Russian attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure brought new challenges we have to endure – the electricity, water supply, and heating aren’t stable in the households. We, as a company, were ready for this scenario and prepared our Lviv office to be completely energy autonomous.

Electricity and heating are provided by generators and access to the Internet are secured by several local providers, as well as a couple of Starlinks. Moreover, the company’s upper management, together with the local IT cluster, is in constant contact with local authorities to resolve critical situations as soon as possible.

In case of a new wave of air raids, there is a reliable shelter in our office building, to which employees have constant access. In the office itself, they can spend the night in warmth, take a shower, warm up with tea and coffee, and have a snack. Moreover, the office is equipped with everything needed for productive, uninterrupted work.

We continue standing with Ukraine during these truly challenging times. We are once again inspired by our Ukrainian employees’ courage, resilience, and ability to work and show amazing results during these difficult circumstances.

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