Full digital transformation for one of the biggest online retailers of furniture and design in Scandinavia

Our software development team has built an entire eCommerce system for our client – one of the largest online retailers of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia. We constantly create and implement new features and tools that make the business more efficient, help it develop and grow. What started as a small family business is now one of the major players in the Scandinavian furniture market. Its annual turnover has recently reached an impressive 2.6 billion SEK, equal to over $250 million.

Business needs

  • A system that can handle a large stock of items and allows to effectively manage the business, including websites, logistics, orders, accounting, etc.


  • An outsourcing team that will support the system, develop new features and make adjustments when and where necessary.


  • Increase customer base, attract new customers and rank up in search engine results.


  • A unique website design that offers a smooth and memorable experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Forbytes solution

  • We created an entire eCommerce system and introduced features that automated and increased the efficiency of many processes. We work constantly on improving the system further and finding new ways to make managing the business even more convenient for our client. At the moment it handles 4 separate online stores for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
  • We have provided an experienced dedicated team that over the course of our cooperation has evolved into an entire IT department for our client. It now consists not only of developers but UX/UI designers, Quality assurance engineers, business analysts, DevOps engineers and other specialists, who provide full system support and development.
  • We have implemented many popular Payment and Shipping methods, which not only made shopping more convenient but also helped become a store that people trust and can rely on to be reliable. In addition, we have provided the client’s SEO specialists with the necessary tools that help them rank up their website and attract new customers.
  • Our UI and UX designers took the Mobile-first approach to complete a full redesign of the website. Moreover, we constantly perform tests, analyze user behavior and introduce changes and new features that further improve the shopping experience for customers.

Forbytes has made us feel almost as if they were our own employees. The management has been available when I needed it, but I’ve been free to run projects directly with Forbytes’ developers the rest of the time. Because Forbytes works with a number of companies, there is a lot of knowledge-sharing between their teams. We wouldn’t have this if we simply employed in-house developers.

Thomas Andersson eCommerce Manager & CTO at Trademax

Key facts about our client is one of the biggest online retailers of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia and one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. The company started out as a family business in 2008. In 4 years they decided to acquire a new technological partner – Forbytes. Since then, both enterprises have been growing hand in hand.

  • a turnover of over 250 million US dollars;
  • annual growth of around 35%;
  • 500 000 products;
  • over 200 employees;
  • Forbytes team of 40 developers;
  • online stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark;
  • over 400 thousand satisfied customers.

How we are working together

We completed a full digital transformation and built an eCommerce system that handles different aspects of the business, from content management to logistics, accounting, and more.

Forbytes starts all of its projects and partnerships with a discovery phase, where we research the business to fully comprehend all of its needs. We firmly believe that all software solutions have 2 main objectives: to work properly and to help the company grow. Our developers aim to understand all business processes within the client’s company and use this knowledge to create eCommerce solutions tailored specifically to each client-partner.

With, we began by creating a flexible platform that became the foundation for further development. Eventually, it transformed into an eCommerce system that now supports separate eCommerce stores for 4 markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Also, we introduced new approaches and solutions that greatly improved the entire ordering process: from the moment an order is placed to it being processed, packed, shipped and delivered to the customer. This proves to be essential for as it allows them to stay efficient as the number of customers and orders grows.

Our work on e-commerce management software for continues while our development team keeps increasing in size. We are proud to have such long-lasting partnerships since they signify that clients consider us to be a trustworthy software partner.

We completed numerous improvements and launched new systems, including:

  • A unique Product Information Management system (PIM) built from scratch according to all business needs of our client. It allows to easily manage and adjust the website and its content, including product information, prices, etc.
  • Integration of most popular Shipping and Payment methods which not only proved to be useful and more convenient for customers but also helped increase the number of transactions and build trust in the brand.
  • Storage Selector system that made shipping a lot more efficient and cost-effective.
  • A unique design of the website that is easy to understand and navigate. The checkout page has received special attention. It was completely reworked into a MultiStep Checkout and made more intuitive and convenient for customers. We constantly analyze, test and improve the design based on real data collected from real customers.
  • The website search tool has been reworked and made more effective. Customers are now able to find the necessary products a lot quicker and easier.
  • An internal EDI system that automated, digitized and simplified many internal processes (e.g. accounting, placing and handling orders for suppliers, etc.).
  • Implementation of all necessary SEO tools that help client’s SEO specialists rank up their website in search and make it easier to find. In fact, this helped our client win the Swedish SEO Award 2019.
  • Fast and well-optimized website. With the constant introduction of new features, it is important to make sure that they are integrated properly into the system and have no negative effect on performance. This is crucial for eCommerce stores during busy seasons since these times require websites to remain stable while handling lots of traffic. We always monitor the system and look for new ways to make it faster and more efficient.

Technologies we have used in this project.



Cloud orchestration

Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Continuous integration

Postgre SQL
ElasticSearch(Elastic Cloud)

Recommendation and search engine
Apptus eSales

Google Cloud CDN
Verizon CDN


Other tools and integrations
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Payment providers
Google Pub/Sub
POS terminals

New Relic

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