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Augmenting the client’s team with dedicated developers

Forbytes’ dedicated experts joined several international R&D teams of Guesty. Together, we work on keeping the client’s solutions performant and building features that ease property management both for the vendor and the end user.

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Team extension




Node.js, React

Scope of the project

Our cooperation with Guesty was based on the team extension model. Under this model, the client’s team is augmented by our software engineers and other professionals. Forbytes’ experts joined several international R&D teams of Guesty, each being responsible for maintaining a particular piece of Guesty’s software, improving its performance, and building new features.

Team extension structure

Guesty’s teams are strengthened by Forbytes’ experts who are capable of leading projects, choosing the right approaches and technologies, developing software requirements, and implementing them in solutions. Together with product managers and UI/UX designers, they look for ways to optimize and improve the solutions that are outdated or hard to maintain. As members of the R&D teams, Forbytes’ professionals are also responsible for adding new features and third-party integrations leveraged to streamline Guesty’s back-office operations and improve business outcomes for the end user.


Guesty’s business keeps scaling. Last year, they acquired two property management companies. Their solutions are now used as a basis for developing need-tailored mobile applications for iOS and Android. Forbytes’ React Native developers are involved in building a mobile management app. The app aims to simplify on-the-go task management, offer communication features, and ensure quick access to the calendar and scheduling.


Challenge 1

As the client’s R&D department is growing, they need to involve more software engineering experts who can bring value to the numerous projects by Guesty.


Forbytes provided the client with 12 experts in web and mobile development who write quality code, cooperate with the team, and initiate useful enhancements to Guesty’s products.

Challenge 2

Guesty used Angular technology for many of their services, which impeded the product’s growth because of poor performance, hard maintenance, and outdated code.


Our experts are included in several teams that work on moving Guesty’s solutions from Angular to React to decrease page loading time, improve performance, and keep the code easy to maintain.

Challenge 3

Guesty wanted to decrease the manual workload of their in-house teams, which are responsible for manual code management and running numerous billings & payment operations.


Forbytes’ developers are a part of Guesty’s finance development team that is now working on the integration with a new payment service Zoro. The latter is supposed to cover most of the processes, which will reduce the need for manual code management.

Challenge 4

The billing and payment solution of Guesty was hard to maintain as there were no effective issue monitoring mechanisms at work. The task of the team was to integrate insightful tools for this purpose.


We helped the Guesty’s teams to choose the effective log monitoring tools (Kibana, Grafana, and others) that allow them to detect code issues promptly, visualize metrics on solution performance, and get essential data for continuous improvement.

Technologies we have used in this project







Test tools


Cloud storage


Cloud platform

Google Cloud

Logs/Monitoring tools

AWS CloudWatch



Continuous integration


Other tools


How We Add Value

Tech expertise

Our software engineers were chosen by Guesty because of the high-level tech expertise. Particularly, the client’s team needed someone with profound knowledge of PHP who can help them improve the billing system for one of the client’s apps. Our developers demonstrated a high level of tech competence that is required for keeping the code simple and performant.

Quality code

We provided our client with a well-tested and bug-free code that facilitates the solution’s performance. Our software developers keep the code ready for future changes and easy to maintain. This helps us always be sure that the solution is up and running, even when there is heavy traffic or when the client decides to scale and add new features to their apps.

On-time delivery

Guesty’s growth depends on the growth of R&D teams that work on improving the solution and making it more convenient for users. Currently, the R&D teams’ goal is to make it easier for a user to manage property and automate tasks. Forbytes’ developers deliver results according to the requirements and on time, which positively impacts user experience with a platform.

Excellent match

Guesty is an international business represented worldwide. The core of their R&D department includes more than 100 software developers from different countries. Our software engineers have become a perfect fit for several of Guesty’s teams. Effective business ethics, leadership skills, and a good level of English help them contribute to the project’s growth and productively cooperate with the rest of the team.

About Guesty

Guesty is an Israel-based provider of property management software for B2B clients, including property owners and property managers. As an end-to-end solution, the Guesty platform streamlines property management across multiple channels, marketplaces, and OTAs (like Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, and others). The company offers feature-rich solutions for finance, operation, growth, and communication management that enable businesses to cut costs, automate their workflow, and save time for more value-added activities.

  • Founded in 2013
  • Offers web and mobile solutions
  • Y Combinator alumni
  • Growing international team
  • Represented in 7 countries
  • 120+ employees in the R&D department

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