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AI-Powered Analytics Solution

Integrating an AI-powered analytics solution for end-to-end data collection, data management, and insight generation.


E-commerce enterprise

Service type:

AI development, system integrations

Core technologies:

Microsoft .NET

Project Scope

When working with big volumes of data, businesses find it hard to keep it in order. Companies often struggle with finding the needed entries, sorting and categorizing data, combining different data types in one report, etc. During the discovery stage, we figured out that the same challenges were faced by our client.

We configured a smart data collector that can extract data from numerous sources to a single location. Our engineers made the list of tools the client uses for data collection. These were Google Analytics, Google Ads, an ERP system, an ecommerce platform, and several tracking and performance testing systems. We integrated the data analytics solution with all of these sources to securely extract product, marketing, and financial data.

This business intelligence and analytics solution enables the client to create both standard and custom reports, using any data type that is stored and managed in their repository. The standard reports that can be generated in a few clicks include sales performance reports, inventory management reports, customized Google Analytics reports, ecommerce metrics reports, etc. Apart from this, the client can create custom reports showcasing analytics on their sales, pricing strategy, customer data, and more.

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Projects Results


Centralize data management and storage in one secure solution.


We configured a BI & analytics solution that extracts data from multiple systems to a single repository, enabling easy work with data and insightful analytics.


Develop a cost-effective strategy for data visualization and AI-powered analysis.


Our team designed a custom solution that requires no additional investment and can be easily used by managers without the involvement of the technical team.


Enable the client to use report templates for data analysis as well as create custom reports.


In addition to standard automated reporting, we designed the feature of custom reports that can be created and accessed by managers depending on their role and permissions.


Use AI to enhance data analysis and forecasting, data management, and performance optimization.


Forbytes integrated the data analytics solution with a powerful AI algorithm capable of trend forecasting, smart analytics, performance gap analysis, and much more.

Technology Stack

Backend: .NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC
Frontend: ASP.NET Core MVC
Database: MSSQL
Cloud storage: Google BigQuery, Google Storage
Cloud platform: Google Cloud
Cloud orchestration: Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Virtualization: Docker
Logs/Monitoring tools: Seri log, custom logging
Continuous integration: Bitbucket
Other tools: Quartz

About the client

Our client is one of the leading ecommerce enterprises in the Nordic region. They run more than 140 ecommerce brands in different niches, from clothes and furniture to kitchen utensils and gadgets. The client’s request was to turn their single data repository into an insightful business intelligence tool that can be used without the help of a technical team.

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  • Leading Nordic online retailer
  • More than 12 years on the market
  • 100+ online destinations under the BHG umbrella
  • 25 countries with the BHG presence
  • 411 million site visits in 2021
  • 39% annual CAGR last 6 years

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