PRINCE2 is one of the most popular project management methods in the world. It helps software development teams to be more flexible when it comes to the client’s requirements and also allows product owners to be sure that the project is under control. Forbytes’ Project Managers Oleksandr Yatsuta and Nazar Demkovych have recently passed the PRINCE2 exam. Congratulations from all the Forbytes team!

PRINCE2 is widely used all over the world and can be applied in different areas from construction to medicine. The approach nicely fits the projects that require flexibility and formality at the same time, and it’s especially useful for bigger software development teams.

“We can use the PRINCE2 approach for big projects like Trademax,” says Oleksandr Yatsuta. “PRINCE2 allows for a broader approach when working with changes, and more strict and definite documentation for the client’s requirements. It is a benefit not just for the clients who can explain their expectations more clearly, but also for the development team that can make sure they deliver the best results. PRINCE2 helps us to be more flexible and adapt easily to any changes from the client with keeping a focus on the product’s quality.”

Oleksandr Yatsuta and Nazar Demkovych are managing software development teams for one of the largest Forbytes’ client-partners – Trademax, the biggest online retailer of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia. This partnership has lasted for over seven years. During this period, Forbytes’ team has provided a full digital transformation that has helped our client-partner to become the number one online furniture retailer in their region.

“PRINCE2 offers a lot of different kinds of documentation and managing approaches for software development teams,” explains Nazar Demkovych. “It’s a huge benefit that you can choose which methods exactly will be the best for you and tailor them to suit your project’s needs. With PRINCE2, you have all the client’s requirements written down clearly, and a team that knows exactly how to bring value to the project. This method is very logic and convenient to use. It can also be combined with other approaches to give an even better result.”

If you are looking to expand your software development team, or outsource the development altogether, contact us! Our experienced developers, be they PRINCE2 certified professionals or otherwise, are happy to assist.