According to Statista, worldwide e-commerce sales were estimated to be $5.2 trillion in 2021 and projected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026. What’s more, the annual revenue growth is expected to reach 10.15%. Sounds fantastic, don’t you think?

But why is e-commerce picking up steam so fast? First, the rise of mobile commerce and online shopping trends have boosted the growth of this industry. With more consumers owning smartphones and tablets, online sales outpaced traditional ones. But today AI is a key reason e-commerce sales are growing like mushrooms after a rain, if you’re still wondering why, we’ll explain.

The news that Shopify launched an AI-based tool to create a product description swept around the world in a few hours. Fans of this e-commerce stood up applauding. Competitors sighed, but not without regret and disappointment. At Forbytes, our team, proficient in integrating an AI description generator, believes that it’s a beneficial practice for any business aiming to increase sales and optimize costs. What’s more, we think that this tool can automate many tasks related to the creation and improvement of a product catalog.

So, how to integrate a description generator into an e-commerce platform and make the most of its advantages for your business? I’ll cover that further down, so keep reading.

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What Is an AI Description Generator?

ChatGPT has come into vogue so fast and brought so many opportunities that we cannot stay indifferent. That’s why, an AI description generator is one of the products created with the help of Open AI. This instrument can produce engaging and catching descriptions for any type of product swiftly and effortlessly. It can be in different forms from a trusted WordPress plugin and web editor to an online tool built into your software.

Of course, you can use free AI description generators. But mind please, that integrating this tool into your system makes the process of product description less tiresome and time-consuming. As a result, you can easily generate compelling and informative content and refresh your product catalog to hook clients.

I feel your skepticism. And I’m sure that I can hear from you something like this, “Oh, stop please, we have a product description writer who can do this better”. I can agree with you but just to some extent. Humans’ speed and quality of writing depend on many factors like inspiration, time for research, and relevant expertise.

What about saving time and costs spent on writing and using these resources for more strategic tasks? Okay, let me explain how an AI description generator can help you.

First, this tool can produce grammar and plagiarism error-free content which assists you in staying unique. Then, you can create product descriptions, revealing the features and benefits of your product. What’s more, you can regularly add new details to your catalog by showing how you care about your product strategy.

Second, a description generator can create texts with persuasive messages, encouraging customers to buy your product or at least catch their attention. So this AI tool plays a crucial role in affecting purchasing decisions and reaching a target audience.

Third, product description AI is good at SEO and SERP optimization. As a result, it’s a good tool for making your products more visible online. That’s why you’ll turn your product catalog into one more instrument to attract your customers.

Finally, an AI description product generator can easily understand your brand’s voice and maintain the natural tone of writing. So be sure that your texts will be maximum human-like.

Now you’re aware of how you can use a description generator. That’s why let’s focus on key principles of work to apply it with maximum efficacy.

How Does an AI Description Generator Work?

An AI description generator is generally crafted with ChatGPT. It is a machine-learning model based on neural networks and Open AI. This tool is powered by pre-trained language representations, allowing the production of human-like texts.

Product description generators are well-liked writing assistants fueled with predictive AI tech to produce top-quality product descriptions. They can use particular templates to create product details. These ready-made patterns can assist in crafting unique and accurate content. You can select language, tone, length, and result limit while an AI description generator presents you with a product name and product brief. As a result, you’ll get an SEO-optimized product description within a minimum time.

Here is an example of how you can select the tonality type to create your product’s voice and deliver a proper message.

How to select tonality of an AI description generator

If you provide this information to an AI description generator, you’ll get a persuasive product story, grabbing people’s attention. This tool will turn product features into benefits. What’s more, it will capture your brand’s tone and voice. Finally, this AI instrument can ensure better readability of your descriptions, using short paragraphs, simple sentences, and a persuasive tone. So be sure that your products will be sold like hotcakes.

The secret to writing compelling product descriptions depends on the following algorithms involving the following steps:

Steps of generating product descriptions

Now you understand the principles of the work of product description AI. That’s why it’s high time to reveal why you may need this tool.

Why an AI Description Generator Is Needed?

You may admire the capabilities of AI or criticize it for the lack of human emotionality. But you can’t reject the fact that getting help from Artificial Intelligence can be a good option for you, especially if you have many products to present to your audience. So let’s learn more about the reasons to use this tool.

