasks like viewing customer history can be effortless and less time-consuming if AI does it. Plus, customer service agents tend to make mistakes while AI-based client support systems can ensure accuracy.

Recent research found that 63% of customer service agents report that AI facilitates their work and helps them serve their clients faster and more efficiently. So, the fusion of workforce and AI can guarantee higher-quality buyer interactions.

Reduction of team workload

Communicating with customers can be tough, right? And your employees may experience emotional burnout, especially if they deal with hot-tempered clients who fail to listen and compromise.

With AI in customer service, it’s possible to reduce team workload by delivering repetitive and routine tasks to artificial intelligence. As a result, your employees will be happier and more satisfied focusing only on tasks that require critical thinking and creativity. Plus, they won’t feel bored because of routine tasks that an AI-driven system will handle.

AI Applications in Customer Service

Since you’re aware that AI-powered customer service is a must for your business, it’s high time to understand how AI can transform your customer experience and where you can apply it. Here are some examples of AI in customer service:

How AI is used in customer service

  • AI-powered chatbots for swift customer support. AI-driven chatbots can be a good option because of their capabilities to handle basic customer inquiries and provide instant responses. For example, if you integrate a chatbot into your e-commerce platform, it can assist with such tasks as product recommendations and order tracking. Finally, AI-powered chatbots are available 24/7, reducing waiting time and enhancing customer service accessibility.
  • Sentiment analysis for understanding customers’ needs. AI can be applied to analyze clients’ reviews, feedback, and media interactions to understand their feelings and attitudes. This information helps companies provide more personalized experiences, considering both customers’ concerns and preferences.
  • AI analytics for transforming data into dialogue. Through data analytics, AI in customer service can be used to make valuable insights based on user behaviors and preferences. This approach is crucial for improving conversation quality and resolving controversial situations.
  • AI-powered self-service portals for instant answers. Self-service solutions, such as FAQs and knowledge bases use natural language processing to understand customer requests and provide relevant information to handle them. This means that both support agents and customs can effortlessly get answers.
  • Content generation. AI in customer service can be used to generate content. Since AI can pull data and knowledge from CRM and analyze customer conversations, it can produce human-like replies to clients’ questions. As a result, it can drive overall customer satisfaction.
  • Recommendation systems. AI-powered recommendation systems are important mechanisms to influence customers’ behaviors. They can analyze customer preferences and purchase history and offer personalized product recommendations. Hence, for businesses, this is a chance to understand individual clients’ preferences better.

Email our team if you need to fuel your customer service with AI. We’ll consult you on how to do this with maximum benefits for your company.

Companies Using AI for Customer Service

Today, more and more companies tend to use AI for customer service. From increasing productivity and boosting user experience to reducing team workload and offering a more personalized interaction, giant businesses opt for AI-powered customer support to do more with less time and effort. So, let’s analyze why top companies decide on AI customer support.


Nike is a great example of how the business uses AI to transform their approaches to customer service. The company uses AI-powered client support to satisfy customers’ demands and provide an exceptional experience and interaction.

First, Nike uses an AI-driven app that provides hyper-accurate shoe-fitting recommendations by scanning a user’s foot with a smartphone camera. As a result, this facilitates customer ordering and prevents picking the incorrect shoe size.

Second, the company uses AI to collect user data through the Nike app, Nike Training Club, and NIKE SNEAKERS. Such an approach helps to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions about product design or which items to stock in which stores.

Third, Nike has AI-powered virtual assistants that help with many tasks. They project sales and market segmentations. These virtual assistants enable voice and photo searches. They analyze and consider customers’ past behavior and current preferences.

So, Nike uses AI customer support to get profound service insights and keep up with clients’ needs and desires. As a result, the company delivers brilliant customer support and makes better business decisions.


Walmart’s excellent customer service is powered by smart technology by Generative AI Search. It helps clients easily find desired products. Thus, customers can make more informed and confident purchase decisions. With Generative AI Search, Walmart can create distinct categories to cover all customer needs.

The company uses a generative AI model to better understand customers’ intents based on their engagement with items. Such an approach allows for creating a more personalized offering.

Now, Walmart is testing how to condense reviews into clear and concise summaries to assist their audience in learning from other customers’ experiences and revealing more about product features.

Axis Bank

Fintech companies can’t also stay aside when it comes to AI in customer service. Axis Bank is one of the brightest examples of institutions that fuel their client support with AI. The bank developed an AI-powered chatbot to better and faster respond to customer needs. Axis Bank opts for AI not because this is trendy but because of growing consumer engagement.

Axis Bank offers AI-based voice banking services to prevent traffic jams in call centers and swiftly respond to numerous clients’ requests. Plus, for the bank, this is also a chance to reduce human agents’ workload. Finally, AI in customer service assists with handling such tasks as reviewing transaction history, blocking checkbooks, and asking for account balances.

Final Thoughts

All in all, AI customer support transforms the customer experience by making it more personalized and engaging. From 24/7 availability to instant responses, AI can boost customer satisfaction. So when you’re looking to reduce team workload or streamline operations, AI will be a helpful assistant for better interaction with your clients.

See, with AI customer support, your business will get more options for growth. You can easily and effortlessly reach cost-efficiency and target your audience. What’s more, you’ll respond better to your customers’ demands and preferences. Having expertise in implementing AI into your business, we can share this journey with you.

At Forbytes, we can integrate custom AI solutions into your support service to enhance your performance as well as communication with your clients. If you want to deal better with your support service and boost your customer satisfaction, feel free to email us. Let’s fuel your customer support with artificial intelligence!