To reach success in eСommerce you need to adapt to customer experiences and adjust to changes. Our client-partner Desenio has done just this and reached the top and we are very proud to be working with one of Sweden’s most profitable eCommerce businesses of 2019.

What is Desenio?

Desenio is a company that specializes in selling designer posters and frames. After partnering with Verdane capital market company in 2016 Desenio has seen steady growth, in sales, actual profits and company reach. Between 2015 and 2018 they have increased their sales from $2.52 million to an impressive $45.32 million and operating profits from $0.74 million to $12.83 million. Their market has expanded as well, from only the Nordic region to over 35 countries around the world, including Japan, South Korea, the US, and Australia.

They owe their success in no small part to Fredrik Palm, who was appointed as the company’s new CEO in 2016. He implemented a strategy of producing trendy and affordable art and selling it directly to customers with the help of marketing campaigns on various social platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

“We are like H&M for art”

Fredrik Palm, CEO at Desenio

With marketing playing a key role in their business success, it was crucial for Desenio to obtain an effective and easy-to-use Marketing Report Tool. So, they contacted a company called Forbytes

How our work took off

Before starting the project we dug deep into Desenio’s business processes to fully understand what they required. This helped us in developing a tool that not only gathers all necessary marketing campaign data but also provides effective analytical tools. Moreover, cooperating closely with the company’s CTO throughout the project gives us access to constant feedback from the marketing team and information about all business needs.

During development, we implemented Google Analytics and Facebook API. This allows marketers to learn a lot about their customers: where are they from, how they came to visit, what were they looking for, what they bought, etc. They use this data along with marketing campaign statistics to analyze the behavior of their audience and adjust their strategies if necessary. As a result, marketers can effectively plan for the future, avoid setbacks and ensure that the business grows and prospers.

Besides all the listed features, we also paid close attention to making our tool scalable and customizable. If the business decides to make a change in direction or expand to new platforms, adding new features and APIs will not cause any problems. This is especially important for eCommerce businesses like Desenio since it allows them to quickly adjust to changes without losing time or clients.

To sum up, this is what our Marketing Report Tool does for Desenio:

  • Gathers detailed information and statistics about marketing campaigns on various social platforms
  • Provides data about customers and their behavior, forming a clear target audience
  • Helps in analyzing where the business stands at the moment and how to effectively plan for the future
  • Allows making customizations, adding new features and APIs if and when necessary

We learn a lot from our cooperation with Desenio, as we do with all of our client-partners. This plays a key role in our growth as professionals.

If you are looking for ways to improve your business – contact Forbytes. We are confident that our solutions will help you reach new heights!