eCommerce software development for the Nordic region’s leading online store of sports products

The Forbytes’ software development team provided full technical support for Gymgrossisten – an online store for training supplements and sports products. They are well known in the Nordic region for their high-quality products and have been in business for over twenty years. We implemented the newest software solutions and up-to-date trends for their e-commerce platform to help the company grow.

Business needs

  • Find responsible technical support for their e-commerce platform.


  • Develop eCommerce software that will help the company grow.


  • Make sure the platform will technically correspond to all international standards.

Forbytes solution

  • Forbytes recruited a reliable outsource team that has been successfully solving our client-partner’s technical issues for over four years.
  • During our partnership, Forbytes have facilitated positive technological changes for our client-partner. Everything from system migration to a new e-commerce software platform to the integration of a loyalty program.
  • We adapted all systems to fall in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. This included the possibility of exporting personal data and completely removing individuals details from the system.

Forbytes provided consistent results within a collaborative relationship working with internal consultants to fix bugs and develop and integrate new functions and systems. They efficiently managed the remote engagement with Jira and Confluence and recruited highly skilled and experienced developers.

Chief Technical Officer Gymgrossisten

Key facts about our client

  • Gymgrossisten is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies that works with training supplements and sports products.
  • From being a small retailer, Gymgrossisten grew into a big enterprise and have become a leader in the Nordic region with stores in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.
  • Veckans Affärer, a local business magazine, has named Gymgrossisten one of Sweden’s most successful companies several times.

How we worked together

Our dedicated team implemented between one to three releases every week to improve the customer’s e-commerce system and to help the business grow.

Forbytes started its partnership with Gymgrossisten by selecting a dedicated team that met all their requirements. We made sure that every specialist we suggest to our client-partner was a team player with a high level of technical skills and aspiration to bring value through their work. Four years of building on, and maintaining, this successful partnership showed we had been making the right choices.

Working with Gymgrossisten began with a migration to the new industry strandard platform with the aim to upgrade an out-dated e-commerce software. This decision made the platform more flexible and provided opportunities for further expansion. Today, Gymgrossisten’s platform is a base for 10 online shops in four countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

Capabilities we have improved.

  • Forbytes’ developers launched a loyalty program that required deep integration with a system that takes into account all types of discounts, categories of users, and existing varieties of goods;
  • We implemented a tool for Affiliate marketing (a performance-based marketing tool) that helps our client-partner with their business development process;
  • Our team integrated Google Tag Manager (a tag management system that is used to gather better website analytics including AdWords Conversion Tracking, GDN Remarketing, Custom HTML Tags, and other tag templates) into the platform;
  • We integrated the Kibana data visualisation plugin which allows the showing of large volumes of data in bars, lines, pie charts, and maps. The plugin can be used as a business analytical tool as well as a tool for analysing the whole system;
  • We provided tech support and improvements to the platform’s mobile application and are currently working on improving mobile payments;
  • Forbytes’ developers adapted the platform to GDPR requirements. Users can feel safe in knowing that they have full control over how their personal information is treated. They can get full access to their data, print it, delete or anonymise all their personal information.

Technologies we have used in this project.

Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services

Magento Enterprise

Knockout JS

Customer Data Platform

Amazon Aurora MySQL

Cache & Session Management


Recommendation and search engine
Apptus eSales

Continuous integration
AWS CodePipelines


​Content delivery network & Networking
Akamai Edge Technologies




Other tools and integrations
Payment providers
New Relic

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