We work with you to design and build the most appropriate digital tools and integrations to make your working day easier and more profitable.

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What we do


Creating Digital Solutions

e-Commerce Solutions
MVP Prototypes
System Integration
Digital Products


Analyze & Design

We work with you to analyse your needs. We prepare a design blueprint and roadmap with sufficient information to ensure successful build, integration and delivery of your digital solution(s). Planning can be done for individual projects or for a full digital transformation initiative.

Working together to build your solution

Building your digital solution

In collaboration with you we build your solution incrementally and integrate it with third party systems (WMS, ERP, PP) by delivering the most important features first. Together we work in 1 to 4 week sprints, delivering functionality. Doing it this way enables the end users to get involved. They can verify and validate that what is being built, is what the business needs.



Based on feedback from your internal and external users we optimise the solution to suit business needs. To ensure good governance in this process and avoid scope creep we use a structured change management process to make needed changes.


Improve & Maintain

Change is the only constant. Once the initial digital solution is released we work with you to maintain and continuously improve your solution(s) and integrations with third party products so that your business has a competitive advantage over the competition.



We can take care of your complete solution including integration between different systems and ensuring seamless information flows and processes.

How we work

Dedicated team

for long term collaboration

Dedicated teams are effectively your own, but you don’t need to worry about recruiting, payroll administration, career development, training, facilities and legal support. You simply send us list of skills and some technical requirements and in a few weeks you have your team up and running.

We work with you so that your business risks are minimised and you always have full control

This model is best for:

Clients that have a long term need for IT professionals to build, support or improve their online business solutions and/or product development.
Companies that need additional capability to work with their current software development team.

Custom development

MVP Prototypes & Projects

For short term or one-off projects, we suggest customised model of cooperation to suit your needs.
It’s simple and cost effective while giving you a high level of control.

This model is ideal for:

Small to medium projects such as: Designing and building a MVP Prototype to support research and decision-making process. Building a digital tool/product to automate processes.
Existing solutions: Improvements to your current digital solutions, such as identifying and improving performance issues or adding new functionality.

Technologies we use

1 1h

1 2h

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  • C#, VB.NET, F#
  • Entity Framework, ADO.NET
  • ASP.NET AJAX / WebForms
  • Windows Azure Services
  • WCF
  • Ecommerce .Net based Solutions suited to your business needs:
  • Platforms: EPiServer, Sitecore, nopCommerce
  • Custom built solutions
  • Telerik components, Kendo UI


  • Frameworks:
    • Zend Framework, Laravel
    • PHPixie, Silex, Yii
    • Lumen, Codeigniter
  • Ecommerce Platforms:
    • Magento
    • OpenCart
    • PrestaShop
    • Virtuemart
  • CMS:
    • WordPress, Joomla
    • Image CMS, October CMS
    • TYPO3, Pimcore
  • Related Technologies:
    • Composer, Apache, Nginx
    • Redis


  • HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Less, Sass, Compass
  • Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile
  • Require, Knockout, Underscore, Amplify
  • React (Flux)
  • Gulp, Bower
  • Durandal, Backbone, Angular, Highcharts


  • BI Development and Big Data
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Raven DB
  • Oracle
  • SQL Lite
  • Mongo DB
  • MS Access
  • Postgre SQL