In-Game Store Management Tool

Developing a custom store management solution for handling in-game purchases and automating voucher distribution.


Game development company

Service type:

Software engineering


React, Microsoft .NET

Project Scope

Our client added an in-game store to one of their most popular RPGs. To manage the store databases, they needed a custom management system. The system would integrate with the game and be used to manage sales, plan sales seasons according to the game’s plot, localize items to sell, etc.

Forbytes built an end-to-end store management system and an API that connects it with the game’s environment. The system has enabled the team to plan and manage the sales seasons according to the game’s seasons, manage and categorize items to sell, keep record of sales, and localize sales, everything in one secure place.

Another task was to streamline voucher management. Earlier, Sharkmob had to use a third-party service to create, manage, and distribute vouchers, which took extra time and increased the dependency on external providers. Forbytes built easy-to-use voucher management functionality that includes a voucher generator, transaction history, and voucher analytics, and integrated it into the management system.


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Projects Results


Create a store management tool for managing in-game purchases.


Forbytes built an in-game store management system for employees to manage product entries, product details, images, and prices in one place.


Integrate the tool into the game and protect it with advanced security methods.


Forbytes integrated the tool into the game via API and added advanced authentication methods, ensuring multi-level access based on the manager’s role and configuration.


Decrease the dependency on third-party services in voucher management and get Sharkmob’s own functionality for this part.


Forbytes added the voucher management functionality into the tool, eliminating the need for third-party services in voucher management and distribution.


Optimize QA testing in game development with the help of a custom solution.


Forbytes developed a separate tool to simplify testers’ work. Sharkmob’s QA engineers now can test, save, and manage changes in one environment, which saves time and boosts their productivity.

Technology Stack

Backend: NET, ASP.NET Core, SignalR, Entity Framework, AutoMapper, DbUp
Cloud platform: Google Cloud
Frontend: ReactJS, MobX, Ant Design
Cloud orchestration: Kubernetes (GKE), Terraform, Terragrunt
Monitoring/Logs: Google Cloud Logging
Continuous integration: GilLab CI/CD
DB: MySql
CDN: Google Cloud CDN
Virtualization: Docker
Other tools and integrations: Online API, Okta

About the client

Sharkmob is an AAA game studio group with offices in Sweden and the UK. In 6 years, they have grown into a global game development enterprise. Bloodhunt, the first game released by Sharkmob, is a popular free-to-play adventure based on the well-known tabletop RPG “Vampire: The Masquerade.”

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  • Founded in 2017
  • Studios in Malmö and London
  • 400+ employees
  • 3 successful game projects
  • 4,999,075 tracked Bloodhunt players
  • 112,784 Bloodhunt followers on Steam

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