Team Augmentation Story

Strengthening the client’s technical department with Forbytes’ software engineers and a professional project manager.


Service marketplace

Service type:

Team extension, digital transformation

Core technologies:

Microsoft .NET

Project Scope

Forbytes and Offerta worked as one team to provide our client-partner with the best software and facilitate business growth. Their business need was to update its management software and design the features for convenient collaboration.

We built a new solution, making the system easy to use and interact with. Besides, our team modernized the software and migrated from the monolith architecture to microservices.

The solution has two different interfaces, one for service seekers and the other for service providers, and a system for back-office administering. Each interface offers different features based on the needs and goals of the end user.

Before improving the user side of their platform, we conducted research to understand user behavior and needs. The knowledge and insights enabled us to build intuitive product features and ensure flawless user experience.

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Projects Results


Modernize the client’s business by upgrading and improving their software.


Not only did we improve the UX of the solution, but we also completely redesigned, transformed, and optimized the system for the end user’s needs.


Make the user experience on the platform more intuitive.


Our team added many new features that streamline the user journey, including live chat, message templates, and checklists for users who offer services.


Conduct research on the audience and incorporate insights into the development.


After we studied the audience of Offerta, we decided to implement a mobile-first approach to development and make the platform easy to access from any location or device.


Streamline the process of creating offers by service providers.


We designed a portal for suppliers where they can check available tasks, send quotes, access checklists, manage all their invoices in one place, and more.

Technology Stack

Server: .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web API, SignalR, MS SQL, Entity Framework / Core, Dapper, Autofac, Automap, Redis
Frontend: SPA, GraphQL, Apollo, Vue.js
Testing: Moq, XUnit
Mobile: Xamarin, Azure services, microservices architecture

About the client

Offerta is a B2B and B2C platform for generating leads for more than 140 categories of professional services. By using, businesses can find clients, while clients can choose among plenty of service providers depending on their budgets and needs.

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  • Largest service provider in Sweden
  • B2B and B2C focus
  • Operates in 140 sectors
  • Partners with 34,200 companies
  • 2,144,512 services provided
  • 5320 clients per day

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