Full digital transformation for the biggest online retailer of furniture and design in Scandinavia

Forbytes software development team has created a unique e-commerce platform and provides technical support for one of the biggest online retailer of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia – During the past seven years of our partnership, Forbytes’ client-partner has increased its revenue sixfold and reached an annual turnover of over one billion Swedish crowns (over 100 million US dollars).

Trademax case study
Trademax case study

Business needs

  • To develop an e-commerce platform that will have the potential to become a market leader.
  • Experienced outsourcing team able to provide full technical support of the platform.
  • To improve business processes and to solve product management software issues caused by inefficient technical approaches.
  • To improve user experience with the newest design solutions that are easy to perceive, understand, and are uncomplicated.

Forbytes solution

  • Forbytes provided a full digital transformation that helped our client-partner to become the number one online furniture retailer in their region.
  • Our dedicated team regularly improves the system based on the newest market trends and the best e-commerce software to make the platform even more profitable.
  • The Forbytes team created a unique Enhance Document Interaction (EDI) system that controls the whole ordering process. In just 6 weeks, we provided an initial version of a convenient PIM system ready for use.
  • We provided our client with an experienced UI/UX team which enabled a full redesign of the platform and continue to keep it up to date.

Our client is the biggest online retailer of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia and one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden. Founded in 2008 as a family business, four years into trading the company chose a new technology partner – Forbytes. Since then, both enterprises have been growing hand in hand.


  • a turnover of over 100 million US dollars;
  • annual growth of around 35%;
  • over 50 000 products;
  • over 200 employees;
  • over 30 developers with Forbytes;
  • online stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark;
  • over 400 thousand satisfied customers

“The Forbytes team has been loyal and dedicated in their partnership. The team provides management as needed but allows flexibility for direct work with developers. They benefit from knowledge sharing among their many teams.”

“Forbytes has made us feel almost as if they were our own employees. The management has been available when I needed it, but I’ve been free to run projects directly with Forbytes’ developers the rest of the time. Because Forbytes works with a number of companies, there is a lot of knowledge-sharing between their teams. We wouldn’t have this if we simply employed in-house developers.”

Thomas Andersson
E-commerce Manager & CTO at Trademax

How we are working together

We keep working on e-commerce management software for our client-partner and will continue to grow our development team.

All projects and partnerships that Forbytes goes into starts with a discovery stage where we do business research. We hold the firm belief that all software solutions have two objectives; to work properly and to help the company grow. All our developers aim to understand our client-partners business processes so that they can create the best e-commerce software that is tailored specifically to our client-partners.

We began by creating a flexible system. This became the basis for further development and eventually turned into being a platform for online stores in four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. With Trademax’s growing popularity, we continued to offer approaches and solutions that were able to improve the whole ordering process. Our cooperation has lasted for about 7 years and proved that Forbytes is a trustworthy software partner.

These are some of the capabilities we
have helped improve for our client-partner

A unique solution that provides document circulation on their e-commerce platform – Enhance Document Interaction (EDI). It controls all the e-commerce processes; from the moment an order comes through the website until it leaves the warehouse;

Our UI/UX specialists made a complete redesign of the website and brought many new and interesting approaches to it. For example, we suggested and implemented a Mega Menu, or a multilevel menu, that saves users’ time and allows them to choose any level of the catalog in one click;

Mobile First Approach to replace the old mobile application with a new one that is more convenient, fast, and clear;

We provided a full modification of the checkout and replaced it with a more convenient MultiStep Checkout Wizard;

We keep working on a Product Information Management system (PIM) – a trusty tool that all managers can use. The system is adaptable for changes and further improvements;

We increased the speed of the whole system. With changes in the front-end, image optimization, and better structures of JS scripts, Full Page Render Time became faster by 35-50%, etc.



Laravel 5


​​Recommendation and search engine
Apptus eSale

Continuous integration
Google cloud
InRiver PIM
Microsoft Navision ERP
Svea Economy Paytrail
WMS system
POS terminals

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