Last weekend the Forbytes team took part in the Meet Magento Conference held in Osijek, Croatia. The conference consisted of two parts: a business and a technical part, including the Magento Contribution Day workshop for software engineers. The workshop was led by Max Yekaterynenko, director of Magento Community Engineering and our developers had the unique opportunity to work side by side with Magento 2 core architects to contribute to the Magento 2 core improvement and receive advanced insight into Magento 2 diagnostics.

We are delighted to share that during the Meet Magento Conference in Croatia Forbytes’ team Magento expertise was highly appreciated by the Magento architects and the team has been recognized as the one that showed a strong technical level and professional approach during the workshop and won a special prize – a ticket to Meet Magento Germany 2017! We are very proud to have such advanced Magento enthusiasts in our team and believe that constant improvement of our technical expertise and an opportunity to learn from the world’s best experts enables our software engineers to deliver advanced software solutions for our partners.

About the Meet Magento Conference

Meet Magento is the world’s leading Magento conference that offers the greatest access to the Magento ecosystem. Every year, this conference is held in 20 countries and hosts over 10,000 participants. The primary goal of the conference is to showcase the latest Magento ecommerce trends as well as to provide solutions to any e-commerce challenges. It is a unique opportunity for Magento developers to meet numerous decision-makers and experts in Magento and the e-commerce world.

We had an amazing opportunity to learn from the world’s best Magento enthusiasts; like Ben Marks, who is a well-known evangelist in the Magento world. He shared his thoughts on the Magento transformation, its strong market position, and its educational environment. Ben mentioned what to expect from Magento 2 and how the platform helps retail businesses strengthen their growth in the e-commerce world.

Magento Key Uses

We have also listened to the inspiring speech of Talesh Seeparsan, the Magento architect. He had a speech with a focus on the security of the Magento platform. He raised a question on awareness of tools and techniques available to help defend Magento websites. We learned about the exceptional benefits of implementing dynamic scanning tools and got familiar with the demo of how OWASP Zed Attack Proxy works with Magento 2.

We keep shaping our Magento and e-commerce knowledge and know that constant development matters so Forbytes plans to take an active part in such events on regular basis to strengthen our expertise and share our own experience with our partners and other developers in the Magento world.


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