Dedicated team for Sweden’s largest service provider.

Forbytes provided a dedicated team to expand
and strengthen our client’s technical department. is the largest service provider in Sweden. Forbytes’ outsourcing team was led by a professional Project Manager who was engaged in the business development process. Project Manager was dedicated to helping the company grow and coordinate all parts of the technical team.

Business needs

  • Go through a digital transformation by expanding the technical team with qualified professionals
  • Improve business process with high-quality
    project management
  • Increase profits with the help of the best software solutions
  • Improve information and process flows for the internal support system and web apps

Forbytes solution

  • We provided an experienced outsourcing team that became part of our client’s organization quickly and efficiently
  • Responsible and reliable project management that improved business development processes
  • Our team regularly implemented new features that simplify and automate processes that make the business even more successful
  • We optimized internal system flows for sales managers and internal users as well as automated their manual processes. User interaction with Offerta systems became more convenient, faster and modern after our solutions were implemented

“Their teams consist of experienced, excellent developers, which creates a productive culture. They help their customers not just with the development, but they also take responsibility for the entire process, and not just their team but also the team their developers are involved in. Forbytes has a strong process-oriented way of leading the company, with good respect for themselves and their managers.”

Niklas Hamar COO & Business Development at

Key facts about our client is a service provider to both B2B and B2C companies. It helps find reliable companies covering a wide range of services; from cleaning and renovating to building their own house or office.

  • The largest service provider in Sweden
  • Has over 28 000 service companies in 140 sectors registered in the system
  • Has provided over 1,400,000 services from companies to clients

How we worked together

Forbytes worked as one team to provide our client-partner with the best software and in facilitating business growth and expansion., already successful on the market, needed a trustful software partner that could provide them with a reliable outsource team. The business needed was to update its management software and establish clear communication between different departments in the company.

We start every project with a detailed study. In order to deliver the best results, it is important to us that we understand the businesses processes and all their technical requests. We did research to understand the value that products bring to the end customer, how our client-partners’ internal departments interacted with each other, and how our technical team could help improve their work processes.

For the project, we launched a new digital solution. It was built with the end-users in mind and helped make the system simple to use and interact with.

Capabilities we have improved.

  • Building a new mobile application using Mobile First Approach to give customers the best user experience.
  • Using a new framework (Vue.js) in order to give the business more opportunities to scale their software in the future, etc.
  • Testing Voice Control system for the ordering process.
  • Improved the system for buyers using the marketplace as well as creating a new portal for suppliers.

Technologies we have used in this project.

.NET Core
– Web API
– SignalR
Entity Framework / Core






Azure Services


Microservices Architecture

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