Education Software Development Services We Offer

Forbytes is one of the education software companies that offer full-cycle software engineering services. Our ed-tech services include:

Employee training software development

We are an eLearning software company that can help you with employee training tool development. Such tools are used to automate employee onboarding, provide learning and growth opportunities for the staff, manage online courses and learning materials, analyze records and employee accomplishments, encourage professional development, etc. Employee training solutions help established businesses build a highly competent team that drives growth, generates innovative ideas, and maintains competitive advantage.

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E-learning platform development

E-learning software development that our company specializes in involves building educational platforms and online tutoring platforms. These products usually have 2 types of interfaces – for teachers and students. On a learning platform, students get access to an all-in-one learning process with training materials and tools. Teachers and tutors use an online learning platform to conduct lessons, track student performance, visualize data, analyze engagement and classroom behavior, adjust the learning process to student needs, etc. Using an online tutoring platform, a teacher also offers online courses, organizes virtual events, and keeps track of student progress.

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Language-learning app development

Language-learning apps gain popularity in the modern world that undergoes globalization. Building such an app for public use can be a profitable idea. You can earn from different subscription plans, ads, or limited access to extra features. Forbytes can help you with education software development and build a competitive and appealing application that will take top positions in app stores and earn user appreciation.

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LMS development

We deal with learning management system (LMS) development. Forbytes can create LMS that will be used to organize and manage the learning process from start to finish. Our ed tech software engineers also build LCMS (learning content management systems) that are used by educational content authors to create, store, spread, and manage training materials.

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School management software

Online or offline educational institutions greatly benefit from school management platforms. Put an end to the endless volumes of paperwork that your teachers and administrators do. Save their time for learner-centric and value-added activities by building custom software. Such a system can help you manage student and lesson records, organize schedules, and leverage insightful data to improve learning outcomes. You’ll also be able to identify students who underperform to adjust the learning process to their needs.

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Custom e-learning development

If your product idea does not fall into any of the categories mentioned above, we will be excited to learn more about it and start bringing it to life! Our educational software developers can build a range of custom products, from mobile apps to gamified learning portals and education management systems for in-house use. Describe the concept to us and we will validate and improve it and then implement your vision in the market.

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How Can eLearning Software Change Your Organization?


Learning culture

With eLearning software, you will cultivate a culture of learning in your organization. Learning culture will be a useful addition to your brand identity and will attract skilled staff to your team. Highly skilled professionals will value the opportunity for self-growth and eagerly join your company to pursue common goals.


Personalization of learning

Learners have different learning styles. Some like to study with the help of textbooks, while others prefer to watch videos or visualize the information. eLearning software will help you personalize the learning experience based on user preferences. Learners will get the chance to adjust the learning process to their needs and consume new information in an engaging and memorable way.



If you are a product company, building an eLearning solution may forever change your business and pave the way to stable profit. In the last 5 years, the number of learners on the popular educational platform increased by 438%. Education software products are in high demand — this gives you big chances to successfully enter the market and find a loyal audience.



Cloud educational software development enables you to create a product that can be accessed anytime and via any device. Learners like to open mobile learning apps when they wait in queues, have a break in a cafe, wait for the train/bus arrival, etc. Let us help you make your application the one that will be eagerly opened during such occasions, regardless of device, place, and time.


Less manual work

We are an education software company that builds solutions for in-house use by managers, educators, and administrators. Our smart products can reduce the workload of your employees, automate their mundane tasks, and prevent mistakes. Having an all-in-one management system will make the learning process more goal-focused and less effort-consuming. This will also have an impact on student engagement and satisfaction.



Interactive learning gains popularity because it helps learners get new knowledge in an engaging and immersive way. As an e-learning software development company, Forbytes can build a learning tool with lots of games, personalized notifications, custom practice tests, and more. Together, we will make sure that learners feel that their needs are heard and met in the product.

Here’s How We Add Value

Industry standards

As an education software development company, Forbytes will implement the best education practices and meet the regulatory requirements (AICC, SCROM, xAPI) when building a product. With our help, your company will leverage technology appropriately and ethically.

Lean development

We are among educational software companies that follow the lean development approach. We put value at the core of each decision and won’t let you invest in the features or products that will be useless for your audience.

Idea validation

Before moving to eLearning software development, we will conduct market research and idea validation sessions to make sure that you invest in an effective solution. After a deep dive into the concept, we will make improvements and adjustments to make sure that custom eLearning development will fully meet market demands.

User centricity

We look at ed-tech development from the viewpoint of a learner. Education experience on an online platform should be user-centric. For this, you need to provide learners with the right tools, features, and integrations. Our business analysts and educational software development experts will help you with this task.


What do you mean by eLearning?

eLearning stands for electronic learning. eLearning is learning with the help of digital tools or in an online format. The eLearning market grows daily. Last year, the eLearning market size in the US was valued at $315 billion.

What benefits does eLearning offer?

It’s a learner-centric and convenient approach to education. Using online tools, learners can study no matter the time and place. eLearning is also very efficient compared to offline learning. Educators can have more people involved in classes concurrently, automate managerial tasks, reduce paperwork, and more.