Congratulations from the Forbytes team to our project manager Nazar Demkovych, who recently received his PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate! Nazar has become one of over 1 million certified experts, based in more than 150 countries worldwide, who can use the world’s most practiced management method at a professional level.

PRINCE2 is a flexible and scalable management approach that can be used in every area, from shipbuilding and manufacturing to health care and delivering digital transformation projects. It is made up of several themes, principles, and processes that serve to create an easily repeatable guide to delivering successful projects. PRINCE2 is hugely useful for project managers as well as for business owners. Among the recognized benefits of the approach are efficient control of resources and increased confidence in the project development teams.

“You can use the full functionality, different parts of the method, or even combine it with other management methods depending on the project’s needs,” said Nazar Demkovych. “The main benefit of PRINCE2 is its clarity. Thanks to accurate planning, you know exactly what the client is expecting from you. The team has a clear vision of a plan that improves work and leads to better results. In addition to direct project management learning, PRINCE2 offers useful approaches for better communication. It gives you lots of interesting ideas and solutions with which your project will succeed and help your client’s company grow.”

Nazar Demkovych is an experienced manager who works on one of the largest of Forbytes’ client-partners – Trademax, the biggest online retailer of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia and one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. Nazar joined another Forbytes’ Project Manager Oleksandr Yatsuta, CEO Don Lowe and Marketing Manager Marlene Lowe who have also completed the PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate.