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Product information management system for an online retailer of furniture

Our software development team has created a custom product information management system (PIM) for Home Furnishing Nordic (HFN). HFN is one of Northern Europe’s largest retailers of furniture and interior design, with separate online stores working in different countries. We built a flexible and scalable solution that allows for the efficient management of the entire stock of items and ensures that the business can develop and grow.

Business needs

  • A solution to manage an expanding stock of items and allow the business to grow.


  • Eliminate errors caused by the human factor and decrease the amount of manual work.



  • Manage both sides of the business: online and brick-and-mortar stores.


  • A team that can support the solution and make changes or adjustments, if necessary.

Forbytes solutions

  • Our team built a custom PIM system that stores all product information about every item in stock. Our client, who has separate branches and websites in several different countries, can access and manage prices, stock availability, product descriptions, translations, etc. for all the branches within a single interface.
  • Our solution automated many internal processes related to product management that previously required manual work. It increased business efficiency and eliminated errors that were caused by the human factor. In addition, we implemented data validation features that regularly perform automatic checks.
  • All information that is stored in the PIM system stays up-to-date and can be accessed by managers in physical stores. They also have access to the history of all changes in price, availability, etc., which allows them to plan and organize promotions and special offers effectively.
  • We have dedicated a separate team to the PIM project which not only includes developers but also quality assurance engineers, UI/UX designers, and business analysts. We have established effective communication with the client. This allows us to make adjustments and add new features as soon as they are needed based on feedback from our client’s employees who use the system.

Forbytes has made us feel almost as if they were our own employees. The management has been available when I needed it, but I’ve been free to run projects directly with Forbytes’ developers the rest of the time. Because Forbytes works with a number of companies, there is a lot of knowledge-sharing between their teams. We wouldn’t have this if we simply employed in-house developers.

Thomas Andersson eCommerce Manager & CTO at Trademax

Key facts about our client


  • Home Furnishing Nordic is one of the two segments of Byghemma Group – a rapidly growing family of online and physical furniture stores with presence in most European countries.
  • The group works primarily on the Nordic market and is one of the largest online retailers of furniture and interior design in the region.
  • HFN holds many online stores, including Trademax.se, Furniturebox and Chilli. Each online store focuses on its dedicated market and country.

How we are working together

In just 6 weeks we created a first prototype of the custom product information management system. Now we constantly improve the solution to bring further value to our client.

Before partnering with Forbytes, our client used a finished product for managing their stock of items. However, as the business grew, so did its needs, and soon it became apparent that the solution was quite limited in functionality and slowed down the growth of the entire business. Trademax.se turned to Forbytes with the idea of creating a custom product information management (PIM) system specifically designed for their business.

In just 6 weeks our team created a first prototype of the solution that could already be used. Now we constantly improve and add new features to the solution based on the needs of the business. From the start, we managed to establish effective communication with the client. This allows us to have access to the latest feedback from the managers that use the solution, and make timely adjustments or changes. Our team grew as well, and now includes developers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers, UI and UX designers.

The custom PIM solution brings value to our client’s business in multiple ways:

  • Allows managing all products and product data in one place. The solution that we built, stores all information about every product from the stock. This includes product descriptions, prices, stock availability, logistics data, etc. Lots of our client’s items are shared across different branches, each having their own website, currency, and regulations, depending on the country. Being able to manage all of your products in one place makes handling those separate branches a lot easier. As a result, the business becomes more effective and shows faster growth.
  • Eliminates errors caused by the human factor and automates data validation. Before our custom PIM system was introduced into the business, our client had to rely on a large amount of manual work when it came to product management. This was quite inefficient, it created lots of errors due to the human factor and slowed down the growth of the business. Therefore, right from the beginning, we aimed to eliminate as much required manual work as possible. In addition, we implemented various data validation features that automatically validate data. As a result, our client can now feel safe about the accuracy of all product information, both on their websites and in the system.
  • Ensures online and physical parts of the business are in sync. Doing business online and offline at the same time may be tricky. Our solution makes sure that both sides of the business always stay in sync by recording and storing all data and changes related to each item. In addition, this information can be used to plan effective marketing campaigns in both physical stores and online.
  • Creates opportunities to scale and adapt the business to changes. Businesses have to be able to quickly adapt to the changes in the market, which sometimes can be quite unpredictable. Since this is our own custom solution, we can customize it in any way our client requires. The effective communication that we established with our client ensures that changes and improvements are introduced as soon as they are needed. As a result, our client is always one step ahead of anything that can impact their business.

Technologies we have used in this project




Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Continuous integration




New Relic

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