  • Creating sales-focused content. Reaching potential clients is not an easy task. So you can waste much time to explain your writers how to craft engaging messages. An AI description generator can understand your needs faster and provide sales-focused content.
  • Refreshing product descriptions. You have a large product catalog. You make regular updates on product details. And last, improving product quality is your top priority. Then, AI-powered assistants can rewrite existing product descriptions swiftly, allowing you to refresh product details more frequently.
  • SEO-optimization. I’m sure that you need not only unique and engaging content but also SEO-optimized to be well-ranked in search engines. If yes, an AI description generator is always a good idea.

So see, how many benefits you’ll get if you decide to use an AI description generator. But how does the integration of a product description generator work in practice? Hope, our case will assist you in getting a real picture.

How Did Forbytes Integrate an AI Description Generator with the E-commerce Platform?

At Forbytes, we have expertise in integrating an AI description generator to share with you. Our client came to us with a request to improve their product catalog with an automated solution that would generate and translate product descriptions. That’s why, the best way to do this was to integrate an AI description generator into their system. So see, how we approached our client’s request.

Steps to integrate an AI description generator with the e-commerce platform

Now, when you know how to use a description generator with benefits, we’ll share the steps of the implementation process.

Step 1. Choosing the version of ChatGPT. Our first task was to select the version of ChatGPT that best fits the client’s needs and budget. We focused on ChatGPT-3.5 because it makes AI systems smoother and safer to interact with. What’s more, it could cover the client’s needs in the automatic translation and generating product descriptions.

Step 2. ChatGPT integration with the PDE system. At this phase, we integrated ChatGPT with the PDE system to generate product descriptions in any language that aligned with the client’s cross-selling strategy. Additionally, we ensured that our client could describe and translate the product content without leaving the system, which saved time and effort. Finally, the interaction of the system with ChatGPT helped us increase the speed of response generation.

Step 3. Regeneration of existing descriptions. Then we regenerated existing product descriptions as our client wanted to update and improve product details to keep them catchy and relevant for the audience. We automated product descriptions based on its properties, categories, brands, and series.

Step 4. Testing many prompt formats. As ChatGPT can generate many versions of the same message based on the given prompt, our team tested many prompt formats. They considered the audience’s type, business area, tonality, constraints, output type, and target language. The more detailed the prompt is, the better results ChatGPT delivers.

See the example of how you can pick up tonality for a particular product category.

Selecting tonality for a particulatr product category

All these steps have helped Forbytes integrate an AI description generator with the e-commerce platform, allowing them to translate and generate descriptions in any language and for any product. So our client has managed not only to save costs but also to maximize their cross-selling efforts.

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Why Is an AI Description Generator an Essential Tool for Business?

The integration of an AI description generator into an e-commerce platform is a road to positive changes and shifts, especially in terms of the presentation of a product to potential customers. So if we still failed to disrupt your skepticism, then listen to how a product generator can influence your business.

  • Saving time and money. A description generator is a fast and cost-efficient solution, allowing you to operate within a budget and fixed time. You don’t depend on product description writers’ inspiration, creating accurate content effortlessly.
  • Creating an up-to-date product catalog. With an AI description generator, you can extend your product catalog and introduce new products swiftly. It won’t be a problem anymore to deal with a large product assortment and update existing product features or add new ones.
  • Enhancing customer experience. An AI tool can produce personalized descriptions based on customer data, mainly their behaviors and preferences. As a result, this is a good way to improve customer experience, making the most relevant content.
  • Building a cross-selling strategy. A description generator is a good instrument for crafting a cross-selling strategy. For companies operating in global markets, this is a good way to create product descriptions in many languages and reach diverse audiences.
  • Refining a content strategy. As an AI description generator can analyze data and customer engagement, it can provide insights into what messages work and what fails to work. By accessing this information, businesses can build more successful content strategies.

Our client’s story is an example of how integrating an AI description generator can assist in optimizing costs and improving product information. This tool has influenced the way our client communicates their products. After we integrated the description generator, the e-commerce platform improved information quality by 20%. Today, our client can easily work in the global market and reach diverse audiences because of the capacity of AI description generator to translate into different languages.

Looking to Integrate an AI Description Generator? Trust this Matter to the Forbytes Team!

See with an AI description generator, e-commerce platforms get more options for growth. They can easily improve their product strategy by making it more cost-effective, refreshing description details, and reaching diverse clients. What’s more, modernization of the product catalog can be done swiftly and effortlessly considering clients’ preferences.

If you are still confused about the value of AI for your business, feel free to read our related articles and catch some inspiration for changes. And when you need some help, Forbytes can assist you. Having expertise in integrating an AI description generator in an e-commerce platform, we can share this journey with you and offer you more options for growth. Just contact us, and we’re always at your service.

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