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Helping a big SaaS provider improve their platform

To deliver quality ecommerce services to their customers, Starweb puts a lot of effort into keeping their SaaS platform at the highest level. Forbytes’ software engineers joined the Starweb team to improve and optimize the platform, add new features, and ensure flawless user experience.

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Dedicated teams





Scope of the project

Forbytes’ software engineers joined Starweb’s developers and started working as a single team. Our dedicated developers provide support and maintenance services for the Starweb platform. They also contribute to building new features and platform add-ons and optimizing their performance. The team leader on our side is responsible for managing the engineers’ workflow and planning releases.

Dedicated teams scructure

Together, we work on improving the platform’s architecture and building a new API. Starweb’s core functionality is built on monolith architecture, which negatively impacts the platform’s performance and slows down data transfer. The API we are developing will form the basis for a new architecture and make the platform easy to maintain and scale. Our software engineers plan to optimize the Starweb platform, update the code, and build new functionality using the API.

API benefits for Starweb

Forbytes’ software developers built new features that can be added by ecommerce businesses to their online stores, including the features of Quick Shop and Campaigns. Quick Shop enables consumers to buy the product in real-time without leaving the product list page. The Campaigns feature allows merchants and managers to group products into campaigns displayed for users as catchy offers like “buy 3 for 4” or “buy 2 and get a discount.”

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Challenge 1

Starweb was in search of a dedicated software engineering partner with vast experience in their focus industry, ecommerce.


Forbytes offered dedicated development team services for Starweb and provided the client with qualified professionals for backend and frontend engineering.

Challenge 2

To target new markets, Starweb needed to ensure stable platform performance and its ability to handle growing traffic.


We are building a new API that will lay the ground for the new product version and enable the team to easily maintain the platform under heavy traffic.

Challenge 3

The client used two database instances where the data on ecommerce shops were distributed. They wanted to facilitate the database functioning, get the opportunity to autoscale, and decrease the load on each database.


Our team changed the setup from static to dynamic and added a new database instance, AWS Aurora, which helped us optimize the performance and ensure that the database works well under high load.

Challenge 4

Starweb wanted to provide their clients with reach e-store functionality that will help them increase user conversion and grow sales.


Forbytes’ engineers work on adding new features, add-ons, and plugins to the platform. Among the latest interesting updates, there is the quick shop and the function of campaigns.

Technologies we have used in this project





Cloud platform


Cloud orchestration




Continuous integration





New Relic

How We Add Value

New approach to release planning

Forbytes’ developers initiated the changes in the client’s approach to release planning, which made the process hassle-free and less time-consuming. We moved the release management to GitFlow. As a result of this change, we increased the efficiency of sprints and streamlined the development steps. The time needed for creating new releases decreased from several days to an hour or even less.

Team leadership

Forbytes’ team leader provided support and guidance to software engineers. The team leader is responsible for workflow management for our part of the team. He daily communicates with Starweb representatives and takes responsibility for update releases, infrastructure improvements, and other critical tasks. The client appreciates our team’s commitment and expertise in challenging work.

Continuous delivery

We introduce numerous changes to help Starweb scale up without damaging the platform’s performance. Our software engineers specialize in the most popular technologies for front-end and back-end development, which includes Vue.js, Laravel, PHP, and others. To keep the Starweb platform performant and secure, we leverage these technologies and continuously deliver the project results.

Stress-free team integration

Our software developers smoothly joined the Starweb team. They are fully integrated into the infrastructure of our client, understand their business needs, and even come up with useful initiatives and development insights. On top of that, our employees have a good command of English and implement effective business ethics that helps them maintain transparent and clear communication throughout the whole cooperation process.

About Starweb

Starweb is a Sweden-based ecommerce SaaS provider. With the Starweb platform, ecommerce businesses can build online shops, automate order flow, marketing, and other ecommerce processes, and SEO-optimize the stores. There also are plenty of add-ons and integrations that businesses can make use of to make their shops more engaging and performant.

  • Big SaaS provider
  • Based in Sweden
  • Founded in 2007
  • Focuses on B2B and B2C ecommerce
  • 432 live stores powered by their platform
  • 25% of their clients sell from 250 to 999 products

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