We at Forbytes always strive to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in software and website development. This helps us implement the most useful technologies in our software development process and provide clients with the best e-commerce solutions.

We took this approach to our client Trademax.se – one of the largest furniture online retailers in Nordic countries. For the last several months, our team of developers has been working hard on using Rendertron (a tool recommended by Google) to implement Dynamic rendering for Trademax.

Dynamic rendering allows your website to detect who is accessing it: a normal user or a search engine bot (crawler). As a result, regular website content is served for normal users while static HTML content is served for crawlers.

How Dynamic Rendering Can Help Your Website

Foremost, Dynamic rendering makes your website faster by decreasing its FCP time (first contentful paint). Basically, it’s those gray blocks that you often see when opening a web page for the first time. It may sound unimportant, but there is actually a deeper meaning here.

Dynamic Rendering

The less time it takes for a page to show something to visitors — the more likely they are to stay and wait for it to fully load. Let’s face it, if your visitors are looking at a blank white page for more than a few seconds – they are not going to stick around.

After we launched Rendertron in November, FCP time on Trademax.se decreased substantially, as seen in the graph below.

page speed visualization

Secondly, Dynamic rendering improves your website SEO. Search engine bots can crawl and index static HTML pages very well. However, this is not the case with pages that use JavaScript to render content dynamically. If they cannot crawl your website — they cannot index it. This results in your website not being found by the search engine, no matter how good the rest of your SEO is.

In simple terms, Dynamic rendering helps search bots index your website by serving static HTML content instead of dynamic. As a result, customers can find and visit your store with ease, and you can turn those visits into transactions.

Improve your online eCommerce business with Dynamic rendering

Whether you are just starting an online store or already have one – you have to follow the latest technology trends to stay competitive. Contact Forbytes to receive professional help in improving your online e-commerce store.

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