Forbytes is happy to announce a new stage of our company’s growth. Recently, we acquired a new business partner known as InSoft Partners. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, they invested in 4 software development companies, such as Inoxoft, Linkup Studio, Indeema Software, and Artjoker. Our company joined this list — InSoft Partners purchased a stake in Forbytes. They are determined to grow together with us and help Forbytes accelerate our software development business.

Here is what the partners say about this whole new stage of cooperation:

“After many years of cooperating with software development companies, we can state that it is the holding model (or rather an ecosystem in our case) that is best suited for the systemic exponential development of portfolio businesses. On a daily basis, we are operationally involved in the work of our companies. This approach allows our team to significantly accelerate the company’s growth by applying niche expertise (for example, in lead generation, delivery work, or finance). In addition, the holding model enables companies to move up to another league and sign contracts with larger clients,” notes Vitalii Gorovyi, the founder of InSoft Partners.

“We are extremely happy that we’ve managed to negotiate a partnership with InSoft Partners. We strive to unite the value of partnership around the acquired experience, knowledge, and competencies. This is an important stage in our company’s history that will help our team determine the right direction for our growth, build a strategy for achieving new goals, and optimize and improve our internal processes. We hope that our joint efforts will let us effectively attract new clients, ensure the highest quality of our services, and scale the business up. For the Forbytes team, this is the beginning of a new exciting story, and we are confident that these changes will open new growth opportunities,” says Orest Chaykivskyy, the managing partner and co-founder of Forbytes.

“The task of attracting experienced and skilled people into our ecosystem lies at the core of our business, and this is what drives our growth. The experience and skills possessed by InSoft Partners will be a significant reinforcement for Forbytes, especially in the area of business development. An important factor in choosing InSoft as a business partner was their model of cooperation. In our opinion, it is the operational involvement of all participants that allows us to ensure maximum effectiveness and drive decision-making with a deep understanding of the company’s capabilities. The values and development goals of the founder of InSoft Partners coincide with ours. I am convinced that it will help us ensure maximum synergy from the cooperation. This is a new stage for us, and we are eagerly preparing for it,” highlights Taras Demkovych, the managing partner and co-founder of Forbytes.

About Forbytes

Forbytes is a recognized European software engineering partner — the greatest part of the company’s clients is based in Sweden. The company was established in 2011. So far, Forbytes employs more than 100 software development experts; most of them are senior level developers.

About InSoft Partners

InSoft was founded in 2016 as an investment fund but soon evolved into an investment management company. The company’s founder Vitalii Gorovyi partnered up with Roman Prokopiev and Yevhen Sobakarov from Jooble and Vasyl Khmelnytskyi from UFuture. Together, they invested in various software development projects. Currently, InSoft Partners owns shares in 5 companies with a total number of about 600 employees. As noted by the holding company, the capitalization of the investments is about $30 million, according to pessimistic estimates.